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Non-Profit Organizations have existed in India since the pre-independent period and has been making positive impacts in the society. However, the rise of urbanization, globalization and corporatism has curtailed the emphasis of non-profit foundations. The Beauty & Wellness Sector Skill Council has empowered several non-profit initiatives to help the unprivileged, but only meager people could enroll in such programs due to lack of knowledge and infrastructure. This is where an NGO comes in. Not only do they educate and enable access to these programs but also helps these people empower their skills, understand their rights so that people can have a wholesome life.  

DARBAR SAHITYA SANSADA (DSS) is one such highly motivated Non-Profit foundation, renowned, for its wide variety of training programs, financial schemes and the approach to help people live and enjoy a disciplined life. Headquartered in Orissa, has been working for the last – 4 decades towards capacitating the Communities, with skills and knowledge that can help them have a sound lifestyle.


DARBAR SAHITYA SANSADA (DSS) is a significantly experienced social foundation, functioning in the villages of Orissa, ensuring every individual – lives with dignity, free from indiscrimination and have a prosperous life, with a concern towards community and environment. The foundation focuses on support framers, artisans, migrant labours and unprivileged women through training programs, microloans, market linkages to upskill their life and have a source of income. 

The foundation is financially attributed by many notable foundations like TATA Trusts, NABARD,UNDP, Govt of India, Concern WW, Rang De, AWO, FWWB, OSDMA etc. The foundation was built with the motivation to empower the youth with disciplinary, literary and social activities. On that note, their training and mentoring  programs have helped a considerable people upscale in life and be a part of the socio-economic development of the country. 


With 40 years of experience, DSS foundation has devised several upskilling programs. Every program/project is formed with in-depth research and study of the needs and performed – keeping a few things in mind like risks, affects, conclusion and significance. This analytic approach has helped in customizing each program with respective objectives namely,

    • Enterprise promotion for Women: Accommodate specific credits and training programs with livelihood enhancement to 10,000 enterprising women in various farm and non-farm activities.   


  • Craft based livelihood: Enhance the household income of 450 artisans,  crafts production volume by 3 fold and provide wage employment to artisans for at least 200 days in a year.    
  • Promotion of organic farming and sustainable agriculture practice for women farmers: Train 1000 women and vegetable growers in 30 villages. The training was done on organic farming, crop planning, book keeping, market management, cooperative management etc. 
  • Migrant Workers Support program: The main focus of this project was to stimulate services for migrant workers, mainly the youth. The project was a huge success, registering more than 6700 migrant workers.  
  • Mahila Kisan Sashaktikaran Pariyojna (MKSP): This project targeted training 600 women farmers in sustainable agriculture practices.


    • Usha Silai School Program: Under this project, DARBAR SAHITYA SANSADA (DSS) concluded 2 batches of sewing training from which 30 young women got trained in advanced sewing techniques.


  • Promotion of Farmers Producers Organisation (FPO) Program: The project helped in forming 7 FPOs and 1400 women farmers and 500 male farmers were enrolled in 7 companies. 
  • Financial Literacy Program: The program focused on enhancing the financial literacy of women SHG leaders and conducted 5 programs that emphasised on financial inclusion, digital transaction, digital literacy, etc.


  • Disaster management Programmes: DARBAR SAHITYA SANSADA (DSS) has successfully implemented 12 no of disaster response programme including relief, rehabilitation and preparedness activities in 3 districts benefitting over 30,000 disaster affected population.
  • Climate change education Programme: DARBAR SAHITYA SANSADA (DSS)has implemented a climate change education programme in 15 schools of balasore district.
  • Renewable energy programme: DSS has been instrumental in promoting Biogas, smokeless chulha and hosehold solar lights in 2 districts benefitting over 5000 households.
  • Skilling and Youth employability Programme: DSS has been active in providing skill counselling, skill training, self employment linkage and placement services to the youth. Over1200 youth have been benefitted out of the programme.
  • Age care:  DSS is running a day care centre for 10 old people at it’s head office.

The successful conclusion of these projects has helped the foundation grow in leaps and bounds. They have moved much further towards better Sustainable Livelihood. The foundation has a pleasant presence among other NGOs and communities as well. DSS has founded several Self-Help Groups, Co-operatives and Farmer Producers Companies, giving them further recognition in the market.  


The late Dhirubhai Ambani once said, A motivated manpower is the most important thing. Whether it’s a business venture or a non-profit organization, a motivated team keeps the foundation ahead of the others. DARBAR SAHITYA SANSADA (DSS) is also integrated, with seasoned professionals and young and ingenious individuals, who ensure that the foundation’s core objectives are met. The Foundation is led by Mr. Kedareswar Chaudhury. Mr Chaudhury has an, MSW, Diploma in Development Planning more than 25 years of exposure in the development sector and has accomplished fieldwork and leadership positions as well. He started in the foundation as a young member, but with time and profound achievements, he moved up and became the CEO of DARBAR SAHITYA SANSADA (DSS). Mr Chaudhary has been a part of several disaster management programs, across the country. He has also visited several countries attending programmes.  

Other than him, the foundation is led by Mr Rajnikant Mohanty (Asst Secretary) and Ms  Mamta Das( Programme manager). For the ground work, DARBAR SAHITYA SANSADA (DSS) has many self-empowered individuals, whose enthusiasm and motivation helps in concluding projects with satisfying results.   


The transgression of COVID-19 has significantly drawn the attention of Non-Profit organizations. Odisha, being a land of disasters – DSS was prevalently equipped, with disaster management programs and they have been doing relief, rehabilitation and reconstruction since last 20 years. Till date, the foundation has addressed to more than 12 significant disasters in the region. 

During the COVID outbreak, DARBAR SAHITYA SANSADA DSS worked on several relief activities to help people withstand the pandemic. They provided dry ration to the needy and vulnerable communities that include migrant labours, farmers, daily wagers physically disabled individuals and slum dwellers. Besides this, the foundation conducted demo, with its volunteers on hand sanitization, social distancing across many villages.


Throughout its enormous stretch, DARBAR SAHITYA SANSADA (DSS) has put several feathers in the cap. Their projects have impacted and transformed the lives of more than 20,000 people concerning household and income level. Other than that, they have successfully helped a significant number of women realize their true potential and work on it. 2 decades back, it was a backbreaking task, motivating Women break the orthodox shackles and join in the developmental process. But now, DSS has many women enthusiasts working in SHGs, participating in social activities, participating in Panchayatiraj Institutions, enrolling themselves as Govt grassroot cadre workers etc.

Furthermore, the foundation has successfully directed awareness of different communities to conquer natural disasters. DSS has educated the villages on disaster management, making the villagers more resilient about dealing with unprecedented disasters.  


Since the last 2 decades, DARBAR SAHITYA SANSADA (DSS) has gained a major presence in the state. They have transformed the lives of many individuals and as time unfurls, they are foreseeing to upskill around 10,000 families, in the next 5 years. Also, they have recently started a new program on violence against children and women and are aiming to grow on that. 

Adding to this, DARBAR SAHITYA SANSADA (DSS) is drawing the attention of potential fundraisers, that can help them thrive to other states as well.


“With the flow of time, the dedication and commitment towards Social Work are reducing. Professionalism and social work should be in harmony because money matters, but so does the need of poor”. – Mr. Kedareswar Chaudhury


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