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Citi Solutions Warehousing & Distribution Pvt. Ltd

Citi Solutions Warehousing & Distribution Pvt. Ltd

A Stupendous Achiever in the Realm of Contract Logistics Industry with Excellent Services

“Nothing comes easy; one ought to put heart and soul into the business, he loves”.

– Mr. Pravin Shimpi

Pravin Shimpi, an exemplary entrepreneur, who has beaten all odds, and emerged as a pioneer in the Supply Chain/Logistics Industry. An enthusiast & visionary with superlative efforts, founded Citi Solutions Warehousing & Distribution Pvt. Ltd- a “one-of its kind” in the Logistics world.

An Expedition to This Remarkable Organization

Pravin Shimpi is the Managing Director and Founder of CITI Solutions Warehousing & Distribution Pvt. Ltd., where CITI stands for Cargo Integrity Technology and Innovations. The company was set up in June 2015, and its Head Office is located at Thane. It is a professionally managed 3PL company which is doing  wonders in earning monetary profits which is evident by current turnover i.e. 70 Crore annum with a workforce of more than 700 people.

It is a widely spread organization which has around 25 lacs sq. ft. of warehousing space, and covers six locations of India such as Bhiwandi in Mumbai, Ahmedabad & Mundra in Gujarat, Pune, Chennai, and Nagpur. 85 percentage of the company’s work is in the Financial Capital of India that is Mumbai, out of which the most prominent and major location is Bhiwandi.

According to Mr. Shimpi, the valuable asset of the organization are its ‘People’, and the most vital aspect for him is to keep his employees happy and content. Creating an environment of empathy by understanding their right needs, and inspire them by awarding the best five employees every month. Providing opportunities to enhance their basic skill set, and motivating them by the activities carried out by HR, PR & CSR teams. These are the practices which provide an aid to flourish.

Insights to Its Exemplary Services

It is providing logistics services such as Warehousing, Distribution, Freight Forwarding & Transportation to approximately 70 customers; few premium customers are Godrej, JK Tyre, Britannia, Tata Croma, Saint Gobain, Flipkart, Oban Fashions, Airtel, TOTO, AB Vista, Ram Bandhu Masala etc.

Company’s services include storage of customer’s material in warehouses, handling it -loading; unloading, picking, packing, kitting, labeling, transportation & maintaining day to day inventory management etc. To accomplish such tedious process, company has designed warehouses in line with customer’s requirement; it renders Supply Chain Management Solutions to its consumers.

In today’s Competitive environment, this enterprise is growing very swiftly in logistics Industry. Some unique approaches are adopted which has led the company to reach at the top in the entrepreneurial world. A flexible business approach, combined with precise customercentric approach offers solutions to walk in customers with flexible period, service options focusing more on operations.

It has also introduced Open Book Costing which presents transparent business solutions to its clients. Additionally, it has developed in-house Warehouse Management System & Transport Management System (WMS & TMS) for improving efficiency & productivity of operations within warehouses & in transportation with real-time visibility to inventory. This investment in IT, since its inception is a proof of its promoter’s long term vision.

“For a great businessperson, it is quintessential to value the needs of customers, and keep them happy”, says,  Mr. Pravin.

The company serves clients from all verticals such as retails, automobile, apparels, tyres, infra material, chemical, FMCG, etc.

About the Man Behind the Startup

Mr. Pravin Shimpi is a self- made man who has crossed numerous roadblocks in the route, and created an influential impact in the business world. Along with business, he values his personal life equally, and loves to involve himself in a multitude of exciting activities in leisure time. He plays sports, listens to sonorous music, and has a keen interest in politics.

He attends numerous social gatherings, and also gives quality time to his family. With a pleasant smile on face, he believes, “If one does not spend quality time with family then he or she cannot spend quality time at work.”

To reach the apex of success, he considers ‘TATA’ as an effigy of Inspiration and Motivation, and follows his principle of ‘Giving Back to the Society’, since the company’s inception. On the same notion, the organization is contributing in the arena of Sports. It has sponsored five local, highly talented athletes from Thane to reach the pinnacle of International levels. The foremost and key motive is that Thane should produce at least one International athlete in next 4 years.

Splendid Achievements and Great Ambitions

Impeccable records of achievements and tremendous success, the company has acquired. Since its inception, of 3.5 years, it has reached to 70 crores in annual Sales, and will be the fastest enterprise to achieve a turnover of 100 Crores. Working with megacorp companies, and expanding the dimensions are commendable achievements of CITI Solutions Warehousing & Distribution Pvt. Ltd.

It is associated with giant industries like Godrej, TATA, Britannia, Saint Gobain, Airtel, Flipkart, Amazon, Voltas, and JK Tyres etc. The ambition is to generate employment for 5000 people as we move ahead. The entrepreneur says, “Job creation was one of the key motives during its commencement, as this is the indispensable need of India due to its population.”

Ambitions of the firm are quite high; Mr. Shimpi wants to take his venture to the pinnacle of fame, so that after 100 years also, it should shine in the business world. Its immediate goal after 100 Cr per annum is to reach 500 Cr per annum by 2023.

Words of Wisdom for the Readers of Business Connect

Youngsters require motivation in the domain of startup; they want examples of successful entrepreneurs who have started from zero. Business Connect is the best medium to connect with the youth which can inspire them to join entrepreneurship.

According to Mr. Shimpi’s perception, India is a big economical market, but the number of successful new entrepreneurs is very less. Although the government may be trying its part, but unfortunately, due to their own constraints like population, culture, and politics, etc., government’s source of motivation to new entity is limited.

People like Business connect should take more initiatives to attract, motivate, and inspire people to become successful entrepreneurs. He believes that by creating more successful entrepreneurs in our country, we can give a tough business competition to the West in today’s time.

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