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Best Practices in Attorney Professional: Development and Litigation

A Good Lawyer knows the law, but the best lawyer knows the judge and a better lawyer knows both. Our country has one of the oldest legal systems in the globe. It has all the best laws and jurisprudence stretches. India’s system of laws is created in the form of the Constitution, by which this country constituted into the Sovereign Democratic Republic.

Although it is the longest written constitution in the word, which contains 444 articles with 146,385 written words in English Language but Legagoist has a competent team of Lawyers with a collective experience of 100+ years, who master this constitution thoroughly.

Legajoist has rich expertise in diverse business areas, which enables it to render a broad-based spectrum of Management in Legal, Secretarial, Financial and Strategic Services. Legajoist as a Law Firm specialized in Corporate Laws, Corporate Governance and has a strong team of Litigation Lawyers that undertake assignments from sectors like:-

  • Banking
  • Telecom
  • Automobile
  • Pharmacy
  • Media
  • Real Estate

Legajoist believes in ethics and corporate ethos. They endeavor to be the best amongst their peers, by providing quality deliveries; and provide comfort to the In-house team of Lawyers & Professionals with the client Company.

The only distance between truth and a human being is a story

Legajoist is also a Start-up company and does not have a long structured legacy, but, what it really has is experienced professionals in its core team. Legajoist has seen growth since its inception, purely because of its huge client base in almost all commercial cities in India. They take up domestic assignments on Litigation and other legal aspects. They also do international assignments on Legal Opinion, Compliance, and Advisory on Laws relating to India.

Nothing comes easy in life as a wise statement by Mr. Sanjiv Dagar (Managing Counsel & Founder). They have faced struggles in their Journey and proved their abilities to Clients. They have started with very few clients and put in their best to serve them without considering the value involved in the case. Hence, they received success and continued the path of it.

Satisfied Clients – They should have them stuffed!

Satisfaction is a rating and Loyalty is a brand – therefore Legajoist, broadly serves Corporate Clients. Legajoist is a well renowned Corporate Law Firm. They spent their time with clients in advising them on the potential outcome and on their forthcoming transactions.

In the process, they handle the transaction, compliances, registration, and Legal Opinion. They also handle litigation, and pre-litigation communications/negotiations. Their litigations are mostly on Recovery matters, Property disputes, Shareholders / Management disputes at NCLT, IPR, IT (Information Technology), Employment, and Tax matters. Legajoist takes care of its clients’ individual matter such as Family disputes, Matrimonial & Property matters. They invariably use ADR including the Arbitration route to resolving issues.

They do believe in ethics and ethical practices. Unless their client shows faith & confidence in them, they would not be able to advance the heavy arguments in courts. Such faith in them keeps them motivated and energize their team to yield the results for the clients.

Research; the quest for in-depth knowledge and wisdom for the change

They have a system of regular updates on Law and prevailing market practices. Legajoist publishes a monthly newsletter that covers Articles, Updates on Laws, and Amendments. Team Legajoist does research work, and therefore find out material for publication, execution, and also for internal team discussion. They encourage their team members to give presentations on various topics as per their learnings within the firm.

No one can afford to be stagnant without R&D. Even still water on the ground will create a foul smell, as against running water. They create a culture in the Law Firm that change has to be constant, and therefore, the team is motivated to be innovative and creative in all aspects of assignments and trends.

Zeal without knowledge is fire without light.

According to Mr. Sanjiv Dagar, it was his passion to start it, and he continues with the same passion as zeal. His main role is to keep the team motivated and inspired. They all are motivated to demonstrate energy in their life before providing anything to clients. In order to keep the zeal of their team members, they encourage them to be truthful and transparent.

They discourage them to put things under the carpet, and in fact, they take it seriously if something is revealed. The seniors are a shield for the juniors in the Legajoist.

Opportunities for Future Entrepreneurs in competitions

The market is very competitive and hence tough. The main competition for them is from the ‘quality’ not with an entrepreneur or any market. They strive hard to provide quality to the clients. They feel that if they are able to maintain quality, the quantity will be with them and hence, they will always remain busy. Another competition is from the pricing. They believe in keeping their pricing as moderate, so that, they can cater to big, medium and small companies.

It is also essential, to make your employees happy because by making them happy you can make clients happy, and there is no second work for it. These people are their strength and contended people will keep their reputation high. Amongst others, they believe in the least supervision and inculcate the habit of independence. However, no senior will hesitate to guide juniors in their team, when guidance is sought.

Society knows perfectly who you are, what you do

There are many instances of their CSR activities, which they do not publish, but, continue with it. If they think of resolving an issue with a ‘win-win’ approach, it is also CSR. In their routine practice, sometimes they have to offer extra to the needy and take up the assignment without commercials or commercial mind-set. They were the educated members of the society who owe a lot to the Society, and hence, they tend to give it back whenever and whatever possible.

Apart from work, Mr. Sanjiv Dagar likes to spend his time with family, he is very happy being with his family members, and extended family members. In addition, to that he spends a lot of time networking with people, attending conferences and seminars, and also be a Speaker there for better connections. He also spends time in writing and gets to learn so many things, while interacting with new people, he develops new and existing ideas.

Government impacts: the rapid milestone achieved

The initiatives of this Government are appreciable. This is the first Government that has brought changes in various important commercial issues, such as IBC, GST, Companies Act, Arbitration Law, and RERA. They already saw favorable results in the coming time by the government.

The achievement for them is that they are capable of handling assignments from small to Large Companies, with capabilities, scalability, and size of operations. They aspire to grow further and achieve new milestones. That’s how they became an organization to provide continuous quality services to its clients, with a bright future to its Associates, and a great sense of belongingness amongst all the clients.

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