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Bhoomi Educational Consultancy

Bhoomi Educational Consultancy: Ensuring Inclusive and Quality Education for All and Paving the Way for Lifelong Success

Incorporated in 2017, Bhoomi Educational Consultancy Private Limited emerged as a beacon of academic excellence, offering a world-class education to every student. It is an ISO 9001: 2015 certified and DPII-recognized STARTUP company. They aim to transform the educational scenario of India by providing enjoyable learning experiences and interactive personalized resources for students, parents, and teachers.

Headquartered in Delhi with a solid presence across India, Bhoomi Educational strives to educate students, unleash their intrinsic potential, and empower them to succeed in any chosen path by setting new benchmarks and pushing the boundaries of the educational system. Bhoomi is a K-12-focused enterprise committed to making high-quality learning by creating an equal opportunity for every child. It has distinguished itself in the industry with its exceptional 360-degree learning system driven by data and steadfast commitment to providing top-notch learning.

Dynamic Leadership

Beas Bhowmik

With 15+ years of experience in education, particularly in designing and developing sustainable education programs, Beas Bhowmik possesses an in-depth knowledge of the educational landscape. She is an expert in the planning and implementation of complex education projects with sustainable and widespread impact. An M.Phil. in Sociology from JNU, Beas had a distinguished career in the Government of India, formulating and implementing education policies. Beas has done it all, from creating policies to carrying out programs.

Manoj Kumar Mishra

Extremely passionate about education since the early years of his career, Manoj Kumar Mishra has around two decades of experience in education with demonstrated expertise in managing and implementing projects, coordination, capacity building, training, monitoring, and forging strategic partnerships with state governments, private companies, nongovernment organizations, and academic bodies.

In addition to his strong communication skills and capacity to network and collaborate with partners and the state government, he has extensive problem-solving abilities.

Moving on its remarkable path, Bhoomi Educational has worked with 3 States, 1000 schools and 50000 students and has consistently produced outstanding results for these schools and students while providing monitoring support.

The Company has been recognized for its innovative ideas by the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India and out of 122710 recognized startups, only 2977 are recognized for tax exemptions for their innovative ideas and Bhoomi is one of them in India.

Giving Education a New Direction: Unique Learning Programs

Envisioned to build a sustainable and responsible world where all learners acquire an equitable, enjoyable, and quality education, Bhoomi Educational works to ensure sustainability in the education system by promoting quality education. It offers consulting services to enhance the quality of education in collaboration with state governments and organizations. The following is a list of programs the consultancy offers:

• Development of Educational Content (Online or Offline)
• Curriculum planning
• Accelerated resources aimed at bridging the learning gap
• Enrichment resources designed for STEM education
• Capacity Building of Key Stakeholders (Online or Offline)
• Parental engagement and training toolkit
• Research Support
• Monitoring support

“We believe that not all student learning can or should fit within a rigid timetable and Competency-based education prioritises personalised learning environments that support mastery of the skills students need to succeed in college, career and life. We help teachers’ students and parents bond over learning and make school education interactive and enjoyable to shape students’ futures”, Beas Bhowmik further shared.

Revolutionizing Education with Innovative Endvours

In light of the difficulties and complexity of the educational system, Bhoomi Educational strives to develop solutions that improve the effectiveness of school education by embracing cutting-edge technology to make knowledge available to students whenever and wherever they are.

They are excellent at organizing, creating, and carrying out big projects with precise, quantifiable results. They hope to transform the educational scenario in rural and remote India by creating student-centric programs where no child is left behind.

Learning Enrichment Program

This Learning Enrichment Programme is an ambitious program that has been designed and implemented in around 1000 government schools in Sikkim, Meghalaya, and Mizoram. This HYBRID program focuses on bridging learning gaps in students and provides continuous and comprehensive support throughout the year to students in these schools.

Additionally, it personalises the learning process by determining the student’s proficiency level and selecting materials that match it while taking into consideration the child’s strengths and areas of weakness. The program has three distinct yet interlinked components:

• Readiness Sprint is a 4-week remedial course designed to bridge students’ learning gaps.
• Active learning is a project-based, hands-on learning approach used in the classroom.
• Supplementary learning support is provided at home through the learning app Neeve, ensuring that the learning loop is closed every time a concept has been completed in class.

Apart from bridging learning gaps, another benefit of the program is digital literacy because of the technologywoven education program. The Bhoomi-designed HYBRID LEARNING ENRICHMENT PROGRAMME incorporates technology seamlessly, making it more than just a standalone tool. Active learning and student readiness enhance classroom-based learning, whereas AI-based apps like Neeve can provide at-home teaching that can take the place of existing tuition centres in the states.

Neeve: An AI-Based Application

While the world goes digital, students in rural areas get very few opportunities to access digital resources online. The program aims to bridge this digital difference by making high-quality resources available through the AI-based app Neeve. The adaptive app has assessments that the program uses to determine the child’s learning level and close the learning gap. The variety of resources makes sure that children are naturally motivated to use the app.


SAAS-based learning suite, Neeve has been created for teachers and schools integrating a teachers’ portal and student learning analytics. The platform helps schools adopt outcome-focused learning solutions, levelling the playing field for rural and less privileged children in the postpandemic world.

Active Learning can be implemented with the right set of resources that encourage experiential learning. Teachers are always looking for fresh, hands-on activities to engage their students and build their knowledge of the world through first-hand experiences with objects. On the Neeve portal, all are available in one place. Easily searchable. Teachers can select a lesson plan or make their plan. The resources on the Neeve Web Portal complement any curriculum. Neeve portal has all the ingredients to make the textbook lesson come to life – that’s the essence of active learning.

While teachers have access to world-class resources on the portal, Neeve Web Portal also prepares comprehensive student-based progress reports, and district and state-level performances. The School Portal on Neeve shows Remedial, CCE and summative data of students- Individual student wise, class-wise and subject-wise.

This analytics is realtime, a very powerful tool for the teachers and Heads of Institutions for planning interventions. Students’ data at the highest tier is analyzed district-wise and for the entire state. Neeve’s State Dashboard has comprehensive data that can be viewed in all possible combinations of subject, class and districts. The data is presented in the form of graphs and charts for easy interpretation.

Various relevant comparisons are also presented to assess the impact of the program. Reports, anecdotes, testimonials and important documents are available on the State Dashboard for instant download. Neeve State Dashboard is a one-stop digital dossier for a realtime check on the status of the program in the entire state.

According to the New Education Policy 2020 (NEP 2020), which focuses on data-based continuous evaluation, analytics and monitoring are essential components of the program to ensure data-driven decision-making at the school level. The CCE and summative statistics of each student—individual, class, and subject—are displayed on the NEEVE SCHOOL PORTA. These real-time statistics are a very effective tool that the school can use to design future interventions.

Navigating the Hurdles Along the Way

Building a brand is a journey fraught with challenges, and Manoj and Beas’s path to building Bhoomi Educational was no exception. They continue to work hard, and the system itself presents some significant obstacles for them to overcome.

The translation of inputs to outputs is easier, but the translation of outcomes is far more complicated. While it is easier to build a school, it is much more difficult to make students learn. Any innovation or change in the existing rhythm of things is met with resistance from the teachers and head teachers.

Only the state has the mandate, capability, and resources to operate on the scale it needs to. Therefore, collaborating with the government is crucial to enacting significant change. Any programme implemented in state government schools is not a partnership that needs to be nurtured. Any focused implementation strategy is simply changed due to paucity of time or official requirements.

Existing outcomes, even when evident in the data, are often discounted by the government. Funds are always a paucity, and the release of the existing funds is always a challenge. Despite these obstacles, Bhoomi continues to work toward providing high-quality education that would otherwise be out of reach for all students.

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