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Click Incorporation

Click Incorporation

A panel of marketing experts to enhance your growth in the world of Digital Marketing – Click inc

Digital marketing is an umbrella term, which encompasses a variety of tactics that one can use to draw for their customers (Target marketing) and get them to purchase their product or service. Click Inc. is a trusted partner; which creates innovative campaigns, benefiting their clients and society as a whole.

Click Inc. is a creative and highly experienced digital marketing agency, delivering quality work and has its branches in Indore, Mumbai, Gurugram and the United Kingdom. Having eight years of advanced experience in this field, they have clients across the globe in various sectors like – Retail, Real Estate, FMCG, Education, Hospitality, Medical, Manufacturing, etc.

The biggest ideas of marketing do not hamper your budget, rather they bring together the best independent minds in the industry giving a leading-edge of advertising and smart marketing solutions for the quick implementation of strategies using creative ideas. They provide clients with effective solutions and realistic results.

They help you discover your brand’s true marketable potential with full-service digital marketing. Established in 2010, the agency is working with the motive to provide user-friendly and Google-friendly Marketing Services which includes all the aspects of Digital Marketing Strategy

  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Digital Advertisements
  • Web Development
  • Content Marketing

Masterful Marketing What Kind of Digital Signal Do You Have?

Having a competition is not a bad thing, in fact, it just means whatever the services they are offering are in demand, which is great! The thing that makes them different from all the competitors is that they believe in providing ROI (Return on Investment) for customers because they firmly believe that the customers should get the returns on whatever they invest in the marketing of their company.

Click Inc., does not sell the services they offer, rather they always try to understand the client’s needs. Their digital marketing agency tries to create a road map for increasing the productiveness and also tries to understand how to update the digital property of the client. Hereby, they get into the shoes of the customer and see from where they can take the customers forward. And this is what they believe makes them different.

Secondly, they are committed individuals who have joined this particular industry because of their interest in this field. They are not forced to do the work that they do not enjoy, they do it because they enjoy doing it. Therefore, the output that is produced is very creative as it results out of their passion, making them a unique player in the Digital Marketing Race.

Click Inc. storyline – highlighting entrepreneurial lessons of startup and struggle

The business world might appear buttoned-down and hard from the outside – but in reality, it’s a lot more interesting than one can ever imagine.
Yes, a lot of Transformation has happened in startups because earlier the people were very anxious about whether to get into startups or not, but now people have started taking startups pretty seriously. This is a very creative industry, so a lot of new things happen and since the young talent is now interested in joining startups that give a greater advantage because they bring in a lot of new energy and new ideas, a lot of creativity with their thoughts.

Paving the way to success

It will be a lie if I said that everything came easy because any entrepreneurial activity or a startup has its own ups and downs. Yes, they too had their highs and lows. There were times when their team fell apart. There were times when the earnings fell drastically from a seven-figure earning per month to a five-figure earning per month. There have been many struggles in their journey but they have always stood strong and faced them with full positivity and determination. The director of Click Inc. Mr. Shankey Bansal along with his team have been headstrong and have taken the company to greater heights.

Future campaign – Nothing is time-bound, everything has to change

It is very important to become a subject of change with time. Just like anything, the market today is going towards a new direction. They involve learning new skills is the key to keep up the pace with changing market trends. They have learned a lot from changes. Click Inc. aims at learning as a team which boosts the motivation of their employees to learn and conduct research on the current market trends. They attend various seminars and conferences as it helps them to grow and update themselves according to the recent market structure.

The industry of digital marketing is a very growing and fast-paced industry. If you do not keep yourselves engaged in R&D, then you will be nowhere. So according to them, one of the most important pillars and that is another feature that makes them distinctive from the other companies in the same field. They are very focused and enthusiastic about their work.

They believe learning to be an integral part and hence they plan monthly activities which facilitate learning.
They also make sure that the clients interact with the employees directly. This not only keeps the employees connected but also satisfied. This provides the employees with greater engagement with clients and also a good career path.

Historical milestones and a range of achievements distinguish the company’s journey

They served one of the biggest hospital chains in the UK successfully. With the guidance and consultancy of Mr. Shankey Bansal’s (Director), the hospital chain has been successful in creating two different brands. They have worked for one of the biggest national televisions, helping them in their social media marketing. They believe that their biggest achievement is their team which is enthusiastic and keen to learn things as well as work hard to make the company touch the greatest of the heights.

They look forward to becoming one of the top 10 digital marketing agencies in the country in the next three years. Currently, they have an office in Gurgaon, India and the other in the UK, and are looking forward to expand and establish their office’s local offices in the metropolitan cities of India like – Mumbai, Kolkata, Pune, and Bangalore, and in abroad Singapore and Australia in the near future

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