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Benefits of becoming a Flipkart Seller

Benefits of becoming a Flipkart Seller

Benefits of becoming a Flipkart Seller, The traditional practice of shopping from the marketplace is being taken over by the digital market space. The last decade has witnessed the change in the buying habits of consumers from going out to select products to check the reviews and deciding online. The reach out and impact is quite visible that some of the companies are only selling via online platforms.

All major business players have understood the need to change as per the need of the customer and have started selling the products and services online.

Starting a business is an uphill task that involves huge amounts of capital, meetings with the financers, looking out for the right place to establish the business, and many more parameters. On the other hand, an online business requires no much parameters to be fulfilled, you need to have a will to start a new task and reach out to the millions of customers that search for products every day.

Selling via Flipkart is the best and easiest way to scale up your business and reach out to customers globally. With a physical store you can only have a limited base of customers who can target and give deals to increase your sales but once you start selling online via Flipkart, your customer base is nationwide. As Flipkart showcases your product in all the regions, you can level up your sales and increase your sales potential to an unprecedented height.

Flipkart Seller Loan

 Flipkart has come up with a unique idea of proving short term and long-term loans to the merchants to help merchants start online business on Flipkart. The rate of interest for these loans is quite less and hence it is quite appealing to the merchants. There are some criteria for availing the Flipkart business loan which are mentioned below:

  • The minimum age of the borrower should be 21 years and maximum should be 65 years
  • The minimum amount that can be borrowed is 25,000 and the maximum amount is 2 Crores
  • Merchant should have a minimum annual income of 1.5 lacs and more

What will you get via Flipkart

 It might seem to be intimidating if you are not aware of the process to start doing business via Flipkart but the whole process has been simplified by experts to ensure you need to put much effort to create an online business segment.

  1. Customer base of a million: There are 100 million registered customers on Flipkart which makes it the paragon in the Indian online market space. Your products will be visible to all customers who are on a lookout for purchase. You can choose any segment that is allowed by Flipkart and create a product catalogue.
  2. Great Logistics: Flipkart is known to have a great logistics department that will enable you to sell your products to any corner in the country, even the remotest ones. Your product will be picked either from the warehouse or from your doorstep and will be delivered to the buyer by the logistics team.
  3. Quick Payments: Whenever a customer purchases from you online, the payment amount is transferred to your bank via Flipkart seller account. The simplified payment process makes it more helpful to track your sales.
  4. Reward Program: Flipkart gives amazing rewards to its sellers with minimal commissions and plenty of advantages.

What to sell on Flipkart?

 Selling the right products online will give you an edge at the start. There are various factors you should consider while choosing the products.

  1. Select the products which have a demand in the online market and less competition. Research about the products which have more reviews and then analyze them to turn them into a sales approach.
  2. If you are looking to sell your manufactured goods then you can check about other manufacturers selling similar goods via Flipkart.
  3. Avoid selling seasonal goods as those items don’t have a stable market
  4. Some of the highest selling categories or products for Flipkart marketplace sellers in India include:
  • Home & Kitchen ● Baby Products ●  Books  ●  Mobiles, Electronics, & Accessories ●    Beauty and Health Products ●    Fashion and Apparel.

Registering on Flipkart as a seller

 Once you have selected the products and categories you want to deal with online, you should register on Flipkart as a seller. Following are the documents you have to produce to register in different business categories:

Benefits of becoming a Flipkart Seller
Benefits of becoming a Flipkart Seller

Listing the products on Flipkart

 Now that you have set up the seller account on Flipkart, you can now list the products that you are willing to sell online. You need to have a minimum one listing to start selling on Flipkart. Follow the steps to create the listing:

  1. Select the relevant category and place and place your product there
  2. Add a catchy and brief description about the products stating the specification and use
  3. Adding images give a good feel to the product and will appeal more to the customers
  4. You can also add a catalogue of all your products
  5. Confirm the products in the categories selected and it is all set

Selecting the Shipping Methods 

As soon as you set the product listing on Flipkart your products are visible to the customers online. You ensure hassle-free delivery Flipkart has mandated only the logistics partner to deliver the products. A nominal fee is charged by the Flipkart from the final selling price as a delivery fee. The shipment options are divided into 3 parts:

Local: Indicates the delivery of products in the same city

Zonal: products are shipped within the zones, North, South, East and West

National: Products are shipped within the zones

Analyze your sales performance 

To enhance the selling experience and improvise on the sales parameters, Flipkart has launched a seller app on which sellers can check the total orders, returned orders, fulfillment, and more. This analysis helps in understanding the demographics of sales and makes changes accordingly. The dashboard on the app helps to download graphs to understand the top-selling cities and products and accordingly the seller can make the target the right audience.

Selling online is a completely different experience as it brings you closer to millions of customers and you can realise the potential of your business with the infinite marketplace online.

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