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Delivering exclusive interior designing experience

In the world of making living places look amazing, there are lots of businesses doing a really fancy, creative job. They pay extra attention to small things, making homes and spaces super special for people who want something unique and really fancy.

These companies are great at turning places into beautiful spots that match exactly what their customers want and how they like to live. We went looking for the most awesome companies outperforming here. The one we’re talking about here focuses mainly on their valued customers who love luxury and love to cater customized services to them!! It’s none other than Houzeome, and Ipsita Panda is the star behind it, making her dreams real with this business.

Everything Ipsita does fits perfectly with her goal of making the industry better. From really fancy apartments to huge, luxurious houses, her business has changed the lives of many people in a big way.

With the company, she aims to become a highly regarded designing brand in India where people from all over the world would look up to her brand’s exclusive designing solutions. To cover the length and breadth of her visionary leadership and impact created so far, let’s dive into her success story:

An overview of the company

Houzeome has become a well-accomplished and prominent interior design firm based in Bangalore. It is renowned for its seasoned and detail-oriented interior designers. The company is distinguished for its excellence in interior designs and proudly holds the title of ‘The Most Outstanding Interior Design Firm 2021.’

From specializing in transforming houses into homes that resonate with a sense of warmth and personal connection to creating spaces that individuals love waking up to and returning to every day, her dedicated team prioritizes client requirements, crafting designs that bring dream homes to life.

Celebrating more than a decade-long journey and experience of serving a variety of clients, Houzeome has consistently delivered quality interior designs for a diverse clientele. The firm boasts a team of passionate and creative interior designers committed to going the extra mile to provide exceptional and distinctive designs tailored to each unique requirement. Opting for Houzeome ensures the assurance of receiving the right designs, transforming spaces into vibrant and personalized homes that perfectly align with individual needs.

Under Ipsita’s guidance, her team addresses the challenges within the industry pertaining to modular and carpentry-related interests aligned with client needs. A distinctive aspect of their approach involves skillfully incorporating thematic elements into their home designs.

Emphasizing that themes are a forte for her team, she highlights their proficiency in handling premium projects, successfully designing expansive areas ranging from 3000 sq. ft to 12000 sq. ft in a single endeavor.

Their portfolio boasts an array of premium projects valued between 50 Lakhs to 3 Cr, exemplified by outstanding projects like: Kingfisher UB Towers and the Prestige White Meadows. These landmark projects stand as shining examples of their commitment to excellence, blending luxury and functionality seamlessly.

The EVPs

As per Ipsita, their unique value proposition revolves around their versatility in themes, showcasing a range that spans across various styles, including modern, traditional, ultramodern, and flamboyant home designs.

• Their design approach offers a broad spectrum of options, ensuring customization to the fullest extent according to each client’s specific needs and preferences.
• Their expertise in adaptability concerning design language allows them to craft homes that precisely match the unique vision and desires of their clientele.
• The specialized focus on catering to a distinct clientele seeking a seamless blend of design, functionality, and aesthetic appeal is what gives them an edge in the market.
• Their comprehensive services encompass various facets of home improvement, including civil iterations for renovations, bathroom remodels, home extensions, modular furniture, electrical enhancements, false ceiling installation, loose and accent furniture, drapes, and softer furnishing.
• They excel in providing expertise in landscape design and execution, offering guidance in appliance selection and procurement, handling automation solutions, and providing insights into lighting and accessories that complement the overall design scheme.
• The materials employed align seamlessly with their commitment to sustainability, speaking of eradicating conventional wood usage in favor of plywood. They prioritize eco-friendly practices by opting for zero-emission paints in their projects.
• By offering diverse styles under a single roof, they serve as a singular hub for aspiring homeowners who desire more than just modular furniture design.

According to Ipsita, their services boast high quality without an exorbitant price tag, positioning them as formidable contenders alongside well-established brands in the market. There are plans in motion to expand their services nationwide, making quality interior design accessible to individuals across PAN India.

In this direction, many factors would come into play where proper execution of the expansion plan would be performed alongside the tech inclusivity which is the need of the hour.

A glance at her career trajectory

Ipsita Panda always harbored a strong interest in the business world. From her early childhood, she frequently accompanied her father, a civil engineer, in his designing work, which ensured her early exposure to the professional environment. After graduating, Ipsita chose to pursue freelancing, and since then, she hasn’t looked back.

Additionally, last year, she completed an Entrepreneurial course at Harvard University. She is an alumnus of National Institute of Fashion Technology Bangalore and is an academic gold medallist(recognized by Late President, Mr APJ Abdul Kalam). Throughout her journey, she has established herself as a highly accomplished product and interior designer. Currently, she is enrolled in an entrepreneurial course sponsored by Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women program, facilitated by IIM Bangalore.

During the nascent stage of her career, she joined furniture and product designing with a renowned furniture design company. Gradually with time, she accumulated expertise through freelancing and consultancy roles for prominent brands. Today, she is the guiding light behind the success of Houzeome, which is her very first brainchild and is creating waves across the interior designing industry.

Leadership mantra

I feel leadership can’t be commanded, you’ve to earn it. Unless, we are not at the root, it’s not possible to comprehend the real time scenario. As a leader, one needs to take ownership of faults and give credits for all the rewards that we receive to the team to move towards a common vision. When it comes to my team, they find inspiration in this approach to perform best at the work.

Our journey so far, from my personal experience, people have stood by my side even during challenging times to fulfill their commitments which implies that I’ve been able to earn their respect and trust!! I am grateful that my design as well as execution team has always supported to their best during all the projects and clients we have worked for so far, which speaks that yes, I’ve been able to inspire and impact their lives in a positive way,” elucidated Ipsita when asked to shine the light on her leadership style.

Indeed, her definition of leadership reflects a profound understanding that goes beyond traditional notions of authority, emphasizing the importance of earning trust and respect through authentic and meaningful engagement. She ensures that she offers a flexible, open and transparent culture to her employees.

In every possible way, she is highly into contributing to their professional and personal development. Owing to her team’s dedication, her venture has witnessed such an enormous growth where Ipsita’s empathy and thoughtfulness have played key roles in gravitating people towards taking the company higher aloft.

Notches on the belt

Lastly, it’s crucial to highlight the accomplishments that bring Ipsita immense pride. Needless to say, her venture has attained several feats throughout the journey. A few of the worthy achievements as as follows:

• Ipsita bagged “Best Interior Design 2021” awards at Architecture & Interior Design Excellence Awards & Conference 2021.
• She received “Best Model Flat-Spaciux Design Awards 2022”.
• She has been enlisted in the 40 Under 40 Interior Designer 2021 list by a prominent establishment.Must Read:-

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