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Providing Expertized Solutions In The Arena Of Energy And Environment

The global energy and environment industry is going through an extraordinary transformation driven by innovation and disruptive business models. The emergence of greener, smarter, and more connected products and services will transform society into a digital and sustainable domain. Due to climate actions, industries including water, energy, and other critical resources will embark on a new era of extension. By observing the growth opportunities in the domain, many organizations are entering the same to explore it.

EaSol Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2015 company driven by a bunch of young enterprising minds spread across varied regions in India and globally. The company, since its inception on 4th September 2013, is engaged in offering solutions in the area of energy and the environment. It is dedicatedly involved in offering innovative solutions to the existing needs of clients, keeping in mind the conservation of energy and protection of the environment.

The company provides unique and effective solutions in diverse areas including, water purification solutions, liquid storage tanks, sturdy toilets with onsite waste decomposition solutions, and solid waste management solutions for residential and commercial establishments. The services offered by the company are well-differentiated, unique, and easy to operate along with being effective, low in maintenance, cost-efficient, and easily accessible as well.

The company widely offers its services in rural, periurban, and urban areas over a large spectrum of users such as iPhone factories, Amazon warehouses to small rural habitats. Many well-established countries, including India, Middle East, North America, Africa, and Southeast Asia, have adopted the solutions by EaSol and are satisfied with its services.

The story of EaSol began with the idea of providing easy and efficient solutions to critical concerns of clients in the space of energy and the environment. However, Mr. Abhitabh Honap, the CEO, and the team of EaSol were well aware of the challenges related to ease of operations and sustainability. And those major challenges were building credibility around these solutions, putting stakeholders in the supply chain together, and offer wide-ranging solutions to the clients.

The company also wanted to bring out technically intensive innovations, which could provide highly efficient solutions to the clients. It also engaged itself in simplifying and improving the existing solutions to make them not only sustainable but also user friendly.

After a lot of market research, the company broke through with the first of its kind solution for water purification-PurAll which changed the landscape of the Indian market.

“It does not make sense to hire smart people and then tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do,” quotes Steve Jobs.

EaSol is a young company, not only owing to its age but also due to the aspirational team members. The average age of the company’s team is mid-30, which makes it a young and enthusiast group with innovative ideas and smart implementation techniques. The team of EaSol believes in having complete participation and empowerment right up to the shop floor and job sites and encourages innovation and improvement from bottom to top.

One of the biggest reasons for the unstoppable growth of EaSol is the unfaltering attitude of its team to challenge conventional ideas. ‘Why’ and ‘Why Not’ have been the most potent words in the work culture of EaSol. The team, with its numerous stunning ideas, efficiently practice Poka-yoke and TQM in the daily activities of the business.

It is equally important for the company to keep the morale and motivation of the team sustainable to harvest more output, and EaSol does this job efficiently. The company arranges monthly and quarterly rewards and recognition programs for the employees, which help them increase their productivity. It also provides yearly performance appraisals and incentives along with regular training and developments of the team members.

“You cannot look at the competition and say you are going to do it better. Say you are going to do it differently. ”EaSol is taking an edge over its competitors by having a well-documented internal business process, quality control, and assurance plan for in-house production as well as external sourcing. The firm plans and strict adherence to it ensure consistent quality the company promise to provide.

EaSol has a reputed clientele, including global giants like Amazon and Apple Incorporation to large EPC contractors like L&T and Tata Projects. It also connected with food giants like McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Burger King, etc., to name a few, that play a pivotal role for the company to excel in the market competition. The company has an excellent record of having old players of the business market in its clientele while getting repetitive orders from them as well. It transparently shows the unbreakable trust and faith they have in EaSol.

Moreover, the company has patents for every specific product it offers, which is an exceptional case and shows the uniqueness and innovation it possesses. It prominently works towards offering incremental value to clients along with its firm and determined promises. EaSol relentlessly works on the issues and problematic areas of its competitors and wins clients’ confidence.

The products offered by EaSol are designed in congruence with international codes of design, and all the changes and updates in code contents are incorporated well in the design. The company has automated its design process to ensure consistent output and its learnings from across industries, gained through the rich experience of its talented resources, helps it incorporate cross-industry technological advancements in the products. R&D and product development have been the heart and soul of EaSol as they have played a successful role throughout their journey. Each solution the company offers is attached with an appreciable share of innovation which keeps it ahead of the competition.

Being in the business of drinking water and water storage during COVID-19, most of the solutions provided by EaSol is categorized in the essential goods category. The company put a lot of effort to cope up with the crisis, such as making accommodation arrangements for factory personnel to follow SOP. The team of EaSol has successfully catered to the requirements of its local as well as global clientele throughout the pandemic. The company also took care of all the bureaucratic hurdles that occurred due to the partial closedown elsewhere with its diligent involvement.

The exceptional features and passion of the company helped it gaining tremendous recognition and respect in the respective arena including:

  • Golden Peacock Award.
  • Fastest Growing Indian Company Excellence Awards.
  • The Most Innovative New Technology of the Year.
  • Most Innovative Technology -World CSR Congress.
  • Rotary International Recognition For Exemplary Work In Sanitation And Purification.
  • Pride of Maharashtra Award for Excellence.

And the list is relentlessly growing. The team of EaSol has already made itself stand away from the crowd and now progressively working towards expanding its scale of operation as well. Being a one-stop solution in the market, EaSol is now approaching its goal of becoming the best storage solutions company in India.

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