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Codleo Consulting Services

Codleo Consulting Services

Global Standards, Local Insights

is an information-technology consulting company enabling organizations to use the power of technology and transform their work processes to achieve the best results in their businesses. The seed sown in April 2019 of Codleo Consulting has grown to become a company with over forty young, energetic and dedicated professionals. Spreading their footprint, they are attracting clients from across different domains such as healthcare, education, manufacturing, not-for-profit & professional services.

They provides the finest solutions to businesses with a vast range of expertise, focus and execution capabilities. The Company works round-the-clock using the latest technological advancements to provide a seamless experience and customer delight. The team adheres to global quality standards and uses the rich and vast experience the members have gathered to ensure result-oriented & evidence-based delivery.

With an exceptionally talented team & customers in different locations such as the United States, Canada, Australia and India, the company combines global expertise and local insights to help businesses turn their ambitious goals into reality. The Managing Director of the company is Mrs. Bimla Singh, an educationist and social activist.


  • Digital Marketing Services – These incorporate services such as Website Design, New Age Mobile App Development, Brand Reputation, B2B Marketing Strategies, Email & Social Marketing with Pardot & Hubspot.
  • Salesforce CRM Services – These include consulting, implementation, support services, migration, health check, training as well as integration with other systems.


  • ProjecLeo app – The Company has created the finest project management app built on the Salesforce platform which includes all the features one needs to run a project from end-to-end in the most efficient and effective way.
  • HRLeo app – The Company has created a unique app to simplify recruitment and manage a company’s human resources component in an easy and seamless process.

Since technology evolves so quickly, it can be daunting to try to keep pace with current trends. Flexibility and an open mind, however, have served the business of Codleo well. The consultancy service also supports broad process adoption, including participation by employees, customers and other external stakeholders.

At Codleo, the work environment is cooperative and encouraging. The leadership team makes efforts to recognize and reward improvements in employee performance. When employees know there is room for growth, they tend to work harder and earn growth. The most important point for them is to listen to employee feedback and make changes so that the work atmosphere is always happy and productive.

As a company, Codleo Consulting has always kept its employees at the heart of any operation. They firmly believe in the saying that “A happy employee keeps a company happy”. They use a number of approaches to keep employees focused and motivated:

  • Employees of the company have Incentivized quality of work
  • Codleo supports and encourages new ideas from its employees
  • Codleo believes in celebrating personal milestones
  • Codleo even encourages a little friendly competition
  • Codleo puts special emphasis on creativity and innovation

Codleo culture is “dynamic, open and creative.” Codleo is a company that challenges its team members and provides the necessary support to meet those challenges successfully. While the benefits and perks match industry standards, Codleo’s culture avoids micromanaging while reposing trust in its team to do their best. The Company offers flexible vacations, project incentives & celebrations, brownie points and periodic sessions with guest lecturers to enhance learning. Approachable leaders and direct access to the senior management give Codleons a sense of security that their voices are heard. This level of freedom and empowerment creates empowered employees and improves morale. The Company gives its team “the right” to go that extra mile to make customers happy, enabling them to do what they need to do to meet the company’s larger vision – to be a “company with a heart”. Great perks, a workplace that is fun and dedicated to customer delight fits in with the Codleo approach to company culture – when you get the company culture right, great customer service and a great brand follow naturally.

Despite the dreadful time of COVID-19, the one thing that has been positive is that many SME companies have also decided to go online and manage their businesses from the cloud and this has helped Codleo to maintain significant growth in terms of client additions and revenue generation.

Codleo Consulting serves all types of clients in fields like Education, Pharma, Manufacturing, Aviation, Service Providers, etc. Codleo understands that customers can come in many different shapes and sizes. They come with different demands and budgets. They come with their own cases and complexities. Hence, Codleo Consulting first understands the requirements and then provides the best solution as per the needs of customers. CSAT scores of Codleo Consultancy speaks for itself, as they have been rated 4.9/5 by their customers.

Codleo Consulting keeps a constant track of the latest developments in the market and keeps creating demo products based on the industries that it serves and that helps Codleo in generating more business volumes.

The values that Codleo holds dear to serve the customers efficiently include:

  • The Company always tries to give products/services that are flawless.
  • The Company provides excellent client servicing and tech support in case of problems.
  • Codleo always intends to provide value-add at regular intervals and take customer feedback.
  • Codleo always uses the latest technologies and keeps upgrading its solutions with innovation.
  • Codleo always offers the best value for the money for the client.

An ambitious company aiming for success, Codleo Consulting’s big plans and endeavours include the following:

  • Targeting the lucrative North American software market via our sales office present locally.
  • Pan-India expansion is on the anvil with a branch office planned for Hyderabad. This is just the beginning of Codleo’s expansion plan.
  • From being a service provider, The Company wants to be recognized as a product developing entity. They have developed two apps on Salesforce, with more in the design stage.

Codleo helps the communities where it is located in the following ways:

  • They provide direct employment to trained young professionals, residing around our office location, thus providing a valuable source of income to many families.
  • They conducts training programs and orientation sessions for local youngsters who are seeking a career path and aim in life.
  • They deals with local vendors and suppliers for all their needs and requirements, from simple stationery to high tech equipment.
  • They supports local businesses such as banks, stores, eateries, retail outlets.
  • Informal motto of the company is “be local, use local” which manifests itself every day in terms of aiding the local economy and communities through the actions and purchases of Codleo.
  • The Company embodies the pledge of – 1% pledge, 1% of equity, 1% of its profit and 1% of company time goes to working among the underprivileged sections in the local communities.
  • The Codleo Foundation, the non-profit wing of the company will provide vocational training in the IT sector to the youth as part of the “Skill in India” mission and make them employable at the very outset.

With an irreproachable plan in place and a will to support clients and society alike, Codleo Consulting is well on its way to insurmountable successes.



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