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Top 10 Interior Designing Companies to Watch in 2024

The story we narrate here is being applauded for the company relying on the approach that reflects on a proactive and customer-centric mindset. We are amazed with every decision and action it takes driven by a sincere desire to provide optimal solutions and exceed customer satisfaction.

Yes, it is none other than VIP Homes that is being acknowledged for its customer centricity and mindful operations in quality construction. Their core focus is on the luxury segment but also undertake other big projects helmed by Sanjeev Kumar Tripathi who laid the foundation of the company in 2008. In conversation with our team, he shared valuable information regarding the company and its operational methodology.


VIP Home is a unique name indeed. The fundamental concept behind the brand name VIP Home revolves around providing VIP treatment to every individual. The core concept behind the venture is rooted in the idea that everyone deserves to feel important and valued, just like they would in a VIP home. VIP Home aims to deliver exceptional services to its clients, ensuring that they feel esteemed and well taken care of.

As per the founder, the brand offers VIP-level services where they are covering both architectural and interior design aspects. VIP Homes is the go to destination for all the necessary services required for construction, emphasizing a comprehensive approach to creating luxurious and personalized living spaces.


VIP Homes is said to have daily operations fueled by a clear vision. The primary objective behind its establishment is to offer highly cost-effective and functional homes to all customers. These homes are designed to be both affordable and luxurious, reflecting the modern lifestyle. The organization has ambitious plans to achieve significant growth, aiming to become a 100 crore plus company in this segment within the next 8 to 10 years.


Sanjeev elucidated that VIP Home stands strong by putting great emphasis on efficiency. At present, they boast of a highly skilled and efficient team dedicated to all aspects of construction work. Each task is meticulously executed to align precisely with the customer’s expectations. The team is in constant stride to ensure utmost satisfaction with the final outcome.


The brand’s approach to research and development (R&D) showcases its in-depth dedication to excellence and innovation. They have established an in-house setup that encompasses every phase of their projects, from initial planning and conceptualization to advanced 3D modeling and immersive 4D walkthroughs. This comprehensive framework allows them to maintain control over the entire process. This also helps them align with their clients’ vision and expectations.

R&D extends beyond a singular effort. It embodies an ongoing promise to continuous improvement and exploration. They are in line with the modern construction techniques and integrating contemporary interior design practices into their daily operations. It allows them to remain at the forefront of innovation in their industry. This proactive approach enables them to deliver high-quality results that resonate with current trends and meet the evolving needs of their clients and the market.


Sanjeev Kumar Tripathi has an inspiring guiding principle of leadership within the organization. And this revolves around a deep understanding of the customer’s needs. He talked of the importance of not only grasping the specific requirements of each client but also doing so within the constraints of their budgetary limitations. This philosophy underscores a commitment to delivering the utmost value and quality, maximizing the benefits derived from the available resources. It is about striking a balance between meeting the customer’s expectations and ensuring that they receive the best possible outcome, tailored to their unique circumstances and financial considerations.


“Roti, kapra, and makaan (food, clothing, and shelter) being perpetual human needs would never face any lag. The real estate industry shares a similar enduring quality. Its resilience lies in the continuous demand for housing and infrastructure, ensuring a thriving market that is far from fading away,” remarked Sanjeev.

With structures built decades ago now requiring reconstruction, the industry presents vast opportunities and a sizable market. However, success in this dynamic landscape hinges on providing exceptional customer service and creating an unparalleled experience for clients. This principle guides VIP Home in delivering top-notch services and ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction.

In the upcoming years, the prospects are promising, and VIP Home is poised for substantial growth. The goal of surpassing 100 crores within the next 8 to 10 years is a testament to their confidence in their capabilities and the industry’s potential. This forward-thinking approach clubbed with a focus on customer-centric practices, positions VIP Home for a prosperous future in the real estate sector.


As per Sanjeev, the comprehensive county work township that they have successfully completed is what they truly are proud of. It represents a full turnkey project, encompassing exceptional interior work and a wide range of amenities designed to enhance the overall living experience.

In addition to the interior aspects, the company took on the responsibility of developing the landscaping, creating beautiful gardens, and ensuring every detail of the outdoor spaces was meticulously planned and executed. From installations to furniture procurement and placement, they handled every aspect of the project with meticulous attention to detail.

This turnkey project stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence and our ability to deliver the best possible outcomes for our clients. It reflects their expertise in managing every facet of a project. This concept to completion performance has been ensuring a seamless and high-quality result that exceeds expectations.

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