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Dimentrix Technologies

Dimentrix Technologies – Taking care of all your Data and Analytics needs

The 21st century is all about information and data. One having these two assets are slated to lead the market in long run. But having these two is not enough, their protection is the quintessential component. In last two decades, there has been a flood of IT and data analytics companies. In the ocean of information, having your data encrypted is the most vital thing. When we talk about Data Analytics and Business Analytics, the one name that comes to our mind is Pune based Dimentrix Technologies.

Dimentrix has been into existence since 2007, based out of Pune. It is a competent group of 65 engineers and company’s business is primarily into the field of Business Analytics and Data science. Building products and service offerings around products is its core DNA. Last year, it came out with its own Business Intelligence and Visualization platform, DeepInsight. It’s a high performance enterprise class analytics platform with built-in ETL, data preparation, data visualization and predictive modelling.

Shilpa Singh, CEO of the company has been right mix up of dedication, devotion and determination to lead from the front. With her rock solid attitude, she has played on the front foot for more than a decade and has made the organization a strong workforce of 60+ employees. She says, “To me as a person, running a corporate is a continuous quest of doing better than yesterday and pushing yourself to do something new.”

Enriching women entrepreneurship

“As an Entrepreneur, the journey has been very empowering and yet humbling. I was able to make all decision as per our vision for Dimentrix, without going through chain of hierarchy and losing the essence of it. My husband, Vikram , who is also the co-founder of Dimentrix, has been the driving force behind all my achievements by identifying my potential at various stages and then supporting me in my entire journey”, she adds further.

When asked about her views on women leadership in the industry, Shilpa says, “People are more open now to Women being in leadership position. They have understood the strength and qualities only a women can bring to workspace. Apart from IQ, women bring great deal of EQ, which brings the sense of belonging in team and motivate them to put their best efforts.  Women manage their time best and are great in project planning.”

Business analytics is the need of the hour. With the computing power going up geometrically and data growing astronomically, we are at a place in time where the impact of getting valuable insight from your data can give you that sharp edge in an overly competitive environment. You can use this edge to improve your business processes, accelerate your decision making and uncover strategic opportunities.

The tool that keeps you ahead of the coterie

To carve a niche in the domain, the company has developed an advanced platform called DeepInsight. It is a complete framework, which means you can do ETL, Data Quality assessment, Warehousing, Visualization, Predictive Analytics and Collaboration, all via a SINGLE platform and under a SINGLE license. In addition, it provides customized solution based on organization’s need.

DeepInsight as a business analytical platform is industry agnostic. It caters to BFSI, Manufacturing, Sales, Automobiles, Hospitality, and other verticals. With DeepInsight, clients can discover insights hidden in their data for strategic opportunities or threats, which will radically accelerate decision making and enable them to turn insights in action.

The company finds its real strength in its employees. She adds, “Without them we are just individuals, with them we form “Dimentrix”. Because of them, we have capability and credibility.”

Dimentrix is a flat organization, where there is virtually no hierarchy. That makes it very easy for anyone to voice any concern she or he might have. It gives them a lot of high end work, this means their aspirations of learning something new every day are met. When they see DeepInsight getting deployed at a customer and being able to solve something complex and generate value out of data, it gives them that mental satisfaction of a job well done.

The company is in a unique position where fruits of the labor can be seen right away and that’s very gratifying. Ms Singh adds further, “Personally, I am more of a “people” manager than a traditional manager. I believe if you take care of your employees, make them responsible of the actual goal and give them recognition, you do not have to worry about the result. They take care of it on their own.”

Traversing through the path of learning and success

Throughout her journey, Vikram has been a true guide to her. Both have been the epitome of an ideal couple all these years helping each other in bringing the best out of each other henceforth moving forward in their quest to taking the company to the zenith of success.

The company is working on expanding its partner network at light speed. As a company, it is very tech heavy and it wants to stay that way. It aims to focus on building the best BI platform out there. It is looking to ensure the best customer experience in terms of support and accessibility to its development pipelines. It can be done if it focuses on what it does best, i.e., build world class software. Its partner network is already hard at work, building sales pipelines. It is as committed to meeting expectations set by its partners to their prospects as it is to itself.

In spite of the product being only 10 months old, DeepInsight has gone live in 6 large MNCs and across two continents. They are all paid customers and using DeepInsight against already present, albeit prohibitively expensive competitors. It is making its mark slowly as customers realize how valuable a complete platform which is INDIA based (thus super accessible) and with excellent support is to a comprehensive BI strategy.

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