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Balmukund Diamond TMT Steel: Manufacturing High-quality Tmt Bars

Balmukund Diamond TMT Steel

Manufacturing High-quality Tmt Bars With Exceptional Strength And Durability

India’s construction sector is expanding rapidly, with large-scale residential and infrastructure projects taking place all around the nation. Finding the right TMT (thermo-mechanically treated) bars is crucial for building robust and longlasting buildings.

One of the most esteemed leaders in India’s steel landscape, Balmukund Diamond TMT Steel has proven its ability to deliver varied high-quality steel bars (TMT) and address the ever-evolving market demand.

Balmukund was founded in 1995 by the late Gopal Krishna Kanodia, an industry veteran with over thirty years of experience in the iron and steel industry. Later, his sons, Mr. Rajiv Kanodia and Mr Sanjeev Kanodia, the visionary leaders, joined him and took the company to new heights of success. Leveraging the extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the founding team, the company has expanded its product reach across the country.

The flagship company of the Balmukund group, Balmukund Concast Private Limited (BCPL), is presently run by Mr Rajiv Kumar Kanodia and Mr Sanjeev Kanodia. Headquartered in Patna, India, Balmukund produces thermomechanically treated (TMT) bars under the brand name ‘Balmukund Diamond’.

Its installed capacity is 180,000 MTPA for MS Billet and 150,000 MTPA for TMT bars. Today, the company has established itself as an industry pioneer because of the team’s unwavering commitment and diligence and the inspiring guidance of its visionary leaders.


Serving as a manufacturing catalyst for TMT bars, Balmukund offers a wide range of bars and rods in different sizes and specifications according to the needs of its customers, with a double shift capacity of 180,000 metric tons.

The rolled products are steel rods (CTD, TMT, and CRS) from 6mm to 32mm. These rolled products—6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 20, 25, and 32 mm rods—are often used in civil construction projects and other building-related works.

The company offers a range of high-quality steel bars (TMT), TOR steel, and MS ingots across various diameters thanks to its state-of-the-art manufacturing unit, outfitted with a fully automated and computerized rolling mill. TMT bars are rolled from 8mm to 32mm in grades Fe550 and Fe600 by adopting the most modern and advanced technology.

These bars have a great combination of outstanding weldability, ductility, and strength. Balmukund has an advanced technology-equipped manufacturing facility. The team makes sure that the clients receive the desired consignment on time owing to their friendly business relationships with vendors and competent domestic dealers. They ensure to delivery of the consignment within one or two days for domestic clients.


Positioned as a national frontrunner, Balmukund strives to meet the ever-increasing demands of its clients through its rich vendor base and extensive distribution network. To assure optimum quality in the production, they procure the raw materials from the leading manufacturers in the country, like Tata Steel, Jindal Steel, Monet Ispat, etc.

Besides raw materials, the company is highly focused on establishing cutting-edge manufacturing facilities and routinely auditing its production process to ensure that clients get products of superior quality.

To differentiate themselves in a highly competitive market, companies need to come up with optimum-quality products and meet the unique needs of their clientele. Balmukund embodies this principle by providing tailored solutions that differentiate them from other market players. Balmukund Steel does not cater to all markets; instead, it serves only the quality market, where the quality of the products is at the centre.

The company expands its pipeline and boosts output in response to an increase in quality demand. It is one of the key factors that make the company stand out. Further, building strong customer relationships is a strategic strength for Balmukund, achieved through its remarkable product portfolio.


Moving on its 29 years of transformational journey, Balmukund has taken its turnover from 50 crores to 750 crores and its monthly volume to 15000 tons per month from 1500tons per month. The company continues to thrive based on its key values of quality management, constant innovation, and understanding customers’ needs.

Successfully Emphasizing the pivotal role of quality in catering to market demand and ultimately a company’s growth, Balmukund defines success as the continuous enhancement of product quality. It strengthens its position as a market leader by continuously improving the quality of its steel products.


Balmukund has been actively building a clear road map for its future endeavours. It has already established a cutting-edge product facility in Bihta for producing high-quality products and meeting customer demands with strict sampling, fast shipping, and ongoing technical innovation.

The company will shortly establish its solid presence in the markets of West Bengal, Jharkhand, and Odisha because of the increasing market demand in different parts of the country.

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