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CLOUDEYE TECHNOLOGIESThe Fastest growing Cloud Computing based Software company in India


The virtual reality is setting the trend and eases up the lives around. Cloud Computing is the hottest technological advancement which in today’s time has extended its reach to multiple domains. Cloud Computing allocates the computing resources on-demand, which includes everything from applications to data centres over the internet. It has greatly provided multiple benefits to users.

CloudEye Technologies is one of the Fastest Growing Cloud Computing based Software Company. The founder and director of the organization is T.Tarkesh Rao.

CloudEye Technologies is a software company that specializes in Cloud Computing solutions. They believe in developing management solutions that have easy to use interface and which can optimize and improve transparency in an organization. The mission is to provide every business a fair chance in the digital realm through their services. They can help organizations and businesses in developing and improving through their web, mobile and cloud based software services and promote their brand through digital marketing.

They provide their services in cloud computing, and also offer Enterprise Management software solutions in Hospital, Education, Fitness and E- commerce domains and Digital marketing.

T.Tarkesh Rao, the visionary, states, “We aren’t looking for clients we are looking for opportunities to create, innovate and add value to a business or client.”

Their services entail web, mobile app, cloud, and digital marketing, which are for everyone ranging from a small business owner to a private company. Their services will help to optimize operations and improve business.

Education Management:

It is a modern and completely automated software that suites to almost every school or education institution from student admission to student leaving, from fees collection to exam results. It includes 25+ modules with 8 different logins Super Admin, Admin, Receptionist, Librarian, Parents, Students, Accountant, and Teaching. Role-based access; users will have restricted access based on the roles and privileges.

Hospital Management Software:

It is modern and complete hospital automation software that can manage almost every hospital, doctor, clinic, pharmacy or any medical center. It has nine different role base access (logins) like super admin, Admin, pathologist, Radiologist, Receptionist, patient, pharmacist, accounts, doctors. It has 25+ modules like the Patient module, Doctor Module, and Reception module. It has many advantages like an SMS alert facility, less maintenance and can be integrated with all departments of the hospital.

Fitness Management Software:

It has 3 logins feature like Admin, Trainer, and Customer. It has 20 Modules like Dashboard, Workout module for admin and members and many more. It can act as a virtual trainer telling the users what exercise to do and the nutrition diet they need to follow. This data can be controlled and updated by super admin. All this can be seamlessly accessed on every device like mobile, tablet and laptop.


They offer innovative and secure SAAS technology. Optimize your website for greater traffic. You can increase your customer conversion rate through discounts, coupons and offer deals and generate more sales. It has features like being reliable, giving high performance, sociability and it is budget-friendly. They provide comprehensive, personalized business support at every stage of your growth. They provide creative design, seamless shopping experience, and smart payment to boost your sales. It can be easily accessible on a mobile app that can be downloaded from the play store, tablets, and laptops.

Digital Marketing:

It is the new buzz word in town. A little something that every company small or big wants to get their hands on because of its reach and effectiveness. They, at CET, provide SEO friendly articles, SEO friendly websites, Social Media Marketing, blogging. On-page optimization, off-page optimization, affiliate marketing, Email Marketing, Online PR, and Inbound Marketing.


Quality is the word that defines their services best. They deliver what they promise to clients on time. They work relentlessly to make sure that their services are the best in their class and their performance exceeds the expectations of clients. That is how they create a bond with their clients, and this is backed up by their ISO 9001:2015 certification in Quality Management Service.


“Being different and making a difference is what makes us special.”~T.Tarkesh Rao

This belief reflects in their services and products. They believe in creating value in society and giving back to it that’s the reason they created apps such as SkillJo and BloodConnect. These values they strongly support, and which sets them apart from the herd.


The technocrat says, “There were challenges and hurdles on the way, but I took them as my stepping stones and opportunity to learn and grow.”

T.Tarkesh Rao started his journey in the year 2004 in Hyderabad and worked on web development and testing. Because of his passion in the IT field, he constantly tried to learn new things as he got his certification in Salesforce Cloud and Project Management from IIT – Delhi. With all this experience and knowledge in hand, he decided to start his venture, and in 2015 June he incepted Private Limited Company with one person company, and today the company has five full-time employees and ten freelancers working from various parts of the world.

Since the IT boom in India, the best and the brightest minds in the nation have migrated to cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai. This trend has created a void in many 2 tier cities like Vizag. He has personally felt it when he started looking for prospective employees. There was a large skill development required. This problem aroused when he was developing his algorithm for cloud-based applications.

This was his ‘eureka moment’ for developing SKILLJO to bridge the skill gap. SkillJo, an exclusive social networking android app for the students to connect with the industry. The entire eco-system of the education sector like students, working professionals, consultancy, company HR, Industries, technologies, skills, training, colleges, etc. will all get connected. As of now, it works in android mobiles.


In this era of rapid change, technologies have a very short life span, it’s only a matter of a few months and years that something better and faster hits the market.  They constantly try to synchronize with the latest technology whilst keeping in mind to bring the best to their clients. They are currently working on AI in the Research and Development wing.  They plan to implement AI to their products and services in the days to come.


Apart from the professional front, the technical expert is an avid reader. He enjoys watching Sci-Fi movies, tech blogs and magazines. He is a strong believer of the saying ‘Prevention is better than Cure’, henceforth he always makes it a point to take some time out from his busy schedule for physical exercise like jogging and yoga. Being a nature lover, he tries to connect with nature with his trekking trips. “The greatest source of happiness and stress relief is playing with my daughter; the time that I spend with her is priceless.”~T.Tarkesh Rao

Marc Benioff – the Salesforce Founder, Steve Jobs and Jack Ma are three elites who inspire him deeply. He has been following their work for years, and the lessons that he learned looking at their journey are priceless.  He learned that constant innovation and innovative problem-solving skills will keep any company in business. There will be dark days, and one needs to learn to persevere to see the sunrise on the other side.

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It has been three years since the inception of the company, and they have done some remarkable work, to name a few they have their SkillJo app, YouTube channel & getting an ISO 9001:2015 certification.

With the introduction of 4G and 5G, mobile technologies cloud computing looks even more promising. All these technologies need a fast, large transfer of data and this is where Cloud Computing will be playing an instrumental role. In the same sense, Digital Marketing is yet another promising domain with its ease and influence will dominate the market landscape.


“I would like to say a quote that I strongly believe in ‘STAY HUNGRY STAY FOOLISH’. It’s important to have a constantly learning attitude to get the best out of one’s self. In this hyper-competitive world, it’s important to constantly keep learning and upgrading oneself to be relevant and have that leading edge.”~T.Tarkesh Rao

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