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Dr. Nachiketa Sinha

Dr. Nachiketa Sinha

A visionary trailblazer breaking the stigmas, building resilience

Addressing mental health has become an imperative due to the intricate interplay of various factors. We are aware of the fact that modern lifestyles are filled by relentless work demands and societal pressures, contributing significantly to stress and anxiety. And who can deny the pervasive influence of technology and social media on the mental canvas though, it has enhanced connectivity. But also, it introduces new challenges such as digital-induced stress and feelings of inadequacy.

Social isolation, a byproduct of urbanization and changing family structures, compounds mental health concerns, emphasizing the importance of fostering meaningful interpersonal connections. Workplaces, marked by competitiveness and high expectations, further contribute to mental health challenges. Additionally, evolving societal norms and expectations, when coupled with the stigma surrounding mental health issues, create barriers to seeking help. Well, in this direction, global uncertainties, such as pandemics and economic crises, add layers of stress, making it imperative to develop coping mechanisms and support systems.

However, amidst these challenges, there is a positive shift in societal attitudes towards mental health. Increased awareness and destigmatization efforts empower individuals to openly discuss and address their mental well-being. This cultural transformation provides an opportunity to develop comprehensive strategies that prioritize mental health at individual, community, and systemic levels. By recognizing and proactively responding to the multifaceted nature of mental health challenges in the modern day, society can strive to create an environment that fosters resilience, understanding, and support for individuals facing mental health issues.

We happened to come across the profile of Dr Nachiketa Sinha who is a well-accomplished consultant psychiatrist known for his vision for global mental health. He is striving to create huge magnitude with his trailblazing approach to the mental well being of the human population and we couldn’t help but feature his success narrative in this direction for this special edition. Do read this whole narrative based on the excerpts of conversations held with him:


Dr. Nachiketa (Nachi) Sinha has been practicing as a psychiatrist since 2006 in New Brunswick, Canada and prior to that in the U.K. . Throughout his journey, he has helped people in processing their feelings and thoughts in their healing journey. Dr. Sinha finished his studies in India in 2000. At present, he is also an Assistant Professor at at at the department of medicine, Dalhousie University, Canada. He has an executive MBA in healthcare from the Sauder School of Business, Vancouver. Nachi is also the author of an internationally recognized self help book , Empowered and Strong- Navigating Safely Through the Storms of Life.

In 2016, Dr. Sinha shifted his clinic to Moncton. Before that, he worked in Woodstock and Perth-Andover. He believes in equity in care, and he is recognized for his work in providing Culturally Appropriate Care for the First Nations communities in New Brunswick.

Dr. Sinha has heavily contributed to improving the mental health care services in New Brunswick and has the unique ability to effortlessly bring different groups of people together to work towards a common goal. He has been a motivational force behind the overall success of Community Treatment Orders (CTOs) that was implemented in New Brunswick.

Currently, Dr. Sinha provides leadership as the “Regional Chief of Staff” at Horizon Health Network, and is also busy with his clinical practice of psychiatry in the Moncton area. He’s also part of many other groups both in New Brunswick and across Canada, and amongst many roles has been the president of the New Brunswick Psychiatric Association and is also the past president of the Canadian Psychiatric Association.

In 2018, the government of New Brunswick extended its heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Sinha for his hard work and recognized him as “a leader in psychiatry and mental health advocacy”. In 2019, the Canadian Psychiatric Association recognized him with the designation of “Fellow of the Canadian Psychiatric Association”, a big honor considered to be provided to a few psychiatrists since 1951. In the following years he was bestowed with the “Distinguished Fellow of Canadian Psychiatric Association” designation.

Dr. Sinha has ancestral roots from Bihar in India and is proud of his cultural background, which is all about looking at the world as one big family. In the field of Global Healthcare, the International Forum on Advancements in Healthcare recognized Dr. Sinha to be amongst the “Top 100 Healthcare Leaders”. More recently, at a ceremony held in Delhi, Nachi was recognized for being amongst “The Most Admired Global Indians”.

Dr. Sinha apt at working with people from different cultures, and he believes strongly in making sure that the services he offers create a positive difference to society.


Dr. Nachiketa (Nachi) Sinha espouses a philosophy centered on fostering empathy among individuals and cultivating a deep understanding of the profound impact that mental illnesses impose on an individual’s well-being. He advocates for a compassionate approach that encourages people to connect with one another at a fundamental level, recognizing the challenges and struggles that those grappling with mental health issues undergo.

He asserts that providing “care with dignity” is a cornerstone of mental health care and underscores the importance of not only acknowledging but also comprehending the emotional and psychological pain that individuals affected by mental illnesses endure. This holistic perspective serves as a guiding principle in his approach to patient care, emphasizing the significance of creating a supportive and understanding environment for those navigating the complexities of mental health.

Dr. Nachiketa (Nachi) Sinha holds a firm conviction that individuals possess the capacity to offer meaningful assistance to those grappling with mental health issues through the transformative power of empathy. In his view, the ability to empathize is a crucial skill that allows people to connect emotionally with those experiencing mental health challenges. This empathetic connection serves as a foundation for providing support, understanding, and genuine compassion to individuals navigating the intricate and often isolating landscape of mental health struggles.

His belief goes beyond the notion of simply acknowledging the existence of mental health issues; rather, it underscores the proactive role that empathy plays in fostering a deeper understanding of the emotional and psychological turmoil that individuals with mental health concerns endure. By advocating for a culture of empathy, Dr. Sinha encourages individuals to go beyond sympathy and actively engage in the shared human experience of pain, offering a more profound and genuine form of support to those in need. His philosophy underscores the transformative potential of empathy in creating a more compassionate and supportive community for individuals facing mental health challenges.


Every investment directed towards aiding individuals dealing with mental health issues is a contribution to fostering a more healthy society

Is what Dr Sinha wishes to talk about more. His aspiration is that this conversation serves as a starting point for individuals, encouraging them to overcome the hesitations surrounding seeking assistance for mental health concerns. By vocalizing his commitment to destigmatizing mental health, he aims to instill a sense of empowerment and resilience in others, urging them not to shy away from acknowledging and addressing their own struggles. His advocacy goes beyond mere encouragement; it seeks to shatter the pervasive stigmas that often act as barriers to open discussions about mental well-being.


Dr Sinha prominently engages across various social media platforms, notably Instagram and YouTube to spread awareness among the global population. He leverages these channels which are powerful tools to disseminate his profound insights on a spectrum of topics pertaining to healing and mental well-being. Through meticulously curated content, he goes beyond surface-level discussions, delving into in-depth analyses and thoughtful reflections on subjects ranging from coping mechanisms to nuanced aspects of mental health. His presence on Instagram involves the sharing of visually impactful posts, combining compelling visuals with poignant captions that resonate with his audience, fostering a sense of connection and understanding.

On YouTube, he shares insightful content that allows his viewers to have a more immersive experience. Whether through storytelling, interviews, or educational presentations, he utilizes the dynamic nature of the platform to convey complex concepts in an accessible manner. By actively participating in these digital spaces, he not only creates a platform for dialogue but also builds a supportive online community where individuals can engage, learn, and find solace in shared experiences. Needless to say, his dedication to leveraging social media as a tool for promoting mental health awareness underscores an inspirational and inclusive approach to reaching diverse audiences globally and is quite commendable.


Dr Sinha is guided by his inner reflections, he hopes to inspire individuals to persevere, emphasizing the importance of continual forward momentum in the face of life’s challenges. He urges people to know that life is an ever-evolving journey, one should embrace change as an inevitable and constant force. His motivational speeches go beyond mere resilience, advocating for an active and optimistic approach to life, where adapting to change becomes a source of growth and transformation.

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