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Warren G. Bennis to inspire said, “Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.” And the words quoted above are close to truth and reality. An efficient leader can take the group or team to newer heights or acme. Om Sharma, the Founder of Webmaddy, possesses all the quintessential traits to lead, manage and organize. That’s the reason under his incredible supervision, Webmaddy is celebrating the staggering success in the arena of Web Development & Digital Marketing.


Creativity is Webmaddy’s forte by which it has created a distinctive mark in the digital space. The inception of the company happened in the year 2012 by the young visionary and creative soul- Om Sharma. It is regarded as one of the top-notch Web & Digital Marketing Solution companies in India. Zelta Solution is the root node or we can say the parent company under which two companies come which are Webmaddy & Tollykata.  Webmaddy deals with Web Solutions and Tollykata acquires expertise in Digital Marketing of entertainment/lifestyle industry and helps in the promotion of Bengali films.

The company’s client base extends from Small Scale Companies to Large Scale Companies but Om has a special space for startups in his heart because they carry an immense potential to grow and excel if provided required support and exposure. The startups approach them with new ideas then the company converts them into projects. The team of webmaddy gets an opportunity to execute the crucial process of R&D for new technologies on them.

Om Sharma shares a valuable relationship with his clients and has always kept relationships above the ‘Profit Making Intellect.’ They, at Webmaddy, are solution-oriented and resolve the issues of the clients with the help of impeccable problem-solving skills in creative and innovative ways. Believe in giving more even if the client has a certain demand, they ensure to accomplish it by improvising it in a better way to help the client in getting a better return.


Change is inevitable and it’s always wise to cope with the changes in and out of the system. If you do not then the graph of success and prosperity will show a straight line. Similarly, the industry in which Webmaddy works changes every three months, therefore they make sure that their team is upgraded with whatever is new and trendy. Om Sharma states, “I remember, Laravel, an open-source PHP web framework, was researched upon and got into use much before people actually started knowing about it.”


Walking on the linear path provides no learning and adventure. Zero obstructions result in no-growth or advancement. The vivacious and resilient entrepreneur- Om Sharma believes that the extremities and crosses he faced are the pillars of his success.  Working for big companies and outsourcing web solutions for them at a very low rate, he embarked on his career expedition.

Then a moment of epiphany created and he became aware of the reality. Consequently, he researched a lot because at that point of time he wanted to learn and grow. A few months later, an opportunity knocked the gates of Om’s fate as he was offered to work on a project for Raymond and this proved to be a turning point in an entrepreneur’s career. Circumnavigating the professional realm, he interacted with new and successful people and understood how a client interacts.

Om was on the excursion of Learning, Relearning and Unlearning when he got a chance to work with Coca-Cola during Durga Puja for their campaign. But, the wheels of destiny rolled in the opposite direction and worked against him when he was moving forward. This experience stimulated him to stop outsourcing once and for all and pushed him to take his own entrepreneurial route. Since that day he has never looked back and progressed triumphantly with sheer hard work and exemplary vision.


Om Sharma says, “Your people provide an unbreakable strength and confidence to run a vast empire or company. Without their robust support, how one can think to move ahead?”

Webmaddy values its people the most and here, the retention rate is increasing with time. The people with whom the company started working with are still working; isn’t it amazing? The company doesn’t support any hierarchical division rather it encourages cordial relations amongst the workforce. Om Sharma states, “I refrain from calling them as my employees rather we are a team, where each one of us is a leader. We all are almost the same age, so we are like friends.”

There is a sense of ownership in them that incites them to cherish their powers that ensures that they are fulfilling their responsibilities.


The entrepreneur has an empathetic heart so doing something for the sake of society gives a relief to his soul that amounts a lot. On the positive fronts, they donate a part of profits twice every year for a Cancer Treatment Rehab, which itself a noble deed. Other than this, they help startups, who are at their beginning phase, by working with them on a zero-profit basis.

Once a year, the entire team of Webmaddy goes for the Green Movement, where they plant saplings.

The maestro says, “Also whenever I get free time, I ensure that I go to institutes and spread the knowledge that I have to the young minds.”


The awards and rewards only donot define the progress; it’s the individual perception to evaluate and celebrate the progress even the tiniest one.

Om felt privileged on being called as one of the speakers in companies like Google and many engineering colleges to speak about different technologies and ranks it as an incredible and prestigious achievement.

He states, “I also believe that the way our referral system works is a great milestone for me to achieve.” They do not have any Marketing team and work is growing only through the referral of clients.

The rate of client retention that they maintain is also one of the stupendous achievements. Their first client is still with them and that is something that he is quite proud of and elated about.


Business Connect inspires and helps in boosting the confidence of a lot of amateur entrepreneurs and motivates them to learn about never giving up attitude. It gives them solutions and helps them to grasp a lot about the hurdles and success story of the established entrepreneur of the coming age.

The visionary, with an inspiring attitude, states, “ I would like to tell everyone who is reading this that there is a huge difference between the thinkers and the executors, it’s your call whether you want to dream about things and crib about not accomplishing it or you want to go out, explore, fall down and get back up stronger.

You need to start dreaming with your eyes open and leave no chance to accomplish it. You never know when fate can be a kind soul to you. NEVER STOP.”

“I personally believe that our clients are the ones investing in us and hence, we should ensure that they have the best Return on Investment.” ~ Om Sharma

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