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Top 10 Best Quotes from the Ramayana

Let the Ramayana Guide You to Success: Top Inspirational Quotes

Ramayana, the great Hindu epic beautifully defines human values. It tells the journey of Lord Rama, who is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Ramayana preaches the concept of duty and value through the action of Lord Rama.

It is written in Sanskrit but its translated versions can be found in many other languages. It inspires and teaches the importance of value and duty in human life. It is both relevant and inspirational in the modern time.

Here presenting the top 10 famous and inspirational quotes from Ramayana:

01. आहुः सत्यं हि परमं धर्मं धर्मविदो जनाः।

This quote focuses on truth, righteousness, ethics and value. It has a very relevant, powerful and inspiring meaning. It can be translated as ‘The wise people have a firm believes in truth as the highest form of righteousness.’

In Ramayana, Lord Rama always opted the path followed by truth, righteousness and value. Even though he faced hardships, but still he had a supreme believe in the power of truth. Thus, this quote from Ramayana preaches mankind to upheld the value of truth.

02. दुर्लभं हि सदा सुखं।

The quote holds a very significant position as it presents to us the realistic view of life. It has a very beautiful meaning which says ‘To be always happy is rare. Constant happiness is rare in this world.’ Happiness is something which you can not stay for a longer time.

Life will become a havoc when you will always chase happiness as it is a mixture of both ups and downs. You have to face the hurdles as well and you can not escape from the reality. If you will chase happiness only, then it will result in disappointment only. Thus, constant happiness is rare.

03. शोको नाशयते धैर्यं शोको नाशयते श्रुतं। शोको नाशयते सर्वं नास्ति शोकोसमो रिपुः।

This quote shows the strength of ‘emotions.’ It can be translated as ‘Grief destroys patience, learning and everything. Therefore, there is no other enemy like grief.’ It shows that human emotions have both constructive and destructive power. If you are so much overwhelmed by your emotions, then it will have a negative impact on your cognitive power. If one is so much consumed in his/her grief, then it reduces the thinking capacity. It has been rightly called the biggest enemy.

04. धर्मादर्थः प्रभवति धर्मात् प्रभवते धर्मात् प्रभवते सुखं। धर्मेण लभते सर्वं धर्मसारमिदं जगत्।

This quote explains the significance of righteousness. It is translated to ‘Wealth comes from right actions and thoughts, and this righteousness brings happiness. One can achieve everything through righteousness as it is the “saar” of this universe.

05. उत्साहो बलवानार्य नस्त्युत्साहात् परं बलं। सोत्साहस्यहि लोकेषु न किंचिदपि दुर्लभं।

This quote tells the mankind about the power of enthusiasm. It can be translated to ‘Enthusiasm is strong and powerful. It is noble and there is no powerful strength than enthusiasm itself. Nothing is difficult or impossible for an enthusiastic person in this world. It shows that a person with a great will and welcoming positive attitude can achieve anything in this world by getting over any obstacles.

06. न कश्चिन्नापराध्यति।

It is a very beautiful yet simple and relevant quote which is translated as ‘No one is without faults.’ It shows that no one in this world is perfect. It is more like the acceptance of human nature. Mistakes can be done by anyone that’s why we should forgive easily because we might do some mistakes as well. Hence, we should be tolerant and forgiving towards other individuals.

07. अनिर्वेदः श्रियो मूलं अनिर्वेदः परं सुखं।

It is a beautiful quote which is translated as ‘The absence of sadness is the root of prosperity and it is the ultimate happiness.’ You should eliminate the thoughts or anything which is making you unhappy. Focus on the good part and thus create a better condition in your worst condition even. When you will remove or eliminate the sadness, you will grow happily.

08. विनाशे बहवो दोषाः जीवन्नाप्नोति भद्रकं।

This quote is translated as ‘Destructing self brings many faults, but life brings happiness and experiences.’ One does his own harms through the destructive actions. They lose their mental peace while on the contrary, a happy person can bring more happiness & spread it.

Ravana’s destructive desire becomes the cause of his own downfall where as Lord Rama sacrifices his own happy and wealthy luxuries life for keeping the promise of his father which in return bring peace and harmony in the world.

09. कोपं न गच्छन्ति हि सत्त्ववन्तः।

This quote is about the importance of patience and self-control. It is translated to ‘The virtuous men don’t give in to anger.’ Human beings should try to be calm and composed while facing any difficult situation. You should try to control your temper while dealing with a situation with calmness.

10. जननी जन्मभूमिश्च स्वर्गादपि गरीयसि।

This quote is translated to ‘Mother and motherland are greater and even more precious than heaven.’ These words were said by Lord Rama to Lakshman when they conquered Lanka. He was not pleased by the golden Lanka. For him, mother and motherland held utmost importance.

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