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‘Driven by Values and Powered by Passion’

Your clothes define the aura you carry and the personality you possess. The level of confidence can easily be boosted when you wear clothes in which you appear pleasant. It’s true, and we experience it daily whilst getting ready for office, party or college. CORPQLO CLOTHING PVT. LTD gives you style with quality, by manufacturing clothes which are the best fit for your body, and your charm quadruples. We tell all our customers  “Focus on what you do best, we shall focus on everything else”.

“Clothing has a significant effect on self-esteem and confidence,” claims expert. Your style and the clothes you choose reflect and affect your mood, health, and overall confidence. Scientists call this phenomenon as Enclothed Cognition.

CORPQLO Clothing Pvt ltd ensures that your ‘Enclothed Cognition’ is at its highest, by creatively designing the best fitting and highest quality attires for all your needs. Be it a formal uniform, daily wear, college fest, an annual meet or corporate cultural functions, CORPQLO Clothing Pvt Ltd is your one-stop solution. They provide tailored solutions to your specific requirements and manufacture at a world-class facility that conforms to global standards of ethical and green manufacturing.

Siju Varghese is the Managing Director of CORPQLO Clothing Pvt Ltd. He was the CEO at one of the largest apparel manufacturing companies where he met and interacted with a multitude of eminent business leaders across the globe. He observed meticulously how companies operate in the US, UK, and Europe in the Corporate Clothing segment, and have noticed that the same segment in India is totally unorganized, and that pushed him to start this venture.

The company is also driven by a steadfast commitment to corporate responsibility. Dedication to practicing business in the highest ethical manner, maintaining a diverse and inclusive workplace, upholding world-class safety standards, providing sustainable offerings, and caring for their communities—all of these crucial aspects lie at the heart of how they do business at CORPQLO Clothing Pvt Ltd.

Always, they operate according to the CORPQLO Code of Conduct’ — mandating full compliance with laws and regulations and preserving the integrity of their company.


There aren’t many organized players in this field. CORPQLO Clothing Pvt Ltd is now coming with ONLINE  Store/APP including  3D body scanning facility, and using this app they can take the body measurement of any person in the world within 30 seconds. They plan to introduce this by the end of this quarter. Siju Varghese says, “I don’t think anyone in India has invested in such technology in the corporate uniform world till now.”


Siju started this company based on his previous experience, and later Roshiny stepped in as a Director to support him. This has helped him to focus more on business & product development, where she takes care of the Operations. Later, early this year, Mr. Randheer Singh, with 20 years of experience in the industry, joined as Operations Head to support Roshiny.

They have a team of enthusiastic individuals with creative and trendy ideas. Together, they bring forth two decades of experience in the Apparel industry and have experience in making Professional attire for some of the top brands in the world. While working towards the latest trends in Vogue, they ensure that they maintain social and professional etiquette and their ethical values as well. Siju Varghese states, “Quality for us is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere and consistent effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution’.”


“If the path is straight or easy, then it is not worth taking.” says Siju.

Incubated in September 2018, the biggest challenge was the recognition for CORPQLO as it was a new player then. Gradually, when CORPQLO Clothing Pvt Ltd provided value-added products to the airline industries, then it started gaining the trust of clients because at that period of time no one was providing such qualitative products. The best part is that initially, CORPQLO started working with one department in the airline industry, now it has covered the whole department: a feather in the cap.


  • They make washable suits for Uniforms. A suit which can be washed in domestic washing machine 50 times. Normally, suits are ‘DRY CLEAN’. The washable suit concept is something new in India, perhaps the first company to introduce this into India.
  • Their focus lies on SUSTAINABILITY. For example, they use recycled fabric for some of the Uniform Suits. Fabrics are made from recycled pet bottles.
  • They use ‘FAIRTRADE’ certified cotton on some products, another sustainable approach.
  • They are launching ONLINE Uniform Store with a 3D body scan.


They are developing a mobile application through which they can take the measurement of the person from any corner of the world. This is going to bring a dynamic revolution in the garment industry.

One of the top-notch airlines showed interest to subscribe into this ONLINE STORE, where their staff can get the required costume through this application.


CORPQLO Clothing Pvt Ltd is going to be associated with one of the largest organizations in Bangalore, which has over 150 campuses. The Company is going to provide uniforms, and the best part is that the students by subscribing to the CORPQLO’s app can purchase the uniforms according to their comforts, which means there is no necessity of purchasing at the time of admission if the budget is tight.

They are also expanding their horizons to work with major corporates. They are looking forward to making uniforms available on a rental basis.

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