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By: Indranil Roy

Since the wake of globalization, Solar Power in India has witnessed remarkable growth. The energy available in a single year easily surpasses the energy output of fossil fuel reserves in the country. However, people in many parts of India still accommodate the prevalent measures of energy consumption and ignores the harmful effects it has on the environment and the earth. Blueneba is novel entrepreneurship that aims to make people realize the efficiency and need for solar energy. Headquartered in Gurgaon, the Company is powered, with tech advancements and are working to create a better earth for the upcoming generation.

The solar industry is experiencing unprecedented growth at almost 12 times faster than the regular economy. Furthermore, since Solar services help in reducing electricity bills, it has grown to be a highly accessible service across India. Blueneba Technologies was brought in the arena, to emphasize on solar energy thereby preserving the balance of nature and curtailing the rate of pollution.

Blueneba meaning Bluesky is a company formed by professionals with over 20 years of individual experience in using technology to enhance life of people. Having contributed to the Telecom Revolution which has helped population in getting connected and harvesting the benefits of information accessibility the team has come together to focus on sustainable development which would help preserve our dear Planet Earth.

The prevalent ways of power consumption ramp up the electricity bill and have a severe effect on the planet. Parallelly, there is major obscurity in electricity supply, in the rural areas. By going Solar, people can realize the efficiency and need for clean green energy, and play an integral role in saving the planet. Moreover, the system is easy to install and very little maintenance is required. Blueneba also ensures a quick payback period of the initial investment – another aspect that makes them preferable.

Blueneba set its feet, in the industry, in 2018. With more than – 2 decades of experience in telco, Nikhil Srivastava (Director & CEO) and Sanjeev Agrawal, realized that telecommunication services are accessible from anywhere in the country, however the same can’t be said, for electricity supply. The entrepreneurial team had played an integral role in the telco revolution and moving forward, they wanted to invest in something good, not only for people, but for our planet as well. Over the years, solar energy has emerged as the most abundant source of energy and Nikhil sees a huge scope in this. He pictured an image of how implantation of solar energy can be a major breakthrough and ensure supply in rural regions as well.

This motive laid the foundation of Blueneba. Initially, they started with solar rooftop for residential, but within 2 years they have attained all kinds of services starting from EPC to O&M Services and Rooftop Solar Solutions for all kind of customers like Schools, hospitals, Petrol pumps and various types of MSMEs.

The market of solar energy is extremely fragmented and in-depth R&D is required to ensure an autonomous operation. For e.g. several solar plants are installed on giant structures under CAPEX Model. But, the shortfall in maintenance creates a deteriorating effect on the mechanism. Blueneba has a deep focus in cleaning and maintenance, ensuring an adept performance of the systems, set up by the company.

Investment in R&D also keeps them abreast emerging technologies. The company is well-versed in innovations and deploys potential systems, having over 5 years of warranty. Also, revolutionary platforms like IoT play a prominent role in monitoring the systems remotely. Every monitoring unit is connected to a home WIFI or via mobile data, which provides them with timely data on the performance of the system. In case of any emergency, the system raises an alarm and the Company’s in-house team addresses the problems remotely. The remote monitoring unit further notifies the Company if any plant needs cleaning or other maintenance jobs. To sum up, attention to system performance and trends helps them ensure a freewheeling functioning of all their projects.

“We work on the principle of customer-centricity, committed timelines and quality product”, says Nikhil. Over the past few years, Solar industry has witnessed a ten-fold growth and several new players have emerged. But this growth has proffered volatility and customers find it difficult to seek a company that can live upto its commitment. Contrarily, time has also changed customer preferences drastically and to stay competitive, services must be tailored to individual needs. This is where Blueneba builds its forte. Whether its installation, monitoring, maintenance or compliance, Blueneba breathes quality in everything.

Its management sits on more than a generation of combined knowledge on customer preferences (both B2B & B2C), which helps them build tailored services. The ability to devise individualized services has helped them build a progressive clientele, 70% of which are residential customers and further include schools, hospitals and commercial systems as well. The monitoring and procuring real-time data of the system helps them own the solar plants, not financially but on a performance basis.

An ambience of youth and ingenuity keeps Blueneba upfront to whatever comes in their way. Solar industry has grown to become an upskilling career choice and bestows an opportunity to preserve our planet. Blueneba has welcomed passionate and like-minded individuals, who can uphold the Company’s core values. The upper echelon is, also tabled with like-minded leaders namely Ritu Chandel (Director), Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Agrawal (ex-Director) and Lt. Col (retd) Piyush Srivastava (Independent Director). All of them are well nurtured in their professional areas and carries a generation of experience in communications and product development.

Nikhil’s experience in leadership positions largely helps in giving this team a direction and maintain cohesiveness. Along with him, the entire leadership panel encourages everyone to learn from mistakes and stay innovative. The transparency and flexibility between all ensure enthusiasm and builds integrity at all levels.

The affliction of COVID-19, severely affected all business verticals, on every level. Blueneba too with high growth trajectory suddenly felt that the cruise has come to a standstill. However, these didn’t stop them from developing new business models and work processes. The Company initiated its work from home setup and remotely monitored their accomplished projects and built partnerships. Subsequently, as the unlocking process started, the entire team worked meticulously while maintaining all safety measures. Strict guidelines were passed regarding interaction with customers on-site like social distancing, sanitation, wearing protective gears, etc.

Since, the pandemic affected everyone in all aspects, customers were quite ambiguous to solar plants installations. However, with the unlocking process, people are re-investing into their services and demand for solar is rising once again.

Within 2 years of business, Blueneba has flourished its business to several parts of India. They have accomplished projects in Delhi NCR,  Gurugram, Haryana, Bhopal, and Bangalore as well. Numerically, Blueneba has accomplished 70-80 projects with full delivery and installation of over 200 projects. On top of that, surviving the COVID and the lockdown was a significant challenge, which they faced and overcame with a sheer will.

Growing at this steady pace, Blueneba aims to become a complete sustainable developer, within the next 5 years. The Company aims to bring new products to treat Solid waste at source, water harvesting and build smart home solutions as well. Also, Blueneba is building partnerships with NGOs to provide electricity services to underprivileged villages in India. Lastly, the Company aims to grow technologically, build a stronger client base and open employment opportunities to aspirers. The pandemic has made a major impact on employment and Blueneba aims to bring worthy talents, especially the unemployed.

“The path of entrepreneurship is challenging yet rewarding. You’ll face obstacles, failures and countless Sleepless night, but persistence and endurance will keep you going”. Nikhil Shrivastava



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