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Creating a Legacy in the Steel Detailing Industry with Dedication, Commitment, and Credibility

Setting the benchmark for excellent steel detailing services that a multitude of steel fabricators can confidently trust to construct structures of any magnitude, complexity, or scale with ease, Brainstorm Infotech emerges as an enduring symbol of trust and quality in the market, driven by accuracy, efficiency, and credibility.

Conceptualized in 2010, Brainstorm Infotech boasts 13 years of expertise in providing high-quality steel detailing services to clients in the most accurate, timely, and professional manner, which will aid in the successful completion of clients’ projects across diverse segments.

The company specializes in high-quality steel detailing, connection design, and checks as per industry standards for steel construction in the commercial and industrial segments, along with the application of advanced 2D drafting and 3D modelling software. It predominantly focuses on markets in the US and Canada. However, recently, they have also been successful in acquiring deals in the Gulf market (GCC).

Their “reliable and trusted team” is their most valuable asset. The company, with its young and professional team, ensures quality assurance and accuracy with the latest software and technology, ensuring delivery on time every time. “We firmly believe that a passionate, skilled team creates enthusiastic customers and builds a better future,” quoted the inspiring leader.

Brainstorm’s biggest distinction has been that it believes in leveraging its core competencies of technical expertise, project management, and round-the-clock customer assistance by hiring young engineers with exceptional technical competency. This has also helped the company build strong client loyalty and tremendous trust, which has led to its ongoing profitable growth.


As the founder of the company, Mr Santosh BM is the driving force behind Brainstorm Infotech. He embarked on his entrepreneurial journey from scratch in 2010 when the global economy collapsed and the organization that he was working for started to not do so well and eventually closed shop. However, customers still had projects that needed to be completed and hence one customer from Canada offered to support and encourage him to start his own firm with available resources to continue to execute current and future projects.

Santosh saw this as a terrific opportunity. Finally, in 2010, he laid the foundation of Brainstorm Infotech in the garden city of Bengaluru with his wife, Vidya Santosh, along with a small team of young engineers. Since then, the company has established itself as a reliable design and detailing firm, that numerous steel fabricators rely on to build structures of any size, complexity, or scale with ease. At present, Brainstorm, under his dynamic leadership, is spreading its wings and forging ahead in creating a legacy of dependable, error-free, and supreme-quality work.

Armed with a wealth of experience in steel design and detailing, Santosh’s journey is a testament to the power of perseverance, hard work, and an unyielding commitment to quality. He graduated in 2004 from Dayanand Sagar Institutions with a degree in civil engineering. He was offered campus placement at M/s Sudharshan Structurals, a steel design and detailing firm in Bengaluru, as a trainee engineer. Here, he was trained on US and Canadian standards regarding design and detailing for commercial as well as industrial projects.

• Santosh was awarded “An Honorary Doctorate in Construction Engineering” by California Public University in the year 2021.
• Santosh was conferred the “Mahatma Gandhi Samman Award” by the House of Commons in London, UK in 2022.
• Santosh was recently awarded a “Fellowship in the Indian Institute of Engineers”.


Brainstorm has the vision to establish a legacy for itself in the steel detailing business by becoming the expert that many steel fabricators rely on to build structures accurately and effortlessly, regardless of their size, complexity, or scale.

Their mission is to continue providing steel detailing services to help clients complete their projects successfully by continuing to offer steel detailing services that are precise, competent, and adhere to deadlines.


Today, the rise and elevated construction activity in the commercial, industrial, and residential categories is giving the structural steel industry the required push. Steel fabrication has grown even more important as a part of the construction sector, as it provides numerous value-added services under one roof, such as cutting, welding, machining, and connecting, to mention a few.

This has increased the demand for steel goods. However, in order to consider oneself a seasoned company in the steel detailing market, one must possess in-depth knowledge and technological ability. Excellent structural steel services are focused on innovation to produce better performance and wellengineered constructions that may save significant amounts of money and time. They also offer excellent detailing services to help fabricators precisely complete work on-site.


Brainstorm Infotech has always prided itself on delivering work of exceptionally high calibre, which has largely contributed to the team’s success in gaining both new and repeat business from clients. Nonetheless, they have been pushing hard over the past few years to expand the company in North America and the Middle East, implementing the following tactics:

• Digital Marketing
• Cold calling
• Email marketing
• Face-to-face Meeting
• Steel conferences and exhibitions
• Good PR


There is a positive and supportive environment where employees feel valued, respected, and empowered to contribute their best. The magnificent man places emphasis on work-life balance, with policies and practices that promote employee well-being and flexibility and strive to create a positive, engaging, and fulfilling environment that inspires employees to thrive and contribute their best work. Open and transparent communication, teamwork, personal growth, diversity, and inclusion are some of the other vital features of Brainstorm’s unique culture.


The core principles of Mr Santosh’s leadership are the deep values ingrained in Brainstorm’s workplace culture. At the heart of the company’s triumph lies Santosh’s approach to having a clear vision and the ability to effectively communicate that vision to inspire and motivate the team.

It also involves having an elevated level of emotional intelligence, which enables them to comprehend and relate to the team and set a positive example. Ultimately, leadership is about steering the organization toward success while putting the growth and well-being of the people working there first.


Brainstorm has achieved numerous milestones and recognitions on this remarkable journey. Notably, the story that began with a 5-person team in 2010 and had executed a couple of projects (480 MT of steel) has grown 35% year on year. Now they are a team of 195 professionals and have executed more than 2500 projects (350 projects and over 40,000 MT of steel annually) so far despite having so many hurdles along the way.

Here, the leader attributes this success to his wife, Vidhya Santosh, and the entire team that continues to believe and trust in him and his vision. Further, he is planning to acquire more projects from existing customers and acquire new ones, invest in tech advancement and software development, increase his team size by 200%, and also aim for double turnover in the next 2 years.


Mr Santosh imparts a few inspiring insights to the aspiring entrepreneurs:

1. Hard work: Put in the hours needed; there is no replacement for hard work.
2. Build, trust, and develop your team.
3. Walk the talk, be patient, and persevere.
4. Dedicate some time to physical and mental health.
5. Believe in your vision, inspire, and practice gratitude.

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