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Beratung Consultants Private Limited

Beratung Consultants Private Limited: Consultancy At Its Best

Nowadays, the startup has become a sutra. There have been radical changes in the way business is being practiced. The work culture has moved towards empowering individuals at various levels. All these factors play an important role in entrepreneurship. Even in the case of Beratung Consultants Pvt. Ltd., the journey from a partnership firm with a handful of clients to working with MNCs and more than 25 million sq.ft. of projects completed across India with offices located in Mumbai, Bangalore & Pune has been eventful.

A fine balance of integrity, commitment & sincerity, teamwork, ideas, innovation & technology, and continual learning has made it possible for Beratung to develop a collaborative culture which resulted in their progress and success.

Company Overview

Beratung Consultants Pvt. Ltd. is a team of industry experts & leaders that offers an umbrella of services:

  • MEP Design
  • Testing & Commissioning
  • Energy Simulations
  • Green Building Consulting
  • Audits or Operational assessments

Bringing in a wide experience of variothemfields, the directors offer a unique value proposition to the company’s clients. More than fourteen years in the industry and after successful delivery of more than hundred-odd projects in variothemsectors, the team understands the market dynamics, technologies, client needs & expectations.

Their proven project delivery methodology ensures that the clients receive quality deliverables and on time. They believe & recognize the importance of commitment, teamwork, innovation, technology & integrity, which is reflected in their culture.

For Beratung Consultants, Commissioning is the key to the successful completion of any project. With a decade long experience, their team provides customized & high quality commissioning solutions to clients based on their requirements, such as Independent 3rd party Commissioning / USGBC or IGBC Certification / Operations review or Due Diligence of the systems.

3rd Party Commissioning: They ensure an Independent 3rd Party Commissioning Management right from the design stage up to early occupancy as it is for them the most effective way of commissioning any project throughout its life-cycle. It helps to bridge the gap between Design – Construction – Operations, and also helps in maintaining quality.

USGBC LEED / IGBC NB – Fundamental Commissioning is a prerequisite in LEED / IGBC rating system which mandates to have 3rd party commissioning agency on board. They also provide Enhanced Commissioning solution for projects which aspire to achieve this credit as part of credit requirement under USGBC & IGBC.

Post Occupancy – MEP systems reviews / Due Diligence Operating conditions & efficiencies of MEP keep on varying based on various parameters such as occupancy, environmental conditions, daily wear & tear as part of a day to day operations, etc. They help their clients to understand the system status, its ongoing efficiencies, carrying out due diligence for any systems modifications or upgrade based on operational requirements & reviewing operational practices.

Every project’s life-cycle goes through the pyramid approach; were building a strong foundation is of utmost importance.

A robust design & design process is the basis for laying a strong foundation. At Beratung Consultants, they have made consciothemefforts in streamlining the design processes to deliver the best available design solutions & also minimize the time, errors or lapses during the process.

Their experts bring in the best of the industry knowledge & experience. Their team of Designers offers the best MEP design solutions to their clients. A background of experience in multiple sectors such as Commercial, Banking / Financial, IT, Data Centres, Industrial, Pharma & Oil – Gas; helps them keep up with cutting edge technologies, practices and enhances their effective application cross-functionally.

Peer Review is a process which adds on a double check for the design aspects & helps in building a strong foundation.

They also provide Due Diligence services to their clients while selecting new premises or upgrading the current ones.

Green Building Certification has evolved over the past decade since its introduction in the Indian region during 2003. Today clients not just have options of various certifications but also of multiple Consultants offering green building solutions.

The team at Beratung Consultants offers a unique advantage of not just expertise on board but also offering Green Certification Consulting as part of the bouquet along with their other services, providing a one-stop solution to their clients. They have been practicing green building certifications since its inception in the Indian region (2003-04). They offer an umbrella of Green Building Certification consulting.

Their team Consultants & Associates with LEED AP’s, Accredited professionals from IGBC & GRIHA, provide a comprehensive solution for all types of certifications practiced currently in India.

Along with their Certification Consulting, they also provide other aided services which are required during the certification process such as :

  1. Energy Simulation
  2. Lighting Simulation
  3. Daylight Analysis
  4. Shading Analysis
  5. Solar Insolation Analysis
  6. Sun Path Analysis

Their allied services are a result of various client needs which they have catered as part of their practice over the past decade.

  • IST – Integrated System Test
    • Before project handover
    • Annual / periodic
  • Discrimination Study – Electrical Systems
  • Risk Assessment of MEP Systems & Operations
  • Energy Audits

Their Unique Approach

Being in the business for more than a decade has helped them to understand the dynamics of the industry. Hence, they are able to tailor their services to the specific needs of clients. They have a strong & versatile team that is instrumental in their respective works.

Also, having seasoned practitioners (the Directors) who have been in the industry for more than fifteen years & has helped Beratung Consultants not just in the growth of the organization itself but also has played a key role in the development of Green Building & Commissioning services in the Indian region.

They have opted for a different approach for Innovation & Development. The company has identified key team members from each service who work on Innovation & Development aspects as part of their KRA’s. These team members are actively involved in market research, client feedback as well as internal process monitoring, helping in the adaptation of new techniques or technologies which makes service delivery efficient.

For instance, the on-field team members make use of Tablet computers & tailor-made formats which makes reporting turn around shorter also it also helps in making all the necessary reference data available at fingertips when an individual is at the site.

The Road Ahead

Beratung Consultants is one of the first consultants from India to have Building Certified Commissioning Professional. Also, the company is a member of the Building Commissioning Association. The Director, Mr. Mihir Save, is also the first LEED ID + C professional from India.

The team has plans to expand operations to South-East Asian Regions and add a few more dimensions to its advisory services.

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