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Deccan Health Care Ltd (DHCL)

                             The Power of Purpose

        How Deccan Health Care Is Championing Health and Fitness in the lives of Consumers through Nutrient Pills

Establishment of the company with its purpose, and the role of Research and Development process

Dr M P Gupta, a bio-scientist and an ace entrepreneur, has laid the foundation of the colossal organization Deccan Healthcare Limited, a BSE listed company, with its purpose “Stay W.O.W, Stay Healthy”. With an exemplary vision, he foresaw an opportunity in the market of ‘nutraceuticals’—a fancy term used to describe foods with medicinal properties and nutritional supplements; complementing his passion towards preventive healthcare.

Rising health care costs, sedentary lifestyles, and ageing population is pushing the people towards preemptive health care measures. Dr M P Gupta was also quick to realize that, India, with its abundant reserves of natural raw materials like herbs, spices, fruits, and flowers, along with its rich history of Ayurveda and related sciences, Deccan Health Care could become a leader of natural nutraceutical products reaching consumers across the globe. Passionate about food and nutrition research, he got cracking with a team of scientists, engineers, and technologists.

His association with Tata Group, had familiarized him with the best-in-class manufacturing practices through technology know-how partnerships forged with globally renowned companies; so he hit the ground running. In the early 2000s, DHCL launched the first of its kind product in India, Oxyflax® Global Nutrient Pills, created using the humble flax seeds that are often consumed in rural India because of its high fiber value.

The Company uses a specially cultivated version of flax seeds treated in laboratories to super-critically extract Omega-3 and other essential fatty acids, the valuable compounds with proven health benefits. Afterwards, it scientifically encapsulates the formulation in soft gels, and is sold as Oxyflax® Global Nutrient Pills to consumers.

Deccan Health Care Ltd (DHCL), the nutraceuticals and Consumer Wellness product Company leverages its fast growing e-commerce platform “BE YOUNG” ( and its exclusive export brand “STAY YOUNG” to sell its products across the globe.

On the back of a vertically integrated supply chain, world-class R&D and manufacturing facilities, and a dynamic corporate management, Deccan Healthcare Limited envisions itself as a global leader in the FMCHP industry in the near future. “We have top-notch quality, Pharma-grade manufacturing plant, which is rare in this space. Most of the Indian companies don’t adhere to such standards ” states Mohita, Chief Business Officer of the company.

Over the years of operations, Deccan Health Care has been producing scientifically validated products by the brand name ‘Be Young’ in India. A biological available form of Curcumin found in turmeric, formulated and branded as BE YOUNG™ – Curcumin C3 Complex Plus™ Nutrient Pill, which supports healthy ageing, is one such popular product. In various districts of Punjab, Haryana, Uttarakhand, and Himachal Pradesh, growers are engaged in cultivating special variety of yields.

Partnered by Deccan Health Care, the farmers’ produce is shipped to state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Uttarakhand where scientific formulations are produced by the Hyderabad-headquartered company which are sold in India, and then exported to markets in the Kenya, Mauritius, USA, Poland, Mozambique, Latin America and others. “Control over the supply chain right from the raw material stage is a key USP of DHCL” states Mohita.

Solution of a complex problem, and challenges faced in an expedition

Mohita believes that through understanding of any problem will help you resolve an issue with more ease. A lot of times, especially in the healthcare world, everybody is trying to identify the magic medicine that targets a single trigger. But, that’s the exact reason there hasn’t been a drug that holistically and indefinitely ends a problem. You can’t zero in on one specific trait or symptom, you really have to solve for a number of causes.

Similarly, when it comes to hair loss, blood pressure, bone, and joint problems, decrease in libido, and other lifestyle linked diseases, disorder, and disability for men and women, there are several causes that disrupt the natural body cycle. Basic food and medicine only act as a temporary band aid for nutritional deficiencies, which is simply not enough. For example hair loss and thinning hair means your body is imbalanced and there’s something off, because hair follicles are mini organs, and they need to be constantly nourished with nutrients.

Since inception, the Company worked on the ingredients. It decided to identify these root triggers that play a role in disrupting the nutrition cycle, then rigorously tested how the unique product formulations can target them, and what specific ingredients solve for each trigger. Then, the Company developed individual partnerships with farmers who specialize in raw-materials that it can source to extract single ingredients that actually have the superior quality and bioavailability.

Deccan Health Care decided to source its own raw materials because the company wanted to control the entire process. Undoubtedly, the ingredients it has chosen to use are incredibly expensive. That’s the prominent reason others can’t do the work which the company does.

Expression on women participation in the entrepreneurial world

Aspiring business owners face an unfriendly forecast: around 20% of small businesses fail in their first year and 50% don’t survive past five years. It goes without saying that for women entrepreneurs, gender barriers can interfere with these already dicey prospects. Yet, with their plight, women are creating encouraging momentum.

Determining how the Women owned companies perform in comparison to those run by men is a nuanced undertaking, but recent research suggests women entrepreneurs are just as successful as their male counterparts. Mohita believes that women entrepreneurs are succeeding despite a multitude of obstacles and odds that are stacked against them.

She states, “Who underestimates women entrepreneurs in the first place? And if they’re pacing with men, doesn’t that mean we’ve already made a heap of progress and can relax for a second? While the progress is promising, it’s still incremental. In the nutraceutical sector, we’re operating in a space where women are egregiously underrepresented.”

Milestones and Achievements of the Company

The formidable organization has won a numerous accolades with a remarkable showcase of performance. The list of splendid achievements are:

  • National Institution for Transforming India, a policy think tank of the Government of India has ranked Ms. Mohita Gupta in Top 200 Women Transforming India
  • Top-100 SMEs in India, SKOCH Order-Of-Merit
  • Sustainability Solution Provider Winner, India Sustainability Summit & Awards 2019
  • Honoured as Speaker in the Scientific Session, 70th Indian Pharmaceutical Congress 2018, organised by IPCA
  • Woman Entrepreneur of the Year 2018, Future Woman Leader Summit & Awards 2018
  • Brand of the Year 2018 Health Supplements, The CEO Magazine
  • Certificate for supporting Gender Diversity with Asian Women in Leadership Summit
  • International Gold Star Awards For Talented Personalities, Global Achievers Foundation
  • Sustainable Product Innovation Award, Global Sustainability Leadership Awards
  • Leader with a Purpose Award Leadership Summit & Awards 2018
  • Best Fastest Growing Online Nutrition Store, ASSOCHAM & Ministry of Ayush
  • Best Wellness Brand, ASSOCHAM & Ministry of Ayush
  • Fastest Growing SME of the year- Large Size, SME Business Excellence Awards Certificate of Excellence
  • FIDSI Privilege.

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