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Delivering 110 percent Work with Quality

“We are different, because we believe in the right mix of creative standard and speedy execution.”

This is what BlueAntz has to say! Their words convey a powerful message, that BlueAntz is there to make a difference through their tantalising creative approach and the speed with which they execute the same. Yes, the agency claims to be so as far as advertising is concerned.

This ‘differant’ advertising agency accepts challenges and makes those work in the brand’s favour. The brand could be any firm or company that approaches this agency for advertising As per Leo Burnett, “I have learned that any fool can write a bad ad, but it takes a real genius to keep his hands off a good one.”

Advertising could be described as creating communication that is catchy and sells the product without asking to buy it. With the same confidence, BlueAntz considers itself as a new-age advertising agency working in traditional as well as digital modes of advertising. Let’s find out more about this agency, which has earned a name for itself in a short span

It was a decade ago that BlueAntz created its creative colony in Kolkata. That was a time when the city already had a few advertising agencies with their own clientele. The research by BlueAntz found that there was a need for an approachable and new-age agency that would look after the biggest brands and also, all the businesses that were looking out to become a brand of the future.

Assessing the need of the market, this advertising agency came into existence at that time. In fact, it was one of the first advertising agencies in Kolkata to offer digital marketing services. Always looking forward to innovative approaches for the brands that would bring about a difference in the digital world of today, BlueAntz has made its mark by securing a considerable client database.

It should be mentioned here that it had all begun with a single client

BlueAntz has been of the opinion that a little extra should be offered to the clients. They believe that the client’s need is the need of the agency and an emphatic understanding goes the extra mile as we are dealing with humans after all. Also, the agency never says ‘No’ to the clients as far as their ethics and integrity are taken care of.

Creativity could be termed as the soul of Advertising and Branding. Realizing this, BlueAntz does not ever forget to include the creative factor in its works. Be it a classified advertisement or a digital post, equal attention and expertise are added to each of them. Moreover, innovation is another factor that is looked after. The agency keeps itself updated with the newest trends and technologies being utilized in the international market and that greatly assists in providing customized brand solutions.

Brand Hygiene factors are the basic set of values which are expected by the consumer to be in place for any business or service s/he plans to consume. Not only Brand Hygiene but also Brand Building exercises are offered by BlueAntz. Of course, communicationrelated services like website development, social media marketing, television and radio advertisements, billboards, and press campaigns are segments in which the agency has earned a reputation for itself.

It markets itself through all conventional channels but there is no doubt that word of mouth recognition has also played a remarkable role. The satisfied clients have been referring  BlueAntz to the others as well and this is one of the major reasons behind the growth of the company.

According to BlueAntz, “When we try to give our best every time, we manage to deliver an ‘above the average’ performance, continuously. This is how we ensure quality by pushing ourselves beyond boundaries and exploring new grounds constantly.”

As far as values are concerned, the agency is known for hard work, integrity, delivering the best to the clients, and also teamwork.

BlueAntz has proven itself in the market and today, it can boast of clients like Ori-Plast, Shyam Steel, Ruchi Realty, Aaj Tak Bangla, Indorama Fertilizers, Pran Beverages, Arish Bio-Naturals, etc. The agency says it gives 110 per cent to the clients and when the clients realize that they are receiving quality work on time, every single time, the inevitable happens – trust on the agency increases manifold.

BlueAntz has created a work atmosphere free from all forms of workplace toxicity, discrimination, and hegemony and full of challenging topic discourses along with the regular fun and frolic that comes with positively charged employants.

As per BlueAntz, the pandemic affected the world badly and like the others demanded more technological expertise from its team members. But things like shifting from job meetings to Google Meets are being well-performed. The agency thanks its clients too for their support.

The team comprises key members like Purnima Nath (Director): She embodies the spirit of BlueAntz. An art enthusiast who supports the team against all odds and ensures that the team members remain motivated and determined through thick and thin.

Monoj Nath (Director): He is at the helm of it all. Starting from client communication to creative brainstorming, nothing escapes his notice and nothing is too unimportant for his attention. He has been a creative director for many years and is the heart of the team.

Debpratim Das (Account Manager): He is in-charge of acquiring new clients and managing existing ones; an excellent communicator who is loved by all the clients.

Sandip Das (Art Director): An experienced art director who faces the daily creative challenges with ease and is a master in delivering thoughtful concepts and layouts.

Rajkumar Kundu (Art Director): An extremely dedicated and hardworking individual, he takes care of the in- house video section while keeping his creative fuse lit at all times.

Sunayani Ganguly (Copy Director): Experienced and quirky, she is in charge of deciding the copy approach for the clients and comes up with fresh ideas every time.

Sreya Das (Executive Client Servicing): She is an excellent client management executive; extremely dedicated and punctual, she can forge an excellent working relationship with even the toughest clients.

Tapanjyoti DasGupta (Social Media Manager): A young and enthusiastic digiwhizz, who eats and breathes the newest trends of the ever-changing world of social media.

Phalguni Banerjee (SEO Manager): Very hardworking and determined, Ms. Banerjee is a SEO wizard and an asset to the Company.

If the performance is up to the mark and sometimes, even beyond that, then the performer should be awarded.

Srijon Samman (An Advertising Award for Bengali Ads) for Arish ( Natural Skin Care Products) Press Campaign
Retail Jewellery India Award 17 (National) for Sawansukha Jewellers Press Campaign
SIES (SOP Star Award) 2018 in Packaging Excellence for Koye Pharmaceuticals

The agency has been featured at a few events as one of the Ten Promising Creative Advertising Agencies in India.

The agency renders its services in different regions of the country. It would soon start offices in various states like Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Bhubaneswar, etc.

The in-depth R & D of BlueAntz during the initial days provided the insight that digital marketing is soon going to get ‘BIG’ in the market. This led the agency to study the subject further and now, it is there with its own digital wing, BluAnt Digital.

To conclude, the ants are now a creative force to be reckoned with and the financial flexibility they offer to their clients with variable budgets will only fortify their position as the most approachable agency in eastern India.

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