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Driving without licence, insurance? This is how much fine you may have to pay

Written By: Yashika Sabharwal

Driving without Insurance?: here is how to get bike Insurance online

Breaking the law in any means is bounded to attract punishment and penalties both. The upshot of this punishment depends upon the nature of your law-breaking or offense. By breaking the traffic rules, citizens can be asked to pay a fine. The Rajya Sabha on Wednesday cleared the bill to improve road safety and raised penalties twice or thrice than before for traffic violations.

For this concern people are in rush to make their documents complete, this leads to most important document – Insurance of the vehicle.  As the legislation provides for stricter punishment in terms of heavy fines and licenses discarding for various traffic-related offenses, people are concerning about Insurance.

The resent limits for a fine or penalty for driving any vehicle without a valid insurance is a fine up to Rs. 1000 or imprisonment up to 3 months or both, according to the new rule. Driving your two-wheeler uninsured is way too much now. Whoever is driving a motor vehicle without it be causes for contravention of the provisions of section 146 shall be punishable with law imprisonment. The imprisonment of the law may extend to three months, or with fine increasing to Rs. 1000, or with both.

How to apply for two-wheeler insurance online?

Bike insurance also secures the Insurance policyholder from financial losses in case of unfortunate events such as road accidents, theft of motor vehicles, or any type of natural disaster. The validity of any two-wheeler insurance policy is one or three years. By this period of time, the policyholder will get full support from the insurer.

The insurer will bear all the cost of repairing damages or injuries if it happens during policy and it is also depending on the type of policy cover purchased by the owner of an insured vehicle.

Steps to Buy Two-wheeler Insurance Online

Here are some steps to apply for online two-wheeler insurance has to secure your bike within minutes:

Do research

Before jumping on to buy any insurance policy, keep your hands full of research on various companies. All you need to do is just equip yourself with basic knowledge about two-wheeler insurance and their respective services providers. Be Familiar with the industries of the policy provides. The research will be helpful while buying online bike insurance.

Finding the best Insurance Company

Selecting the finest insurance company is as important as buying the right policy for your vehicle. Finding an ideal bike insurance company is easy if you research all about it prior, they should be providing top-notch pre-sales and post-sales services.

Selection of Bike Insurance type

To select the type of bike insurance policy, go to the bike insurance page whichever company you selected previously and enter the details of vehicle. The next step is to choose the type of bike insurance policy while filling your details and then vehicle details.

For doing this precisely, you have to follow the above steps genially and understand your requirements to buy the right type of bike insurance policy. It is always advisable to buy a proper Comprehensive Bike Insurance as it offers extensive coverage.


Payment is the final stage of securing your vehicle with insurance. After making the payment, you will get the policy document through the email. After that, you can download this soft copy and print it for further knowledge. You can now use it when any traffic police officer demands to see your insurance policy; you can produce the printed document at that time. This print version is fully valid to the officer. Once you finally made the payment bike insurance online you are done with the process.

What are some important changes held on fines and penalties of your Motor Vehicle bill to be aware of?

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