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A Complete Hygiene Solution


In an era where health and hygiene have taken center stage, EMPERIA 1900 stands as a beacon of innovation and excellence. The vision is to promote public health and hygiene by providing leading hygiene care solutions that foster a clean and safe environment that is underpinned by values such as a customer-centric approach, innovation, integrity, and people-oriented culture.

The inception of EMPERIA 1900 came as a response to the evolving needs of society. Proving to be a complete hygiene solution, EMPERIA 1900 is steadfastly committed to improving and carefully formulating solutions to meet the highest standards of quality and assisting institutions, industries and people all around the country by making hygiene products widely accessible.

Led by Mr. Sandeep Jain, the Founder of EMPERIA 1900, the organization strives to be a responsible and socially conscious company, inspiring others to join in on the mission of promoting public health and well-being, which is driven by a team of dedicated professionals.


The driving force behind the success of EMPERIA 1900 is Mr. Sandeep Jain, a seasoned professional with a deep understanding of business dynamics. Armed with an education from IIM Kolkata and a pivotal role in a globally renowned FMCG company, Mr. Jain’s leadership has been instrumental in positioning the pavement for EMPERIA 1900, as the icon that will reshape the hygiene care sector, setting an example for the world to follow.

His vision encompasses a commitment to public health and safety, and he strongly believes that by providing effective and innovative hygiene care solutions and joining hands in the mission of infection prevention control and Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, one can maintain a cleaner and healthier India for subsequent generations.

The purpose of EMPERIA 1900 is to promote healthy living by delivering revolutionary and efficient hygiene care products, emphasizing customer satisfaction, being compassionate and functioning as an ethically responsible corporation that has a beneficial impact on the nation.

Driven by a century-long legacy of responsibility, EMPERIA 1900 harnessed its research and development expertise to craft products that uphold the highest standards of quality and safety. EMPERIA 1900 remains committed to augmenting its product range that supports a healthier living and better lifestyle.


Spanning over a century, Empire Industries Limited has nurtured a legacy of trust and innovation since its inception. Empire Industries Limited has evolved into a multifaceted conglomerate with a strong market presence across various industries.

One of its shining stars is Grabbit+: Premium Vending Solutions, which has not only revolutionized the vending industry in India but also paved the way for the emergence of EMPERIA 1900 which now plays a pivotal role in reshaping the hygiene industry. Grabbit+, the vending division of Empire Industries Limited, recognized the scarcity of basic necessities during the pandemic and became resolute in creating a vertical that promotes healthy living by offering efficient and innovative hygiene care products.

Their role during the COVID-19 pandemic, where they not only provided vending services to essential organizations but also assisted institutions in maintaining health and hygiene, by providing accessibility to effective hygiene care products such as cleaning and disinfection solutions, degreasers, kitchen cleaning supplies, abrasives, personal protection products and a variety of other necessities, is a milestone that reflects their dedication to the community.


EMPERIA 1900 continues to harness technology to offer effective and innovative hygiene solutions. The goal is to be the preferred choice for hygiene solutions across diverse sectors like HORECA, hospitals, institutions, corporations, and industries.

  1. Training and Equipment– EMPERIA 1900 offers comprehensive training sessions to your housekeeping staff, equipping them with the necessary skills, while also helping them simplify operations and processes, by supplying equipment like auto-dilution pumps, dispensers, measuring cups, etc.
  2. Product Demo and Gap Audits– EMPERIA 1900 offers product demonstrations showcasing their wide range of products. Furthermore, they do a detailed analysis to discover any gaps or areas for development that require attention in order to maximize efficacy.
  3. Cutting-edge Technology– As technology continues to shape industries, EMPERIA 1900 is poised to capitalize on this transformation, which is why one of the distinctive selling points of its kitchen pro and vital housekeeping collection of products is that it is integrated with Smart Micellar Technology. This cutting-edge approach leverages smart action techniques to deliver unparalleled cleaning and disinfecting results. This techno-enabled surfactant is smart enough for all stains, dirt and soil types. Similarly, ARMSX – A Broad Spectrum Multipurpose Disinfectant, a highly concentrated cleaner and deodorant is developed on 5th Generation Quaternary Ammonium Chemistry.


EMPERIA 1900 is committed to promoting public health by providing innovative and effective hygiene solutions while being equipped with a coherent structure and processes that ensure quality control at various points.

  • High-quality ingredients and their validation, formulation appearance and aesthetics, including colour, fragrance, optimal pH, ideal consistency as per surface chemistry, density, and, most crucially, stability testing at various levels.
  • Adhering to the highest industry standards, to research, formulate, manufacture and procure the products.
  • Performance assessment through an extensive set of trials.
  • Packaging is designed in accordance with the highest industry requirements, using a polymer grade that is chemically inert and has a high load-bearing capability to facilitate hassle-free transportation and avoid product or material damage.


As EMPERIA 1900 strides into the future, its plans are expansive and dynamic. With a steadfast commitment to innovation, they plan to continue shaping the hygiene care industry and capture a substantial market share in sectors like HORECA, hospitals, institutions, corporations, and industries. This journey will be fueled by a dedication to quality, innovation, and a customer-centric approach.

In a world that demands greater attention to hygiene and health, EMPERIA 1900 stands tall as a trailblazer in providing leading hygiene solutions and creating a healthier and safer world, which is both inspirational and impactful. As they continue to embrace technology, foster innovation, and serve society responsibly, the future looks brighter and cleaner under the banner of EMPERIA 1900.

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