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Written By Nitish Kumar

Information Technology uses computers to create, process, store, retrieve and exchange all kinds of electronic data and information. The term is commonly used as a synonym for computers and computer networks, but it also encompasses other information distribution technologies such as television and telephones. Several products or services within an economy are associated with information technology, including computer hardware, software, electronics, semiconductors, internet telecom equipment and e-commerce.

IT as a service (ITaaS) is an operational model where the IT service provider delivers an information technology service to a business. The recipients of ITaaS can be a line of business within an enterprise or a small or medium business. The IT service provider will emphasize the needs and the outcomes required by the company to employee productivity and improve the top line and bottom line.

As we understand the importance of Information Technology, it is equally essential to protect the computer systems and network from information disclosure, theft or damage to their hardware, software or electronic data. Here, where the role of Cyber Security comes in. Cybersecurity is also one of the significant challenges in the contemporary world, due to its complexity, both in terms of political usage and technology. Today, we have a giant with us who is doing wonders in IT Services and Cybersecurity. Mr. Kenny Kinley, President and CEO, Edafio Technology Partners.

Some 22 years ago, JPMS, a successful and growing Little Rock-based accounting firm, determined that local information technology companies could not meet the firm’s own IT needs and those of many of their clients. The partners at JPMS concluded that the only way to obtain the quality and responsiveness of service required was to start its firm- thus, Edafio Technology Partners was born in 1999. Along with all the typical challenges of a start-up, there were cultural and professional challenges unique to building a technology business on the foundation of an accounting firm; however, the team persisted, capabilities were acquired and developed, Edafio became a viable selfstanding business.

Our Tagline in itself, “Intelligent technology solutions powered by people,” is an expression of our strategy, acknowledging the critical importance of state-of-the-art technology and people’s indispensable role. As one of Arkansas’s premier managed services firms, they have assembled and can mobilize a deep bench of highly capable IT professionals, 90% of whom are certified engineers. Our approach to diagnosing and managing network problems is through a business-oriented assessment. Our pledge to clients is to help them run and protect businesses by providing a range of network management and consulting services, Cybersecurity, Microsoft 365, Cloud Computing and Healthcare Optimization.

At Edafio, we exhibit unquestionable integrity in everything we do and approach our work as one team, unified by humility and mutual respect. With over 100+associates, SIGNIFICANT TRENDS Change is not only a constant in life, but the adage applies particularly to technology, where the rate of innovation is exponential. Perhaps due to continuous adaptation to a dynamic environment, we have also responded quickly to the unique demands and opportunities of the last two years. One of the most important lessons is that anything is possible — including radical transformation — when the motivation is there!

Flexibility, agility, openness, and innovation are broadly the keys to success as an organization. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on every industry and sector, with perhaps no industry experiencing more of the negative AND more positive than the Information Technology and Services Industry. Several specifically relevant trends — starting with the apparent role technology has played in facilitating the remote work environment. But other forces are changing the nature and focus of a business today, including: Cybersecurity — the increased incidence of cyberattacks has forced companies to adopt “security-first thinking,” starting with rudimentary things like backing up files … rather than losing them.

The need to help enterprises protect data is profound and is growing. Accordingly, Edafio offers complete cybersecurity solutions and provides on-site, bestin-class service to improve security posture, implement new security controls, and implement mobile solutions. We concentrate on securing the service infrastructure of our clients, which includes putting security standards in place and tailoring specific solutions to defending and recovering against any attack.

Cloud — Digital transformation has become a fact of life for businesses to survive and thrive in this new world and is particularly mission-critical in those businesses whose clients or customers — purchasers, users and influencers —have become accustomed to purchasing products and services online. Every business today must communicate and interact through digital or social media platforms.

Cloud capabilities are increasingly essential to building new platforms for enhancing client engagement to meet the digital transformation needs of businesses. Many businesses harness the hybrid cloud approach when public cloud services aren’t entirely suitable, and a best of both worlds” solution is often essential — for example when dealing with very private or valuable data. Edafio has invested heavily in developing these flexible cloud capabilities, and it has paid dividends in both delivering client value and benefiting Edafio’s growth.

Our primary source of innovation has always been the talented and innovative technical associates we hire, motivate, and retain. The source of fresh ideas is almost invariably their associates. We have a robust college intern program and employ associates directly out of college. A culture of innovation encourages associates to learn and grow, including calculated risk-taking, collaboration and client-centricity discussed at length. There is constant personal development and empowerment instilled in all associates across the board.

First, we seek clients with whom we can be true business partners. There is a geographic component to this because we are often on-site at our client’s place of business. Still, there is an even more critical “psychographic” compatibility with clients that we target. We are not interested in being a “call-us-when-something-breaks” kind of provider… that is not our model. Instead, we aim to work with clients that give us a seat at the table. We want to be there, serving as a virtual CIO, thinking and acting as if it were our business and that we are responsible for its daily operation.

In conventional terms, we target mid-level to enterprise level companies to be the most accessible and responsive technology specialists in the region. We seek growth from both a geographic perspective — expanding field offices to NWA and beyond — and through existing and new clients seeking different products and services. More businesses expect “one-stop-shopping” in their technology services…everything that is needed available under one roof. Edafio is capable of being such a partner.

The broader and nearly universal view is that people’s relationship with technology will deepen as more significant segments of the population come to rely more on digital connections for work, education, health care, daily commercial transactions and essential social interactions. Edafio will continue to grow to the degree of commitment to bringing value to these business and human needs.

Core values drive culture, and our commitment is to our client’s success, unquestionable integrity, and a genuine one-team approach in how we work internally and with our clients. If we take these values seriously — live by them, judge our value to clients and hire and evaluate the performance of our associates in accordance with them, and aspire every day to grow in our understanding and application of these values — then we will succeed in the extent we are destined to succeed. I would offer the same advice to companies on
our side or any other.

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