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Raychem RPG (P) Ltd.

Empowering Tomorrow: Raychem RPG’s Quest towards Revolutionizing High-Voltage Energy Infrastructure in India & other South Asian countries through ‘Make in India ’ initiative.

Do you imagine a world where safe and reliable electrification isn’t a mere promise but a transformative reality? A place thriving with vibrant ecosystems and empowering communities?

In an age defined by innovation, Raychem RPG, a joint venture between TE Connectivity, USA, and RPG Group, India, has been dedicated to providing lifelong energy distribution solutions. Tailored for diverse industries, it prioritizes reliability and efficiency, specializing in infrastructure solutions across various industries globally. The joint venture’s thriving thirty-five-year journey underscores its culture of empowerment and inclusivity, fostering a collaborative environment where diverse talent flourishes, tailored to meet the needs of various industries.

We had an insightful conversation with Raychem RPG’s leadership team, Vivek Venkatachalam, CEO, Sankara Raman, Senior VP of Operations & Technology; and Tamal Kanti Saha, Senior VP and Head of Global Sales & Marketing. The focus was on their latest addition, Extra-High-Voltage Cable Accessories (EHVCA), a significant enhancement to their product portfolio. Under the nation’s “Make in India” agenda, this innovation has successfully completed stringent testing at CPRI and obtained the coveted PreQualification (PQ) certificate. Here’s how this aims to revolutionize the infrastructure space.

Beyond your everyday top-tier product

EHVCA (Extra-High-Voltage Cable Accessories) stands out as a premier product designed to seamlessly support underground transmission systems, crucial as urban areas grow and energy needs escalate. With the increasing emphasis on energy accessibility nationwide, the demand for high-voltage transmission and distribution is rapidly rising. Raychem RPG specializes in crafting cable joints engineered to ensure long-lasting and dependable connections underground, essential for sustaining uninterrupted power delivery over decades.

Their technology prioritizes strengthening the weakest links in the cable network, guaranteeing resilience even in adverse conditions. Notably, Raychem RPG’s ‘Make in India’ EHVCA distinguishes itself by entirely manufacturing in India, utilizing a state-of-the-art facility at their Halol factory, setting it apart from competitors who often rely on imported products. This endeavor by Raychem RPG to introduce world-class technology domestically has garnered acclaim from major utilities, reinforcing its position as the undisputed leader in the industry.

Insights from the Senior VPs

Sankara Raman, the Senior Vice President of Operations & Technology at Raychem RPG, has been with the company since 1993, steadily progressing alongside its growth. With over 36 years of experience encompassing production, sales, and project management, he oversees operations and technology. He has played a pivotal role in various aspects, including mergers and acquisitions, migration projects, engineering, and the development of signature products such as EHVCA cable accessories, electrical safety products, covered conductors, and screen terminations.

Sankara highlighted the significance of EHVCA as Raychem RPG’s flagship product, underscoring the joint venture with TE Connectivity and RPG Group. He traced the venture’s history back to 1989, excelling in cable accessories up to 72 kV. With India’s burgeoning power demands and the ‘Make in India’ initiative, they embarked on Extra High Voltage technology in 2015-16, localizing production to spearhead the market. This strategic shift aligns with customers’ expectations for timely access to advanced technology products.

According to Sankara Raman, Raychem RPG has emerged as a trailblazer in the ‘Make-in-India’ campaign for high-quality cable accessories and is committed to expanding its product range within this realm.

Tamal Kanti Saha, the Senior Vice President and Head of Global Sales & Marketing, brings a wealth of experience from various industries. With a background as an IIT alumnus and an MBA graduate from IIM Ahmedabad, his strategic leadership in global sales and marketing, along with a deep understanding of joint venture dynamics, has been instrumental in Raychem RPG’s success.

He discussed the company’s transition to a functional organization, focusing on customer-facing functions and operational excellence. The ‘Make-in-India’ initiative led to a state-of-the-art plant for producing high-quality Extra-High-Voltage joints and terminations domestically, reducing dependence on imports and contributing to India’s energy infrastructure goals.

Recent achievements include the successful completion of rigorous PQ Test protocols for the company’s 245 KV cable accessories at CPRI, positioning Raychem RPG as the sole organization in its field to navigate the arduous PQ Testing process in India with locally manufactured products.

On the launch of EHVCA, Tamal shares, “EHVCA, especially 245 KV joints & terminations, plays a critical role in connecting underground cables that distribute power in cities. Traditionally imported from Europe, these accessories are costly and require foreign expertise for installation. However, Raychem RPG has revolutionized this sector by manufacturing these accessories in-house to the highest global standards.

This initiative is not only making EHVCA products more cost-effective but also adding significant value in project execution by shortening lead time and providing installation expertise locally. This ensures faster execution along with reliability and safety in power distribution. By creating world-class EHVCA products certified for use in the energy distribution network in India and other South Asian countries, Raychem RPG is contributing significantly to the ‘Make in India’ campaign and enhancing India’s capabilities in high-voltage infrastructure solutions.”

The CEO’s Strategic Insights on Driving Innovation & Growth

Vivek Venkatachalam highlighted India’s substantial market potential, evident from the current GDP of 3.5 trillion and the projected growth to 7 trillion by 2030. He views this growth trajectory as a guiding beacon, propelled by the crucial necessity for a reliable network for electricity transmission and distribution, a demand effectively met by Raychem RPG’s products. Vivek aims to double the company’s size within five years, expressing confidence in their product portfolio’s capability and ongoing investments.

Addressing concerns regarding market presence, Vivek asserts that Raychem RPG’s growth will parallel India’s expansion, emphasizing their preparedness for future demands. This readiness includes plans for capacity expansion and the cultivation of future leaders within their workforce. These strategic initiatives, focusing on both infrastructure and human capital, demonstrate the company’s proactive approach to meeting evolving market requirements.

Regarding EHVCA, Vivek shares, “Our technology is to make sure that the weakest link becomes the strongest link of the entire cable network. So, it lasts for much more than 40 years once installed properly. That’s the differentiation that we bring in. The Delhi and Mumbai city electricity network uses our products, and installations are managed by our cable jointers. The industry giants prefer to use our products and are in contract with us to supply our cable accessories. These conglomerates use our joints in major cities, and this speaks volumes of how technologically superior we are.”

Raychem RPG’s CSR Imperative: Leading Sustainability & Inclusivity

The trinity of leaders emphasized their commitment to sustainability, advocating for minimized resource usage to benefit both society and the environment. With a strong agenda beyond mere tick-box exercises, they actively measure their carbon footprint and engage international expertise to significantly reduce it. While achieving carbon neutrality poses challenges, they see promise in harnessing evolving technologies for more eco-friendly products.

These senior leaders propel their teams to undertake meaningful projects and allocate budgets accordingly. They take pride in Raychem RPG’s dedication to providing employment opportunities for people with disabilities, including those with visual impairments. This initiative not only offers livelihoods but also nurtures pride and dignity among these individuals, shaping the company’s stance towards inclusivity.

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