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We are living in a digital evolutionary age marked by many spectacular changes. To name a few, we have digital papers, digital currency, and digital displays, amongst others. There was a time when paper was in trend, and digital mediums were rare, but now the coin has flipped! And while a good proportion of people are still using paper, digital is the way forward, and we have to change or adapt to it.

Speaking of changes, digital business cards are reinventing – the way people connect with other businesses to build their reach. It also allows business geeks to optimize their online presence and foray into new possibilities. Recognizing the effectiveness, Md. Rasheed Pasha, a young passionpreneur in the IT Hub of India, Bengaluru, developed DICAWAP, a powerful platform to build personalized digital business cards. The product is helping both emerging and established businesses connect with new possibilities across the landscape.

When you visit a potential customer or peers, creating a gripping first impression is very important. And sending an appealing digital business card is definitely a smart move to stand out from the crowd. This brings DICAWAP into the picture. DICAWAP is a product of Hastter Tech Support Pvt. Ltd., full of customizable templates and stunning graphics to help you create unique and eye-catching electronic business cards. Its user-friendly interface enables real-time card updates and the creation of a virtual centre where clients can engage with businesses and choose from a variety of options.

Creating this smart visiting card only takes a handful of minutes. And it turns your smart device into a lead conversion accelerator. Users can personalize their digital business cards – uploading photos, videos and custom links, as well as digital documents. Users can also make their brand viral by sharing the digital business cards through QR codes with clients and connections. In other words, any business person can have better outreach with DICAWAP – Digital Business Cards.

The Card also allows you to share information through one-click actionable events, such as Calls, Email, WhatsApp, Navigation, Website Links, Products, Payments and more. DICAWAP is driven by the Digital India drive. Its smart product is turning paper cards into a digital and ecofriendly communication medium – for newage businesses.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” The quote perfectly harmonizes Rasheed’s vision for DICAWAP. As its Founder and CEO, his sole purpose was to reinvent new marketing tactics and set norms for professionalism and success. Moreover, the pandemic was presenting a scalable opportunity on the digital angle. And the entrepreneur sought to grow on them with his e-business concept. Rasheed has a wealth of experience in scaling brands’ success through online and offline marketing activities.

Under his guidance, DICAWAP works on a partnership model with clients, understanding their domain and needs to create customized smart digital business cards. Its aim, in the end, is in line with the urgent worries about deforestation. Every year, billions of business cards are printed worldwide, potentially resulting in the extinction of millions of trees; 90% of them are thrown away.

While some of these cards are recycled, the vast majority end up in landfills. Trees store 50% of the carbon on the planet, making them a critical shield against climate change. DICAWAP strives for sustainable reform with its forward-thinking innovation. It aims to convert the mindset of the industrial space and choose Digital Business Cards. Within a year of commencement, Rasheed has attracted many like-minded talents. And together, they aim to make DICAWAP a leader in the Digital circuit for Smart Digital Business Cards.

Digitization is the way of the future. It’s ushering businesses to a new dawn – creating new or modifying existing processes to meet changing market needs and challenges. For instance, it has transcended traditional sales and marketing with Salesforce and Digital Marketing, respectively. The scenario is provoking every player to rethink their business strategies. DICAWAP was born with the idea of upgrading businesses digitally. “Instead of using paper business cards, we believe smart applications are more helpful for managing a business. We have the chance to reimagine how we do business, how we engage our customers with digital technology on our side,” explains Rasheed.

But how does DICAWAP add a nichevalue to customers? It allows users to not be dependable on designers for business cards. Users can create it themselves in just 3 simple steps and pay after purchase. The DICAWAP Digital Business Cards has unlimited access, and new information can be added at any time. It’s userfriendly, portable and compatible with all android and iOS devices. It’s cost-effective, and users can reach customers anywhere around the world. Finally, every time a user creates a DICAWAP Digital Business Cards, they are helping in saving trees. Hence, DICAWAP is not only digitalizing businesses but also offering an opportunity to contribute to sustainable development.

DICAWAP has positioned itself in such a way that all types of enterprises can use it. While it’s helping established businesses to enlarge their network, it also helps mid-size ventures to step beyond boundaries and grow their digital footfalls. The Card is a mini-website of a business itself. The Digital Business Visiting Cards also comes in handsome pricing packages– reasonable to all sizes of business and shapes. This concept of e-business also enables companies to deal with unforeseen chaotic events like COVID-19.

Born amid the novel chaos, DICAWAP helped many businesses sustain and grow. It has won multiple positive testimonials of business leaders who have seen major progress and can stand out from the competition while leaving a lasting impression on their customers.

The Company is yet to set new benchmarks in the business community. Digitization is influencing startup growth, and it will have more traction in the coming years. DICAWAP aims to grow on this increasing digital shift. In the years to come by, it will focus largely on midsize ventures, for they are the major change bringers in the industry.

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