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Buster Apps, A Renowned IT Firm Focused on Bringing Innovative Ideas to Life through their Tailor-made Innovative Solutions

Buster Apps, A Renowned IT Firm Focused on Bringing Innovative Ideas to Life through their Tailor-made Innovative Solutions

The IT boom in the last few years has created fertile ground for aspiring technopreneurs who are imbued with a lot of creative ideas. Numerous software companies achieved popularity and established themselves as prominent firms in the industry. However, only a few of them could establish themselves as leaders. Buster Apps Solutions Private Limited is an IT firm that has become an industry pioneer in this domain. In the global marketplace, it is renowned as a prominent full-stack blockchain consulting company offering a range of web development, mobile app development, and artificial intelligence solutions.

Established in 2020, Buster Apps enjoys a distinctive stance in the industry with its dedicated team of professionals, directed by Bikramjeet Singh. As co-founder and CEO, Bikramjeet’s passionate pursuit of technology drives him and his team to design and develop unique blockchain and generative AI solutions with the best possible features and quality.

This is what makes Buster Apps an innovative entrepreneur, committed to bringing innovative business ideas to life. The company has been a tech catalyst for Fortune 500 corporations and disruptive startups for more than two years, helping them to close the gap between ideas and reality by providing creative mobile solutions. It has successfully designed, developed, and delivered more than 500 mobile apps for its worldwide clientele.

Bikramjeet, the far-sighted leader, has today seamlessly infused his enthusiasm into Buster Apps’ success. The man of the hour, with his unwavering vision and focus, is responsible for the position the company savours. The company is now growing with active operations across the globe, serving 40+ countries with a team of 47+ dedicated employees.

Dynamic Leadership

Bikramjeet graduated from the esteemed Chandigarh University with a B.Tech in computer science and an MBA. He kickstarted his professional career as a pre-sales executive, where he was recognized as a “promising newcomer.” Bikramjeet always explored the latest trends; he saw how companies were adapting to Web3 technology and found the potential for him to step in. He started to explore more and more during his MBA. Throughout the journey, he grasped industry and niche knowledge and market dynamics and soon decided to establish his own brand. This is how Buster Apps came into existence.

“I always thought of starting my own company, but I never thought that it would be this early. I guess it all depends on the people you meet during your journey, and eventually they become the reason for your success”, the inspiring man apprised.

The Continuous Industry Evolution: A Major Challenge

The industry continues to evolve, resembling a rollercoaster, and has undergone significant transformation in the last ten years. Every day, new technologies come and new innovations take place. To remain competitive and establish a strong presence in the market, it is imperative that all businesses, whether they are startups or established, stay up-to-date with these market evolutions and industry trends.

A Versatile Leader’s Stance at Challenges

“I believe “Change or Innovation” has always been one major challenge for the whole industry, and I am no different. I just have to make sure that not only me but my team is also adapting to the change”, the leader at the helm of Buster Apps shared.

Buster Apps’ Key Differentiating Factors: Corporate Ethics & Commitment

There are tons of companies in the market offering the same solution, but what makes the Buster Apps stand out is the connection or bond that they make with the customer. When the team engages with a client, they give undivided attention, and according to Bikramjeet, that is the only reason why the customer continues to choose them.

“Our core value is our dedication to customer satisfaction.” Since we are currently in the service sector, everything we do is for the best interests of our customers”, the leading man proudly shared.

There is an open-door policy for employees and clients. They adhere to a unique concept known as trust value. Under this, the team develops the client’s project for just 30% of the total cost for their new customers just to win their trust and show commitment to the work.

Bikramjeet’s Take on the Significance of Tech Integration

Technology is vital for the operation and expansion of a business. Without a doubt, it will transform the game. Choose any single technology, and you will find that it has enormous promise. Advancements in AI, blockchain, and other fields will transform the way companies operate. To stay ahead of the game, one must fully embrace these new developments.

What’s Next on the Cards for Buster Apps?

In terms of growth and expansion, Buster Apps has experienced excellent progress in the last two years in different parts of India. They further plan to tap new markets and expand their reach, thus boosting their revenue. This will eventually widen their presence in many more regions and empower the company’s ultimate goal of becoming ‘the go-to name for customers in the industry’.

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