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Autoflow Technologies

Autoflow Technologies

AutoFlowTech, Think Automation…

”Do the work you care about and be ready to take the risk. Believe that you can succeed, and you’ll find ways through different obstacles. If you don’t, you’ll just find excuses.”

 Gaurav Hargude, CEO, Autoflow Technologies

AutoFlow Technologies is a Product Engineering & Technology Services Company, with a deep expertise and proven track record in Process Automation, Digitization, RPA, Analytics, IOT, Web & Mobility technologies. They help organizations by providing a 360 degree view of their entire business at their fingertips, by equipping companies with the right set of tools & technologies from Process Automation to Data Points Generation to Meaningful Insights to Actions.

The product of the efforts of Gaurav & his entire team is that now they work with some of the high impacting clients in India, US, Burma, Middle East, etc.

Their most impactful product, which is creating a buzz in the market, is “Digitizer”. It is an enterprise Process digitization platform that can be used by the end user with minimal training to design & develop applications with minimal programming.

They have successfully migrated approx. 56+ applications & complex workflows onto a single platform (clients worth >5000 crore in revenue). This has helped the clients in reducing dependency on multiple vendors, AMC cost, infrastructure cost, security threats as well as reduced turnaround time for the changes in business processes.

They are witnessing an increasing demand for this platform because of its enterprise’s capabilities. Gaurav firmly believes that in order to achieve a single version of the truth, your entire system should talk to each other through seamless integration.

They have other famous products like FieldForce Tracking, VeinFLow – Company act compliant Vendor Registration Portal, Capex Portal, RFQ Portal,Service Request Portal, HR 360 Degree Feedback, Document Management System etc.


Consistency triumphs uniqueness. It is one thing to get your product working, it is something completely different to keep it working consistently. Users/customers need and expect predictability and simplicity above uniqueness.

“One big reason we stand out amongst our competition is the timeline in which we deliver our projects. We have created a culture in our organization where we deliver the best quality work in record time. We do not ask our employees to work beyond office hours to complete the project rather we consistently engage with our clients for requirements and inputs because one thing I have realized over the period is that the biggest reason for project delays is less engagement of client after the project allocation.” Further adds Gaurav.

They believe that endorsements and recommendations are the most effective marketing strategies. They thrives to win these from their clients by delivering excellence when and where it matters the most for them.


Nowadays entrepreneurs have understood that having a good idea is not enough, it’s all about execution. Being in the technology sector, they have realized that customers want access to products and services through technology, and they want it anytime, anywhere. This is the reason technology startups are becoming more and more innovative. Previously, a major part of the startup’s success was evaluated based on how much funding they had raised.

There is now a shift towards companies that do not seek funding but prefer to focus on customers, pilots, and collaborations in order to develop their company.

And like many, the start was tough for Gaurav. Nothing came easy in life, and he had to struggle a lot as he was short of resources. But he had his family with him, specially his father, mother & wife, standing tall with him when he took the decision to start this company. Success followed gradually, with immense support from his friends and colleagues in the industry.

Eventually with time, people started realizing the quality of work he offered and the unbeatable time in which he was delivering the projects. So with the word of mouth and client referrals he started getting projects. Though it took almost a year and a half to get regular projects, the struggle was worth it.

Later on, as a result of the company’s growth & success, they have received funding from very reputed & well known technocrat with proven track records of 20+ years in the same field and currently he is actively mentoring & guiding Gaurav & team to take this company across various geographies as well as to next level.


They serve a diverse range of clients who represent industrial manufacturing, aviation, financial services, real estate as well as the automotive industry. They provide services to SMEs as well as Fortune 500 organizations. There are a few things they believe in as an organization when it comes to maintaining client’s trust, like being accessible all the time, being transparent and having a reliable product or service.

“Trust is a byproduct of a commitment to quality and excellence. If you can deliver the right results to the right people over the period, they will come to believe and trust in your product and service offerings.” states Gaurav.


With the rise of Robotics and Machine learning, the Analytics and Process Automation space is changing drastically. Business users across every industry are demanding solutions that have smarter and self-improving abilities. To absorb this change, it was inevitable to nurture these capabilities and look at every solution they developed through the lens of change.

Concepts like Datalake, Advance Analytics, are becoming more and more household names across industries with the Cloud revolution. To keep up with the dynamics, they build the solutions as scalable as possible to integrate these capabilities. Adequate use of open source technologies provide upper hand on cost effectivity of the solution which helps them march ahead of the competition. Moreover, they have created a culture where the employees also keep themselves updated with the latest industry trends and suggest ideas to improve best practices.

Further adds Gaurav, “It is necessary to keep refining one’s skills and never stop learning to grow. When I am posed with a tough situation, I start by making a list of the possible positive outcomes from that situation. It gets tiring sometimes but the excitement of achieving a positive outcome is more than enough to keep me charged up. There’s a lot to achieve. We have just started our journey and the zeal to achieve is present across our organization.”

The future holds a lot of opportunities for tech entrepreneurs. If businesses, across the spectrum, have to keep pace with the accelerating changes in technology, they should allow more room for experimentation. They should have a firm grip on their digital strategy early-on in the game and be conversant with emerging new technologies as well.


Creating and growing a successful business relies on many things, but not many are as important as your employees. They not only keep your company going, but they are also the face of the company and help you to promote it wherever they are. For this reason, it is vital that you try to make your employees as happy as you can while they are at working. At Autoflow, it is ensured that employees are rewarded constantly for their efforts.

They actively encourage corporations and startups alike to participate in high value for time volunteering schemes. They share stories and encourage team members to join and make it a point to support co-workers at their events. Philanthropy can also be a great team-building event for your business.

Autoflow ensures that the employee maintains his own mind “flow”. Every individual has experienced at some point of time his own flow or we can say Trance while working. The state of Trance or flow is the state when a person enjoys his work and he doesn’t even realize since how long has he been working.

This state is reached when he makes optimal use of his intellect. One cannot achieve the state of Trance or flow when he is provided with the work which is too easy for his abilities or when the work is way too complex for his abilities. In this case the work becomes boring or cumbersome.

Gaurav believes in the vision of Steve Jobs, he adds, “His vision and the ability to stick to it is something that should be modeled. He had early success and continued to test and expand his vision in the market. Having an accurate vision is just half job done.”


Establishing a good name in the industry is what they see as an achievement for the company with a number of milestones and more to bag in the future. A big milestone for the company was to 4 times growth in Revenue as compare to last year.

There is still a long way to go. An enormous amount of innovations keep happening in every dimension, which opens up new opportunities every day. Every day new challenges comes up for businesses and as a technology company, Autoflow is churning solutions. A workaholic and father of a 2-year-old, Gaurav enjoys his family time when he’s not working. His zeal to keep learning new things inclines him to read as many books he can, and he suggests the same to us.

Gaurav finally affirms, “The future seems very bright looking at the kind of growth we are experiencing and the kind of opportunities we are presented with.”

He’s looking forward to making the most of it.

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