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Devlabs Alliance Pvt. Ltd.

Devlabs Alliance Pvt. Ltd.


For people of all ages, reskilling and continuing to gain skills throughout their careers is critical for growth or lateral (and even vertical) job changes.

However, college degree programs are no longer keeping up with how quickly the workplace is changing. Students are now being trained for professions that no longer exist, and many lack the necessary skills for the positions they desire. Skill gaps are common and growing.

DevLabs Alliance offers career transformational courses that not only help in clearing the concepts and terminologies but also provide extensive hands-on experience through assignments, real case studies, and live projects. DevLabs’ solutions include courseware, learning management systems, and teaching methodologies, and have helped IT, professionals and students, to thoroughly grasp technology. The complicated technology has been made simpler by the small batch size, a highly interactive mode, and skilled teachers. Newcomers and experienced professionals in the industry can make use of the nearly limitless information accessible online.

The education sector has always faced a big difficulty with experiential learning. The learning gap between training and corporates had increased to the point where training could no longer serve any function that would be beneficial to the real job being done in the corporate sector. Deepak along with Co-founders discovered that practically focused training with enterprise-level projects is necessary to bridge the skill gap.

With this goal in mind, they created DevLabs Alliance, an interactive and engaging learning platform to assist individuals in obtaining jobs by updating their skill sets to meet the demands of the IT business. DevLabs management has a total IT industry experience of about 60 years, which is both robust and rewarding.

Deepak along with Co-founders believe that the key to any business is knowing one’s strengths and focusing 100 percent on them with all pistons firing. They explains this with an example.

“ We began with a variety of technologies, such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and big data, but rapidly found that there were several major participants in these fields. We then had a brainstorming session and decided to focus our strategy on our areas of expertise, which were Testing Automation and DevOps. The tides were on our side, and we were able to become market leaders in these technologies.”

Their initiatives on these two technologies are unique, and individuals from all over the world are interested in them, particularly from Europe, North and South America.”

“Corporates and professionals from all over the world are contacting us to sign up for forthcoming events and training. We are a firm that is always expanding and improving, and we respond immediately to any client input. Those changes are visible to our consumers daily.” adds Deepak.

Deepak along with Co-founders explain that the Covid outbreak in March 2020 made them uneasy since they had lost a significant client.

The ability of all the co-founders to not sit and take a step back was a game-changer for the firm. Through their freshly hired marketing staff, the team increased their digital footprint and achieved substantial success over the following 2-3 months. The team quickly realized that the present market condition necessitates digital and virtual business enablement. For DevLabs Alliance, it proved to be a game-changer. Since then, there has been no turning back.

“One significant development, I would like to mention here,‘’ adds Deepak. SDET (Automation Testing with developmental knowledge) was a less touched subject in the Education IT industry but its demand was turning out very high in the major IT companies. Our R&D team, through its rigorous efforts, could find that skill-set gap in the market. Leadership took the instant decision and developed the capabilities and infrastructure to start that program, first at the India level and then at the global level. It became a super-hit program and is also one of the top-selling products in DevLabs Alliance.”

Everyone wants their voice to be heard and for their view to be valued. Not only are you encouraged to communicate at DevLabs Alliance, but you are also held accountable for helping to make the firm a better place.

DevLabs believes in its workers and treats them as such. As a result, the employees exhibit improved cooperation which results in better performance output.

If you expect employees to accept leadership’s direction and be entirely committed to the vision, you must be open and honest with them believes the co-founder

“By sitting together, we solve day-to-day challenges and problems. Each good concept is welcomed, and we consistently improve our model and working style based on each fruitful idea. We think that we should listen to our employees and act on their ideas and suggestions because they are the ones who have a thorough understanding of your business. The game for your business is built by living and sharing with them in an open culture. We believe in the Learn, Do, and Teach technique. As leaders, we must first learn, then implement and instruct our teams. This way, we can create a win-win situation for everyone.”

As we moved towards the end of our conversation we asked the co-founder that as a businessman what’s his advice to budding entrepreneurs and he explains with some uplifting examples:

“If you’ve considered putting yourself in an Entrepreneurial shoe, put them on and start walking. Never, ever, will the perfect day arrive to ensure your success. The most significant characteristics on this road are risk-taking and confidence. Pay attention to your inner self and go for it. We are afraid of 9 out of 10 circumstances that will never happen in our lives. If we meet one failed event, there is a 99 percent chance that we will overcome it. If we take a step ahead, permutations and combinations are always to our advantage. Just keep in mind that “Version ONE is always better than Version NONE.” So, just get started and confront it.

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