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The significance of a prudent trainer needs no introduction. They have always had a crucial role in a learner’s life, pushing them to give their best effort. But when training on analytics and programming, a trainer needs to be ‘A cut above the rest.’ The world was shifting to a more digitalized era even before the pandemic. COVID-19 simply accelerated it, increasing digital interactivity and efficiency in using technologies. To succeed, it’s imperative to become technologically efficient, whether it’s for upskilling or for a wider application. However, many people won’t actively look into this.

By the time they do, they’ve already fallen behind the eight ball. The majority of people enroll in technical training, focusing less on their actual needs and instead learning everything from Microsoft Office to the newest programming language. Although finding a technical trainer is akin to choosing any other service provider, it’s nice to get money’s worth. Enter Cyrus Lentin, a skilled technology coach with years of experience in developing futuristic technologists. Our magazine recently had an insightful interaction with Cyrus, during which he discussed his path as a trainer through his firm, Maexadata. Below is a summary of the discourse.

Cyrus had an ingrained drive for training since he was a student. Even his teachers and colleagues in school regarded his way of explaining a cut above others. It was also here, he realized his interest for technology, especially computers. This ardour got its first break in 1987, when he began working as a deputation lecturer at a PAN-India firm.

“I was assigned to give lectures in place of senior lecturers who are on vacation,”

Wsays Cyrus. Here, he learnt the rudiment of lecture preparation and delivery from some of the masters of communication. Gradually, he rose from training students to coaching trainers. He was instructed to record his sessions to self-evaluate and improve his diction and action in delivering lectures. This solidified his foundation as a trainer. At the same time, he developed a knack for data and analytics, knowing how they would change the dynamics of business. As such, he dived into the software development market.

“I wanted to dispel the myth that trainers couldn’t be innovators,”

he stated. He started as a programmer and steadily climbed the echelons of management. He has headed large sized teams while working on four different projects simultaneously. Following successful leadership roles and notable product breakthroughs, Cyrus ideated a firm that provides clients with business intelligence services as well as training in Tableau, Power BI, Python, and Excel platforms.

The thought process laid the foundation of Maexadata. His path went uphill from this point. For the past 8 years, he has been managing the firm as its CEO and Technical Director while mentoring learners. His firm prides itself on its client-centricity and consulting approach when it comes to computerization and automation of business activities.

The world is changing, and so is the role of technology in business. With its growing influence, every sector generates massive amounts of data on customer trends and behavior that can help firms to grow. For leaders, it becomes imperative to make data-driven decisions and be forward-thinking. Cyrus’s zeal for teaching stems from his desire to cultivate such change agents. To do so, he prefers working with templates. He offers training in diverse business analytics and machine learning-related topics using Excel, Python, R & Shiny, Tableau, PowerBI, QlikView, and QlikSense. He is also deft in advanced Excel, Big Data & Hadoop, Spark, and ETL using Talend.

Given the diversity, this helps in simplifying complex topics. Students can use the innovative templates to create a viable solution to the problem-at-hand. He also employs a consulting style to resolve his students’ problems that they find trouble conveying.

“I put myself in their shoes and simplify complex concepts into digestible parts that can be remembered,”

says Cyrus. He records sessions, takes notes, and thoroughly plans his workshops, focusing on practicality and problem-solving. Every workshop is created to impart real-world expertise and time-tested best practices, making them a unique blend of instructive, interactive, and practical sessions. As a result, rather than taking time to perfect the syntax, sessions become more of a fun game that keeps every learner involved.

While being a trainer in heart, it’s essential not to forget Cyrus is a technopreneur as well. With multiple responsibilities on shoulder, a penchant for learning new concepts gives him an edge. He often quotes his students and team, “A day where you have not learned something new is a wasted day.” 

This includes uncovering new quarters in everyday applications to understand their full potential. This keeps the Maexadata in-close connect with the technology landscape and market. The firm works with SMEs and provides sustainable and scalable data solutions focusing on clients’ pain points. Maexadata is known to provide timely solutions that are within their clients’ reach both technologically and commercially.

Secondly, it focuses on economical tools valued for money, even though they are well-equipped. Cyrus is technology-agnostic, which allows Maexadata to excel in every platform. It’s the same approach he uses in training, be it business analytics, machine learning, or programming. He is a quick learner, which has helped him master a wide variety of tools and programming languages.

His love of exploring was a saving grace during COVID-19. It enabled him to conduct sessions remotely and switch to a virtual training paradigm. Although he prefers in-person training, the virtual mode helped him to take classes in Singapore and Dubai.

There is a saying “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” 

Cyrus’s custom-made training philosophy has won him a reputation for developing future experts. He is providing best-in-market practices to pupils that he had to learn the hard way. As a result, students come back to him for career guidance. “Many students approach me to inquire about their options in data science and are grateful for my advice,” says Cyrus. Such instances are pleasing, and most of them occur more than once, which makes his job as a trainer enthralling.

His innovative pedagogy has allowed him to succeed workshops in eminent institutes like S P Jain Institute of Management & Research (Mumbai, Singapore & Dubai), Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (Mumbai), Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research (Mumbai) amongst many others. He has also conducted corporate training for many organizations all over India.

However, his journey as a trainer and technopreneur is yet to reach the zenith. On the business side, he is devising a universal business intelligence solution. In terms of training, Cyrus seeks to continue exploring his passion. Even though he is well-liked in many educational institutions and frequently invited to give lectures, he enjoys training. He believes, “Teaching is the universal language of change and learning.” He views it as an obligation to improve society rather than a means of making money.

“Never stop learning. If you haven’t learnt something new, it’s a wasted day.”

“Never stop practicing. Analytics is not a discipline you remember reflexively and requires constant nurturing to succeed.”

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