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Redefining Enterprise Security and Automation With Bespoke Offerings

Since the COVID-19 event, the corporate world has changed significantly. Businesses are speeding up their digital transformation, and cybersecurity is crucial, given the rise in cyberattacks. Data has evolved into a company’s lifeblood, enabling it to enhance client experiences, reinvent its offerings, and drive efficiency and cost savings.

While technology has always been necessary to safeguard data centres, cloud systems, servers, and digital devices, the future calls for new business models, advancements, and partnerships. Companies need sophisticated thinking and resources to strengthen their competitive edge and be digitally safe. For the surfacing security concerns, Claidroid Technologies can be a valuable ally.

Recently, Business Connect Magazine had the gracious opportunity of a telephonic interview with Mr. Vinay Sawarkar, Founder and CEO of Claidroid Technologies. During our discussion, he talked about how their services can help businesses become more profitable while enhancing their digital security. The elegant read summarizes our holistic discussion.

Claidroid Technologies is renowned for its bespoke IT services that ensure complete digital transformation. Its offerings include DevOps, SecOps, DevSecOps, AIOps, and cloud services. But its niche lies in Enterprise Service Management (ServiceNow) and Enterprise Security (Identity and Access Management & Customer Identity and Access Management).

Since the pandemic, remodeling workflow efficiency has been a priority to streamline processes for internal IT, employees, and customers, bringing company-wide operations. Simultaneously, it is essential to protect user credentials and passwords that are common network entry points for criminal hackers to plant ransomware or steal data. Claidroid ensures its clients have the upper hand against these challenges and are focused on increasing their revenue.

Last but not least, the company also provides managed services to enhance business operations while reducing budgetary costs by cutting directly engaged people. Its services ensure the optimal business outcome with the ideal balance of on-site and offshore resources. The company has become a reputable name in the IT sector by offering targeted services at affordable prices. In a market rife with complexity, varied applications, and heterogeneous IT systems that make running a business stressful, Claidroid ensures clients receive value for money with its SLA-driven strategy.

In the last two years, the demand for customised IT services has outpaced that of the ten years prior. Even CIAM (Customer Identiy and Access Management) and ESM ( Enterprise Service Management) are now competitive solutions with significant demand. So, the obvious question is, “Why choose Claidroid?”

Claidroid’s CIAM service is structured to ensure a hassle-free and secure experience from the first point of customer interaction. The first point of contact is sign-up/login because clients usually engage with businesses online. In fact, this is the point at which clients entrust a business with their private data. Claidroid helps businesses safely collect and convert client data. They can also manage access to self-service account credentials, single sign-on (SSO), multi-factor authentication (MFA), support for external identity providers (IDPs) to speed up registration and login, delegated authority, and more by authenticating users and managing access in a compliant manner.

Ubisecure CIAM can be deployed in the cloud as a managed service or meet data geo-residence requirements by being deployed onpremises with the customer. Or it can be more of a hybrid approach where identity data and legacy applications remain on-premises, but the CIAM services are deployed in the cloud.

The ESM service, as mentioned, helps businesses attain a cross-functional operational model that interconnects the entire company. The service can streamline departmental activities to improve ROI by replacing the segmented approach. Claidroid has two ESM services: ServiceNow and SymphonySummit. These software suites are combined with industry-best innovations and automation with an on-premise cloud to cover the complete operational lifecycle, from installation, configuration, development of multiple processes, change management, and integration of the suite inside the ITIL framework.

The core tenets of Claidroid are trust and integrity. These underlying principles enable them to abide by international regulatory standards. And they are instilled in its solutions too. Take the CIAM suite, for example. Identity and Access Management is the core security measure of a company. Let’s assume a company has DLP software or antivirus to ward off malware and other threats.

But when a bunch of external users are trying to access a business network, a distinct identity verification mechanism should be in place. This is what Claidroid offers. Its CIAM solution is scalable to millions of customers. “We are the leading system integration partner of Ubisecure, the #1 CIAM platform in Europe, with two decades of experience in implementing on-premises/ cloud solutions for both the public and private sectors,” asserts Mr. Sawarkar.

The platform can enable businesses to provide users with more value while lowering risk exposure from compliance and data privacy discrepancies while standardizing the handling of sensitive data. The CIAM solutions currently comply with GDPR laws in Europe and will help customers comply with the upcoming Data Protection Act requirements in India. “It will open up a world of opportunities for us in the public and private sectors, and our nation will acquire a strong defense against new cyberthreats,” asserts Mr. Sawarkar proudly.

The ESM service is not excluded either and according to Mr. Sawarkar, will be a big boon to IT behemoths planning to boost their automation. Its use necessitates a considerable degree of technical proficiency. But Claidroid’s goal is to assist businesses with workflow automation; as a result, it makes sure that ESM services are easy to use and boost overall efficiency.

The CEO declares, “We are an agile and flexible company that can assist clients in implementing complicated yet secure solutions.” Claidroid is collaborating with leading global IT companies to put the solutions into use.

“Strong and intellectual people can be beneficial, but adaptability to change is more crucial.” The dynamism of the world has changed substantially over the past two years. It has redefined leadership in addition to technology. Today’s leaders value participation and teamwork as a tool for sharing ideas and making progress. The stakes are high, so leaders must be able to set direction, influence, and align people around a single objective while inspiring and committing them to action and holding them accountable for their results.

The following characteristics of leadership are well visible in Mr. Sawarkar. A technologist by heart, he has been into innovation implementation throughout his career, starting from setting up a state-of-the-art data center for ISP operations based on the Microsoft MCIS platform, Portal real-time billing to Ascend modem racks, etc. He has worked to establish quality certifications, build sizable teams, and assured the successful completion of over 1000 projects across many nations using both onshore and offshore models.

Besides technology, he has a broad background in HR metrics. “I have spent many years in workforce diversity, employee retention, and talent acquisition, cultivating an interest in employee engagement,” says Mr. Sawarkar. The combination of innovation and people-centricity has helped him establish a people-centric culture at Claidroid.

He engages with his team, understanding their concerns and help in nurturing their capabilities by sponsoring certification in relevant technologies. Under his leadership, Claidroid has developed into a diverse ecosystem with many possibilities to work on cutting-edge technology and undergo training.

Even though the company wants to pioneer with the solutions in compliance with the upcoming Data Protection Act, they have several proud wins. Claidroid has served multiple IT firms in India and abroad with its services, especially with ServiceNow implementations. They are also the leading partners of Ubisecure, which is their most proud milestone so far.

Going forward, the firm is planning to expand to the US and Australia. There is an increasing demand for their services across these countries, and Claidroid plans to address them. Simultaneously, they strive to carve a niche in IT security through AI projects and others.

“Our goal is to become our client’s preferred security and service management integration partner,”- signs off the leader.

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