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Ayngaran outshine Founders sasi Krishnasamy and Vince Thomas are helping in building a self-reliant and sustainable society.

Ayngaran outshine Founders sasi Krishnasamy and Vince Thomas are helping in building a self-reliant and sustainable society.

Village Adoption

Village adoption is a concept where an individual or an organization takes up the responsibility of developing a rural village by providing various services and facilities such as education, health care, sanitation, livelihood, etc. There are different modes and models of village adoption, such as demonstration mode, SAGY mode, action research mode, etc.

Ayngaran outshine: This foundation seeks to inspire the communities to dream, plan and mobilize resources for sustainable development of each member and create a culture of cooperative living. It also focuses on empowering marginalized and vulnerable groups in the village and creating sustainable livelihood opportunities

Ayngaran Goshala is a social response initiative to provide shelter and care to the homeless cattle by Ayngaran Foundation located in Palani, Tamil Nadu1. It is designed to provide people with an opportunity to contribute for cow and cow feed by signing up for single or recurring donation, or by adopting a cow

Some of the benefits of adopting a cow are:

You can provide nourishing supplementation, fodder, regular checkups, and medication to the cow1
You can choose a name for the cow and make it a part of your family.
You can receive photos and updates about the cow’s well-being and activities.
You can support the preservation of local cow breeds and the culture of cow protection.
You can experience the love and gratitude of the cow and form a bond with it.

Cow donation

Ayngaran cow donation is a way of supporting the Ayngaran Foundation, a non-profit organization based in palani, India, that runs a goshala (cow shelter) for desi (indigenous) cows. You can donate online through their website and choose the amount and frequency of your donation.

Your donation will help them to provide food, shelter, medical care and breeding facilities for the cows. The Ayngaran Foundation also promotes the use of cow products such as milk, ghee, urine and dung for various purposes. By donating to Ayngaran Foundation, you are contributing to the conservation and welfare of desi cows, which are considered sacred and auspicious by Hindus

Tree planting

Trees are epitome of benevolence. They provide everything to substantiate the existence of human and other beings-air, food, shelter and rain. Trees purify the air by absorbing all toxic gases and give oxygen in return; thus, greenhouse gases are minimised in the atmosphere. They provide means of survival for a diverse group of beings who belong to a habitat. Thus, they are the most important part of an ecosystem and adding more trees should be a priority to keep a biome stable.

   With massive increase in population and infrastructure deforestation has become a common phenomena. Lack of trees lead to pollution, drought, landslides, soil erosion and other natural disasters. Due to mass commercial plantations there is risk of extinction of ethnic trees which adversely affect the biodiversity of a locality. Also, the flora and fauna of the region are left to face detrimental repercussions; deprived of their natural habitat.

Trees form the most important form of our ecosystem. In Indian vedic culture trees are part of many tales and  hold spiritual importance. Even now in many rural and tribal areas trees are worshipped as gods. Since ancient times Indian dharma has always been mindful about keeping ecosystems intact. Now as threats of the modern lifestyle are frightening the ecosystem, planting trees have become more important than ever.

Rural development

Rural development is a complex and challenging task in India, as it requires not only economic growth but also social progress, quality of life, empowerment, women and child development, education and awareness of its citizens.

Despite many government policies and programs, rural poverty, unemployment, low production and lack of basic facilities still persist in many parts of the country. Therefore, Ayngaran Foundation believes that NGOs have a vital role to play in the rural development of India, as they are more flexible, specific to a particular locality and committed to serving the public and community as a whole.

Some of the activities that Ayngaran Foundation undertakes for rural development are:

– Providing free education to underprivileged children and youth through its schools and colleges.
– Organizing health camps, blood donation camps, eye camps and dental camps to provide medical care and awareness to rural people.
– Distributing free food, clothes, blankets and other essentials to the needy and homeless people in rural areas.
– Conducting vocational training programs and self-help groups to empower women and youth with skills and income-generating opportunities.
– Promoting organic farming, water conservation, renewable energy and environmental protection through awareness campaigns and demonstrations.
– Supporting cultural activities, festivals, sports and games to foster social harmony and unity among rural people

Through these initiatives, Ayngaran Foundation hopes to make a positive difference in the lives of rural people and contribute to the overall development of India. It also invites volunteers, donors and partners to join its mission and vision for a better world.

Ayngaran Outshine is a part of Ayngaran Foundation, Founded by Sasi Krishnasamy and Vince Thomas and a non-profit organization that works for rural development in India. Ayngaran Outshine aims to help farmers in various aspects, such as agricultural growth, infrastructure, education, health and culture. Ayngaran Outshine also conducts sports events, such as volleyball tournaments, to promote physical fitness and social harmony among the rural youth. Ayngaran Outshine is based in Palani, Tamil Nadu.

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