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Codelattice Digital

Codelattice Digital: Delivering Delightful Digital Solutions

A unique digital footprint can do wonders in promoting an emerging startup. Providing all kinds of digital solutions to startups and the mega-players alike, Codelattice makes sure that the technological solutions they provide are always unique and beyond reproach.

Company Overview

Codelattice is a global digital technology agency with a Tech-First Approach to Digital Marketing and Customer-Centric Solutions. The tagline, ‘We Make You Digitally Immortal™’, embodies the essence of the value they provide to their customers.

With over 200 technocrats spanning eight global offices, Codelattice helps businesses create and sustain a repute and thrive in today’s highly competitive business environment.
Their unique three-staged approach to development – ACTIVATE, ELEVATE, ACCELERATE – delivers a cutting-edge approach to technology and a cohesive brand message.

They ACTIVATE the clients’ digital presence with Web Solutions, E-commerce, Enterprise Applications, and Enterprise Mobility. They ELEVATE business solutions through Cloud Transformation, Analytics & Insights, Middleware & Integrations, Cyber Threat Management, and Artificial Intelligence.

Codelattice demonstrates a high level of expertise in helping customers to improve their digital presence. They help ACCELERATE clients’ businesses through Digital Marketing, Digital Experience, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Internet of Things, Marketing Videos and Marketing Campaigns.
Codelattice provides an array of cutting-edge solutions tailored to meet their customers’ unique needs. Their proprietary products include:
Livelattice: Artificial Intelligence Based Recommendation Engine

Reviewlattice: Reputation Management with Sentiment Analysis and Natural Language Processing

AlladinPro: Document Expiry and Renewal Reminder Enterprise App
Codelattice was established in 2009 as a development centre and digital solutions provider in Calicut, India. As they embarked on the journey, they set ambitious goals – to cater to the challenging digital needs of Fortune 500 companies – which were realized with resounding success.

This boosted their confidence and motivated them to push their limits.
Initially, their major sources of revenue were technology outsourcing projects from renowned advertising agencies across the globe. But, soon the company outgrew being an outsourcing partner and started focusing on building their own intellectual properties and proprietary products like Reviewlattice and Livelattice.

It has had explosive growth, building centers of excellence in eight countries. The eight offices are located in India, the United States, Canada, Singapore, Macedonia, the Netherlands, and the United Arab Emirates. Codelattice is strengthened by its offshore development centers in India and Macedonia.

Its mission is to be an innovative solutions provider to bridge international business communities across the world through competitive technology and transformative products. Its vision is to make its customers Digitally Immortal and shape the culture of customer value creation, integrity, respect, and stewardship to define its character.

The company is also funding various innovative startups through its Angel Funding Arm, V2 Angel. For global brands, crafting personalized experiences requires adapting strategy & content to local and cultural preferences. The team’s cultural diversity and international presence adds to their global understanding and empowers them to support their clients both globally and locally.

Codelattice serves Fortune 500 companies and advertising agencies across the globe. The company has proven expertise in providing solutions for various industries including FMCG, Retail, Realty, NGO, Healthcare, Banking & Financial Services, Logistics, Telecom, Travel & Hospitality, and Media & Advertising. They are also a ‘startup for startups’ providing business growth and acceleration plans for startups. Some of their prominent clients are Coca-Cola, Subway, Nestle, Johnson & Johnson, and McCann Health.

The latest addition to their growing clientele is Air Arabia, an Emirati airline headquartered in Sharjah. The airline operates scheduled services to 151 destinations in the Middle East, North Africa, the Indian subcontinent, Central Asia and Europe. Air Arabia trusts Codelattice to maintain high availability servers on AWS and ensure business continuity through seamless disaster recovery. Codelattice is an AWS Consulting Partner with certified solution architects.

A Wholesome Work Culture

Big brands have several digital players at their beck and call, so how did they overcome skepticism about a new brand/startup? Codelattice built and strengthened its core by hiring relevant industry experienced people, associated itself with prominent advertising agencies, delivered unblemished work that helped to strengthen its repute. They have a great work culture compared to their competitors. The management upholds an employees-first approach.

Successfully recruiting a candidate is just half of the battle for any organization. Codelattice’s onboarding experience is unique and designed to grow the company’s open culture, build a strong team rapport and create lasting relationships throughout the organization.

Flexible work hours, part-time opportunities, work from home, freedom to be creative & adventurous, freedom to communicate justified views/objections with no fear whatsoever and opportunities to pursue learning & growth are some of the key factors in Codelattice’s work culture that unlocks employee potential and creates a culture of equality. As a matter of fact, Codelattice has made meaningful progress towards workplace equality by placing young professionals and women at top positions in the organization.

Another business challenge is the lack of innovation in marketing due to the budget constraints in the Indian market. As a seasoned player, it automates most of the repetitive processes with its superiority over technology and leverages its experience to daze most of the challenges.

The Vision for Future

It requires a determined, focused and positive approach to grow any business. As any other business, Codelattice also had ups and downs but faced the challenges head-on. They chase bigger dreams of transforming the business to the next level – to achieve its niche in the digital segment.

“We are currently focused on enhancing our proprietary solutions and striving to be recognized as the best-in-class amongst the segments we operate while being an enabler for other players.

Today’s environment is highly disrupted by emerging technologies and increasing competition. We are focused on digital-led innovation to drive digital transformation for our customers with solutions to enhance operational efficiency, business agility and provide better customer experience,” says Vijith Sivadasan, MD & Co-founder, Codelattice.

The company’s vision is to make its customers Digitally Immortal and shape the culture of customer value creation, integrity, respect, and stewardship to define its character.

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