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Consocia Advisory

Consocia Advisory: Helping Organisations Build Stakeholder Engagement And Protect Reputational Risk

Reputation is the most valued asset of an organization. Enterprises are increasingly being scrutinized by employees, investors, consumers, and the media along ethical lines, in addition to the traditional metrics of prestige (brand equity), stability and profitability. Consocia Advisory, a new-age consultancy, helps enterprises present their best foot forward to their clients and facilitates their journey towards growth and progression.

Consocia Advisory specializes in building, protecting and enhancing the reputation of organizations. They enable their clients to engage with a diverse set of stakeholders, leveraging a unique in-depth understanding of the complex socio-political-economic landscape of the country.

Founded on 20th April 2017, Consocia Advisory Pvt Ltd has fast emerged as the consultancy of choice for firms in India. The Advisory’s brand logo and identity represent a source of energy for its clients to help them drive to a higher purpose and impact for their business.

The disjointed lines of various lengths in their logo represent scattered ideas in a VUCA world. Consocia Advisory takes pride is being able to join these lines which stand for holistic strategic solutions to the clients. The red dot at the center of the logo symbolizes the energy and passion of Consocia, as well as the 360-degree engagement of the firm.

An Advisory earning and shaping Trust

Consocia Advisory offers services across three practice areas of Reputation Management, Public Affairs, CSR & Sustainability. The company’s clientele includes start-ups and VCs, small & medium enterprises, large Indian enterprises, global companies and firms from the development sector, foundations & NGOs. Sectoral spread include the Food & Beverage sector, Venture Capitalists, Artificial Intelligence & IoT, FinTech, FoodTech, SportsTech, DefenceTech, Electronics & IT, Media, Development sector and Drugs & Pharmaceuticals.

The team specializes in building, protecting and enhancing the reputation of organizations by providing 360-degree solutions. As part of public affairs, they enable the impactful engagement of the client with a diverse set of stakeholders, leveraging their unique in-depth understanding of the complex socio-political-economic landscape and also partnering with corporate firms in their journeys from CSR to sustainability, based on their rich diversified experience in business and strategy.

Consocia Advisory supports start-ups in enhancing their brand’s value and corporate reputation by tapping into new investments, and helps large corporations with 360-degree strategic advisory building and protecting the brand and corporate reputation. They assist SMEs to scale up through overall reputation management, integrated PR, and communications.

As part of CSR & sustainability and public affairs, they partner for sustainable growth and stakeholder engagement across media, government, and NGOs, as well as enable the social sector to extend their outreach, deepen the impact and scale-up through their services.

Consocia means Partner

The company has an Integrated Approach, where they integrate reputation management, public affairs, and sustainability/ CSR for core building and social license strengthening. Their 360° Stakeholder Engagement makes them unique too, where they engage the stakeholders through a strong network and in-depth research.

They also integrate media programs across traditional engagement channels, media, and online presence. As partners to the clients, they are quick to anticipate issues and prevent a crisis from occurring and if they do happen, they prevent the negative consequences to every possible extent. They check and measure their short-term achievements and gauge their potential long-term effects.

The team is passionate about making Consocia the #1 consultancy, they are passionate about surpassing client expectations and they are passionate about thriving on the successes of each other.

They are quick to spot changes and make pivots and/or change course and for them, boxes and lines are less important action matters. They upskill and prepare; guided by knowledge and deep understanding of clients’ issues. An unrelenting team spirit guides their actions every day, they are partners and believe in value creation in collaboration with clients and all stakeholders and they follow an inclusive and participatory approach; they respect the power of diversity & inclusion.

The company thrives on the power of networks, they foster and nurture great relationships and leverage them at all times and build long-term, meaningful connections. They value the ability to honor all commitments to clients and stakeholders and take pride and ownership in their deliverables. The team learns from their mistakes and course-corrects on priority.

Assimilating learning from the external environment, filtering through VUCA prism and presenting strategic guidance to the clients, Consocia takes pride in taking an outsider/ neutral perspective and being able to show the real picture, while advising as a close insider. They develop standard practices that are way ahead of their peers.

Along the three business pillars of Consocia Advisory, Research and knowledge insights plays a key role in complementing the business development and project management team from pitch through project development to delivery. Within Public Advocacy, research helps in mining data and information to support a case in point and create intensity around advocacy of a client’s project.

In CSR & sustainability, Business development and data mining for effective targeting in cause based projects is undertaken by research. Under Reputation Management, research and insights help in background intelligence and information screening for deep understanding of client requirements above and beyond the scope, along with identifying additional areas of support within the mandate.

Consocia’s Research and Knowledge Insights team develops in-house research data and information for purposes spanning data analysis, information gathering and background intelligence to enable informed business development support and robust decision making in projects, along with identifying avenues for value addition to the core mandate.

Illustrations of deep data mining for developing a database to provide solid and verified data driven narratives to enhance case building and ensuring registration of gravity among stakeholders on a prevalent issue in a central and state govt. liaising project is a testimony to the impact of research in project success.

At Consocia, technology is leveraged for effective utilization of time with focus on process efficiency and effectiveness. Optimal utilization of available technological resources to maximise productivity and delivery quality ensures stepwise and overall project success.

Some of the major tools that are effectively utilized include G Suite, Google Shared drives for data management, GBD Database, Zoom video conference call subscription, Clockify to manage and track project time and spent man-hours.

Already A Force To Reckon With

Consocia’s long term goal is to be amongst the five most reputed advisories in the country, and in the shorter term they want to achieve at least 50% Year on Year growth for the next 3-4 years. They believe this vision will be possible with the help of a winning team which grows and works together in the journey to the top.

Apart from giving their best to their clients, Consocia Advisory also strives to give back to society. Some of the campaigns that Consocia has supported to create a more responsible society include large mass media campaigns on responsible road behavior and responsible drinking.

With over 10% Indians suffer from respiratory diseases, the team took on a very important mandate to foster dialogue and interventions for Asthma and COPD across several States in the country. They worked to determine how to bring a shift in government policies to help those patients. Currently, the company is working in aiding the burden of disease on hearing impairment, which affects over 21% Indians.

Consocia Advisory is poised to emerge as the next North Star in the reputation management consultancy space in India with its proprietary tools, gold standard processes and a world-class team which is passionate in doing what is right and doing what is the best.

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