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In the year 2020, Mr Siju Rajan and Mr Jeevan Uthaman identified a connection between those 4 elements. That led to the formation of BRANDisam. In the light of vast experience in Business consultation by Siju and the Training experience of Jeevan, they found that even though entrepreneurs from Kerala are highly educated and efficient in running business. But they lack basic awareness and understanding about the brand-building process. This is the main reason for not finding international brands from Kerala.

Many are confused that Branding means creating a beautiful logo or a website and many others misunderstand that by doing Trademark registration alone, the brand-building process is completed. Then, BRANDisam began providing them with assistance and education. Later on, the company developed by itself in entrepreneurship development with a holistic approach. This step, at that point of time, brought fruitful results and during the period of professional service, BRANDisam has built their trust among its clients post serving them well.

BRANDisam is a vibrant team of business strategists, organizational development and HR trainers, business graphic designers, business content developers and business legal advisors. It was in 2020 that the company set up many brand identities, framed unique brand strategies for all and also, empowered various entrepreneurs to build their brand.

BRANDisam provides the following services:

  • Business Branding consultation
  • Organisation Development Interventions
  • Business Training
  • Business Legal Registrations

With the motive to clear the doubts and define the word ‘Brand’ better, the team of BRANDisam has come up with a concept called ‘BRANDisam Pyramid’, that showcases the path on which a trade name moves, to become a brand name. BRANDisam strictly follows this throughout the branding process. As per the company, the branding or brand-building process deals with 5 stages.

Stage 1
Foundation stage
Creating a unique identity for the rest of the business’s life is the first stage in the BRANDisam pyramid. Unique identity should be created by keenly observing the market and customers. ‘Make it once and keep it always’ is the central rule of the foundation stage. It includes the brand’s visual identity, verbal identity, brand positioning strategy and brand’s core culture.

Stage 2
Visible stage
The identity is meant to be registered in the mind of customers. To get registered, it must be shown to them in the appropriate channel, at the appropriate time and in the appropriate quantity. This should be done after observing the market, customer’s demography and competitor’s strategy. This is the stage of marketing.

Stage 3
Register stage
The result from the visible stage will get reflected in the register stage. People will identify a product when they see, feel and use it regularly. The distance from the visible stage and register stage depends on how effectively we use the marketing tools

Stage 4
Trust stage
It is the most crucial stage in the brandisam pyramid. People identify products when we regularly bring attention through different strategies. But to turn it into a brand, people should feel trust in it. It is a time-consuming process where we need to continuously touch the emotions of customers like love, care, greed and so on.

Stage 5
Leverage stage
Here in this stage, the name works 24*7 without anyone’s interference. It will leverage itself and become a brand.

BRANDisam was formally incorporated in the year 2021 and started 3 divisions of its. The branding, training and research, and research divisions.

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According to the founders, transformation happens day by day when we interact with plenty of entrepreneurs, when we explore new arena of business, branding and marketing in the context of industry 4.0. And the transformation for sure is the result of creative thoughts to overcome challenges which come on the way during crises. Curiosity for knowledge also drives the transformation.

BRANDisam feels that research & development have a major role to play in the growth of a company. Siju affirms, “Brand building will be effective only when the strategists can read the past, present and predict the future trends in all the sectors. It shall not be forgotten that innovation happens when two discrete segments.” The research wing of the company is a full-fledged team whose members are continuously researching in different disciplines like branding, learning and development, Artificial Intelligence, marketing, consumer psychology, neuromarketing etc.

The company believes in educating the clients. The time is utilized in this manner which results in sales. BRANDisam meets the purpose of educating thousands of entrepreneurs, through YouTube Videos on Business topics initiated by Mr Siju Rajan and through BRANDisam Podcast app.

Focussing on the team is our main priority. Listening to them and educating them, and apart from this, we rectify their mistakes and develop them so that they can lead their entrepreneurial journey.

According to Jeevan, “Creativity is born where freedom and fearlessness get enough space. BRANDisam has adopted a free and flexible work atmosphere regardless of place and time frame. A remote working style has been provided to our employees.”

The confident founders say, “Keeping in mind the growth of our business, we are ensuring that we invest more in the extensive research in Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Consumer psychology and also innovative and sophisticated methods of training.”

BRANDisam aims to assist entrepreneurs in building their brands. The mission is to make entrepreneurs self-sufficient by empowering them in each stage of brand identity, brand content, and brand strategy development.

Like every start-up, BRANDisam aims to reach the international market in the future. Another focus of its, is to build BRANDisam Business School for entrepreneurs is also included in the five year plan.

BRANDisam is continuously witnessing a better number of entrepreneurs through the educational content on the YouTube channel. The increasing number of ears to listen to them is their biggest achievement. Not only this, their podcasts and articles in ‘Dhanam’, Kerala’s most popular business magazine, are also getting more entrepreneurs to them.

It is always good to learn from the experience of others, be it a short experience or a long one. Jeevan says, “Reading several business success stories can inspire you. On the other hand, instead of following others, focus on developing your idea that matches your passion and skills. Identify the audience that suits you the best or which goes with your passion and skills. And then, serve them the best.”

“Continuous learning, commitment towards your clients, and consistency will give you business success. If not soon, not even far”, he adds.

It is easy for anyone to launch a company but it is very hard to lead the company and to grow as a brand. The foundation and consistency play a vital role in branding. Therefore, do not forget to invest more time of yours in laying the foundation.

Mr Jeevan Uthaman
Mr Jeevan Uthaman is an Organization Development Consultant and Certified Learning and Development Professional, accredited by KASE, Govt of Kerala. He is the Co-founder and Director, Learning & Development of BRANDisam LLP. He is also associated with the Additional Skill Acquisition Programme (ASAP), Govt. Of Kerala as a coach. He is presently holding the position of Consultant at Flatirons Geomagnetic Services LLC, Colorado, USA.

He is a postgraduate from Cochin University of Science & Technology (CUSAT) and he worked as an R.A. at CUSAT for two years. He was selected as one of the top ten best entries in the “Be Skilled Be Relevant” National Level contest conducted by National Skill Networks. He is well-known for the implementation of modern technology like Virtual Reality in the training and educational field. He has trained thousands of people so far in various disciplines from life skills to entrepreneurship development.

Mr Siju Rajan
Mr Siju Rajan is a Business Branding Strategist and HRD trainer, is the Director and Chief strategist of BRANDisam LLP – an organisation in the field of brand identity, brand strategy, training and research. He is also the Master trainer in ASAP Kerala, Government of Kerala. He assists many aspiring entrepreneurs to build their dream brand by helping in research, building strategies and equipping them through training.

Siju Rajan is educated in business management (MBA) from the University of Calicut, Kerala and Commerce(M.Com) from Bharathiar University, Tamil Nadu. He appears on his YouTube channel regularly with practicable tips in entrepreneurship and Management. Also, he is a Business Columnist in different business magazines like Dhanam. He has trained thousands of people so far in various disciplines in Business Management and Branding

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