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QED Live: Your Key To Digital Marketing Success

Digital Media Marketing Made Easy

In the cut-throat competition that prevails in the marketplace, marketing can be a great challenge. The most significant aspect of marketing these days is digital media marketing. To conquer this challenge and make the most out of it, marketing service providers are essential. QED, a digital media marketing platform, provides the best solutions to all marketing requirements.

Company Overview

QED (Quite Easily Done) is a Kolkata-based digital marketing and social media agency designed for the need of dynamic brands to help them tell their stories, reach people who matter and build a strong digital presence through brand films, content-strategy & design, online communication, reputation management, videos, digital advertising, websites, e-commerce, SEO & SEM strategy and marketing research.

Today a consumer looks for a relatable, more human side of the brand rather than just the product and its differentiator. QED helps in creating marketing strategies for their clients that helps build consumer trust, brand loyalty and stickiness.

Building a brand is a slow and steady journey of telling the story of a brand and sharing the vision and mission statement of the brand. There has to be a long term strategy behind it, and QED works on that insistently.

QED team is passionate about client success and this is reflected in everything they do. The team knows social media inside out and goes the extra mile to simplify strategies and digital media topics so the client understands it well before its execution. They also suggest offline mechanisms through which they can increase their social media reach and engagement. They are focused on results and provide a social media perspective that other agencies most often overlook.

Being ROI-driven digital experts, they’ve worked with brands that have envisioned themselves on the next level in social media and got them there. With the help of modern digital communications techniques, they deliver a brand promise in line with the current target market at the same time achieving their business and revenue goal. Their industry expertise, creativity, and dedication have helped enterprises reach their goals in unique ways.

Instead of just working only with tried-and-tested ideas, they strive to push the clients to try something out-of-the-box, something they haven’t considered trying at all. They create quality content to help the brand stand apart and keep it at the top of the mind of the target audience. QED leaves no stone unturned to ensure the best campaign strategy is carried out in the digital space for their clients.

Along with secure hosting and reliable website environment, they are known to offer a high level of support to their clients.

Woman Behind Their Success

Anisha Singh Motwani, CEO & Founder of QED, believes that while it is important to know and respect the work done by other agencies, the real challenge should actually be to give their best for the client’s growth.  According to her, the digital marketing industry that has grown in an unstructured manner till now shall definitely see more streamlined and structured agencies coming in rather than freelancers /smaller agencies that do not have the kind of experience or skillsets needed. The other transformation she anticipates is the digital agencies moving towards more automated solutions and more holistic solutions.

The company started with the prestigious and dynamic brands of the largest media house in Eastern India. They spent two years solely handling them and ensuring they knew what they were doing before they branched out to other clients.

Brand building is their forte and since they are experts at digital marketing, creating an impactful story appealing to the right audience is pretty much Quite Easily Done. They use branded content coupled with digital strategy to create interactive, engaging and meaningful experiences on social media. They measure, analyse and optimise to make their digital efforts more focused, thus enabling the brand voice to cut through the noise and bring it closer to its set business goals. Being proactive and strategic is their sweet spot.

Their genres of brands range from retail to food to finance. As a special mention, in their clientele is the iconic confectionary brand ‘Flurys’, that has been a highlight and  maintains a sweet spot within the QED team. Going forward Anisha believes the need of the hour is for the online and offline communications to be in sync, hence by the end of the year QED shall be converted into a complete advertising cum digital agency.

Anisha believes that faith is the most important ingredient in a agency-client relationship. QED team tries their best to win that faith, but also isn’t afraid to back out if that faith is missing from the client’s side.

In the entrepreneurial world, Anisha sees Indra Nooyi as her role model. She learnt the lesson from Indra Nooyi that “you can achieve your dreams despite being a mother, a daughter and a wife.” Her other ideal is Sheryl Sandberg, who showed Anisha that things sometime may not work your way, and that it is always necessary to have a plan B ready. She also strongly believes that behind every successful woman is a very loving and supporting family and she is blessed to have that in her life.

“Do what you’re passionate about and success will follow. Nothing comes easy in life but hard work and perseverance can take you places. Stay true to your work and it shall reap the benefits one day,” suggests Anisha Singh Motwani.

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