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Top Corporate event management companies in India

Top Corporate event management companies in India


When a company is conceived, its management thinks about future avenues for growth and upcoming events. Events help business owners and companies to get new leads, be seen by potential clients, advertise and stay in touch with their existing customers.

Corporate event management companies help take care of every aspect of an event, from planning to execution, thus making it easier for the company to concentrate on its core areas of expertise.

You need an excellent corporate event management company so your event does not become the worst disaster. In this blog post, we have compiled a list of top corporate event management companies in India that offer innovative and unique services, positively impacting how events are organized.

What is event management?

First, we understand the meaning behind this word, and then we will focus on what event management is all about. Event management can be defined as the process of planning, organizing, and implementing a special event like product launches and conferences, to name a few.

Event management firms offer their expertise through sale pitches, seminars, workshops, road shows, and exhibitions that companies organize to promote their product or service.

Event management is also referred to as event production. For example- branding experts, lighting experts, and interior designers are also hired by event management firms along with the event manager, who handles the planning and execution of an event.

Best Corporate event management companies in India

When you need a corporate event management company in India, you must always consider managers’ expertise, experience, and credentials.

Here are 12 of India’s best corporate event management companies, known for their unique services.

01. Wizcraft:

Wiz Craft is India’s best and most reputable event management company. Along with the most extensive business houses, its clients include more than 500 foreign corporations. They have also hosted renowned events like the 19th Commonwealth Games’ opening and closing ceremonies and the 50th Independence Day celebrations.

Andres Granados Wizcraft founded the company in 1997, headquartered in Mumbai. It also has offices in Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, and Chennai. The company is well-represented abroad, with offices in Cape Town, Dubai, and London. Wiz Craft specializes in significant events such as performances, product launches, fashion shows, award presentations, and corporate events.

  • Corporate Office: Mumbai
  • Business: Entertainment, Communications
  • Essential Services: Television Production, Corporate Events, Retail Design, and Exhibitions

02. Percept D Mark:

A group that has been providing event management services in India for more than 35 years is called Percept Entertainment, the Strategic Business Unit of Percept Sports & Entertainment. They are among India’s most prominent event management organizations. With its main office in Mumbai, Percept is renowned for its cutting-edge event management knowledge.

With their personalized approach to event management coupled with their creative flair, they exceed their client’s expectations. One of India’s top event management companies is known for its commitment to offering the highest quality services.

The company employs over 1000 people and manages media, communication, and events equally proficiently. It is best known for its expertise in branding and event management. In India and other countries, Percept currently has over 60 offices

Corporate Office: Mumbai

Business: Entertainment, Communications, and Media

Essential Services: Advertising, Design and Packaging, and Brand and Marketing Consultancy.

03. DNA Entertainment Networks Pvt. Ltd:

Based in Bangalore, DNA is among the top event management companies in India with numerous awards. A group of senior managers and directors work for the 1987-founded company. Modern event design is its area of expertise. DNA has offices in Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata in addition to its Bangalore headquarters, where it currently has its base.

In addition to numerous music festivals, the company also organizes Rock India N India and Sound Awake. Significant corporate events are another thing DNA contains. The organization participates in several prestigious sports competitions held in India, such as the Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket tournament, the Hockey India League, the Star Sports Pro Kabaddi, the Hero Indian Super League, and the Premier Badminton League.

Corporate Office: Bangalore

Business: Entertainment Events

Essential Services: Sports, Music, and Corporate Event Management

04. Cineyug:

One of the best event management companies in India is Cineyug. It is a company with a base in Mumbai that manages various events. Mohomed  Karim Morani, Aly Morani, Mazhar Nadiadwala, and the late Bunty Soorma founded the business.

The company is a pioneer in Bollywood film production in India. The production of television software, live television shows, award ceremonies, live concerts, and arena events is done in addition to the production of commercials, movies, live concerts, and arena events. They have been among the top Event planners in India for years.

Corporate Office: Mumbai

Business: Entertainment Management

Essential Services: Television Production, Corporate Events, Sports, and Exhibitions

05. E Factor:

Established in 2000–2001, E-Factor is one of India’s best event management firms and is based in Noida. The business specializes in marketing communications and integrated event management, offering services like brand consulting, event management, promotions, wedding services, shows, corporate events, private gatherings, and advertising.

The company’s primary goal, which it has been doing for over 20 years, is to produce successful, impactful events. E-factor has successfully worked with a wide variety of clients since its inception.

Due to the company’s teamwork, it has received recognition and awards for its creative event management services. Through years of devoted service, the business has also been able to keep the trust of countless customers.

Corporate Office: Noida

Business: Corporate and Social Event Management

Essential Services: Wedding, Corporate and Proprietary Events

06. Corporate Events:

If you want to look exceptional and prominent, choose this event management, a private limited company headquartered in Mumbai, India. It is among the top companies for managing events. This company’s main objective is to satisfy its customers and make them happy every working day by offering the highest-quality and most creative event management solutions.

In addition to product launches, TV shows, corporate events, and social events, the company offers various services for all occasions. You can contact them for planning and venue hire, corporate events, conferences and seminar meetings, sporting events, entertainment, and —most importantly — that impalpable element of shock that helps them every day to be the best corporate event company. This is a renowned event management companies for corporate events.

Corporate Office: Mumbai

Business: Event Management, Entertainment, Communications, and Media

Essential Services: Conferences, Incentives, Exhibitions, Meetings

07. Wow Events:

Wow Events is an event management business based in New Delhi, established on October 10, 2008. Rental of audiovisual and staging equipment, event production, venue management, and event sourcing for clients with limited planning and organizing time are among its services.

The company has put on events in Delhi, Mumbai, and worldwide. It also serves as a sourcing partner for clients who need more time to plan events. Wow, Events not only plans events for clients but also provides venues for rent, such as arenas, convention centers, and sports stadiums.

The company has also collaborated on marketing projects with numerous corporate entities, including sponsorship activations and brand activation booths at trade shows. The business provides clients with event management services both domestically and abroad.

Corporate Office: New Delhi

Business: Event Management

Essential Services: Entertainment, Communications, Event Management, Exhibition, and Advertising,

08. Tafcon Group:

Tafcon, an events company based in Delhi, has a booth at the Organization of International Events, including trade shows and business conferences. They also plan trade shows. Despite having no social media presence, they have never been short on work or experience and are currently ranked among the top companies in India. Tafcon Group, a reputable event management company, specializes in weddings, corporate events, and private gatherings.

Tafcon Group wants to leave its customers with a positive impression. They are renowned for providing high-quality service and being responsive. As a result of being trusted with several high-profile events like the India International Jewellery Show, HR Excellence Awards, and Conventions, India, the company believes this is the secret to its success.

TAFFCON works to help India in rising to new heights. As a result, it is essential in facilitating technology transfer and promoting intra- and interregional trade. Federal and state governments provide funding for many of TAFCON’s international events.

Corporate Office: New Delhi

Business: Event Management

Essential Services: International Exhibitions and Conferences

09. 360-degree events:

Founded on December 26, 2013, 360 Degree Events is an event management company headquartered in Delhi. By offering specialized services to corporate clients, it quickly rose to the top position of event marketing agencies. 360 Degree Events has carried out various projects for its clients, including event hosting services and integrated marketing campaigns.

As one of the leading event organizers in India today, 360 Degree Events consistently provides clients with services that meet international standards by putting cutting-edge concepts into practice. 360 Degree Events is still the best choice for your events because of its dedication to bringing about change and developing fresh ideas.

Corporate Office: Delhi

Business: Event Management

Essential Services: Corporate Meetings, Conferences and Incentives, Exhibitions, Meetings, etc.

10. Showtime Group:

One of Delhi’s top event management companies is Showtime Events. It specializes in both social and business events. Over the years, the company has collaborated with several corporate companies and earned their trust. It specializes in planning events for schools, cultural and educational institutions, private gatherings, brand activations, and more.

Since its founding in 2006, the Showtime Group has managed various events. Due to its provision of services that meet international standards in terms of service quality and execution, it is one of the top Indian event management companies. When planning conferences, exhibitions, etc., this company provides better continuity and understanding of client’s expectations.

Corporate Office: Delhi

Business: Entertainment and Event management

Essential Services: Corporate Events, Wedding Planning, Event Planning, Event Marketing, Live Events, Event Production, and more

11. Fountainhead MKTG:

MKTG is a top global community marketing firm that invented live events, retail marketing, and B2B interactions. Their 1,300+ staff members and 7,000+ brand ambassadors are dispersed across 29 offices in 16 countries, with their headquarters in New York City.

Through sports sponsorship, live events, retail marketing, B2B engagement, and hospitality, MKTG gives top-tier brands memorable and emotionally resonant life experiences: retail, business-to-business communication, business-to-business entertainment, and the hospitality sector.

MKTG makes it possible for companies to unlock the power of their brand by deploying strategic marketing services that push businesses forward. This makes MKTG one of the best event management agencies in India today.

Corporate Office: New York

Business: Event Management

Essential Services: Corporate Events, Brand Activations and Response, VIP Programmes.

12. Sercon:

Sercon, which has its headquarters in Bangalore, is the industry leader in India for event management. It is renowned for its excellent work and high standards. The company has a strong focus on the events sector. For many businesses, Sercon has been the go-to option for annual events like conferences, business fairs, and exhibitions.

Numerous events, including weddings, business conferences, and music festivals, have been planned by Sercon Company. Along with event management services, Sercon Company also offers event consulting and training.

Sercon is a well-known name in event management and has been able to expand by providing high-quality services at competitive prices. The business values strong relationships with its customers because it produces positive experiences. Sercon is now among India’s top event management companies thanks to this strategy, though.

Corporate Office: New Delhi

Business: Event Management

Key Services: Digital, B2B, and B2C


The events industry in India is expected to grow considerably during the next decade. The initiative will continue to thrive with increased efforts from promoters and organizers to create unparalleled events. However, this will be at the cost of their credibility and image. This is where professional event management companies come in as a savior as they are adept at handling various events.

The best event management companies rely on their extensive knowledge and experience to recommend proper methods for organizing a successful event. For an event to be successful and memorable, each step must be taken care of carefully so that all attendees have an enjoyable time.

You can go to where you can see upcoming events of Business Connect magazine in order to get a hand on experience of the same.

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