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THE BENCHMARK OF PERFORMANCE: How Construction Company Enkebee is emerging as one of the best performing companies in the Construction Industry Realm

The Indian construction sector is the country’s economic engine. Because strong infrastructure provides the foundation for all other initiatives, the Indian construction industry is responsible for accelerating the country’s overall growth, and it receives top priority from the government. The Indian government has estimated that it will need significant amounts of money to build infrastructure that meets certain standards while also supporting the growing process.

They have also highlighted the necessity for advanced technology to speed up and improve the efficiency of infrastructure development. As a result, the Indian government is working hard to boost building activity in the country. By 2022, it is predicted that the Indian construction sector will grow at a CAGR of 15.7 percent, reaching $738.5 billion. It has a 55 percent stake of the steel industry, a 15% portion of the paint business, and a 30% share of the glass sector.

Export cargo (10%), highway construction/widening (9.8%), power generation (6.6%), import cargo (5.8%), and freight at major ports (5.8%) are the operations within the sector that have seen the most development (5.3 percent). According to the experts, the industry would continue to recover throughout the projected period, rising by an average of 6.7 percent in real terms between 2022 and 2025, with overall output surpassing pre-pandemic levels by 2022.

Investment in transportation, energy, residential, and industrial infrastructure projects will bolster the industry’s output throughout the predicted period. The government set aside INR5.5 trillion (US$78.2 billion) for capital investment in the Fiscal Year (FY) 2021/2022 budget. The number of projects in the National Infrastructure Pipeline (NIP) was also increased. This increase was from 6,835 to 7,400 as of June 2021; as of June 2021, the number of projects in the NIP has climbed to 7,973.

Looking at these estimates, a pressing need takes shape as a top priority: we must bridge the vast gaps caused by India’s lack of adequate and high-quality infrastructure, notably industrial & infrastructure projects. Since businesses across the country have always been hampered by a lack of construction and engineering capabilities, the issue needs to receive more attention.

Moreover, unavailability of skilled manpower, lack of easy finance, payment delay, vulnerability to local adversaries, extending unsecured credit to customers, shoddy and customer-oriented contracts, contractual disputes, etc. have exposed the construction agencies to high-risk business zone. In recent times and due to pandemic and disruption of supply chains, lot of big & small construction agencies have become crippled and struggling to fight for existence.

However, the construction industry has been actively working towards meeting this acute demand with proactive participation from private players and, one of the most emerging leaders in India’s construction landscape, Enkebee Infratech India Pvt. Ltd. has withstood all such challenges and thrived as the preferred choice in the PILING, CIVIL STRUCTURAL & ARCHITECTURAL Engineering & Construction of various industrial, building, and infrastructural projects all over India.

An ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and ISO 45001:2018 certified Enkebee is not just a company that aims to rule the market space but believes that in the last several years, it has crossed that horizon too. A growth oriented, state-of-the-art civil engineering & construction company known for its innovative approach, engineering expertise, and construction capabilities, it is limited by shares and managed by qualified engineers with a robust organisational setup with pan India operation and offices in Kolkata & New Delhi.

The winds under the wings of this company have been fanned by the values and philosophies they process upon; to deliver projects for CUSTOMER, in TIME, of QUALITY, with SAFETY. It believes that customers assess these parameters for selection of construction companies. The company has inculcated customer centric, quality & safety mindset among all people and have robust costvalue reconciliation system to minimize financial constraints.

The ascending growth of the company is not an overnight miracle but a tedious process of toiling over activities and processes established during inception that prepare the brand for future growth. Niladri Basu, the Founder & Managing Director, had envisioned a company that would create a Global presence as a one-stop engineering solution.

The Mavericks, Who Inspired the Success

Niladri K. Basu – Founder & Managing Director Enkebee management is spearheaded by the visionary leader and industry veteran Niladri K. Basu. He worked hard to manifest the dream of establishing Enkebee and taking it on higher latitude. Mr Basu has sound experience in the engineering, construction & project management of Building, Industrial & Infrastructural Projects.

Under his astute leadership, the company has set several milestones and achieved them successfully. His project management skills have also been recognized internationally by providing services in international projects through KPO mode.

Talent & Technology – Enkebee’s Formula for Success

Enkebee is renowned as one of India’s foremost companies in General Contracting engineering services. The company combines strong leadership with the necessary tech innovations to power through different industrial and commercial projects. Mr Niladri Basu says, “Technical solutions have helped a lot in enhancing our business operations and ultimately taking the company on the growth path. But before taking the initiative is important to know whether the company is ready to implement cutting-edge technologies.

Here, the operation & maintenance of the new technologies play key roles in taking the maximum advantage of these technologies.” The team at Enkebee includes 250 professionals (excluding temporary & contract personnel) comprising 78% technical and 22% non-technical personnel. They are all specialists, including managerial, technical, and support staff. They are all well-qualified, hold excellent quality and diversity, and are experts in multi-skilled operations.

Craving Out as a Differentiator

The foundation of Enkebee was taken with the mission to ensure Sustainable & Reputable Growth with emphasis on the bottom line, valuation, cashflows, and team building. Today, Enkebee has carved out a position for itself in executing industrial, building, and infrastructure projects through its competence in engineering, construction, and project management skills.

Since the service sector requires a connection with a wide variety of individuals, the company’s USP has been compelling stakeholder management focusing on interpersonal relationships. Prevailing a conducive work environment, senior employees’ average continuance of service is more than 15 years. This helps create an excellent feeling of ownership & loyalty.

Significant Accomplishments of Enkebee

Enkebee Infratech is the recipient of the prestigious ETRise ranking. It has been featured among the INDIA’s TOP PERFORMING MSMEs by Economic Times and ETRise for 2 consecutive years, 2020 & 2021. The company and its associates had the opportunity to work on various INDUSTRIAL PROJECTS (Thermal power, Steel, Cement Aluminum, Food Processing, Automotive, Textile, etc.) INFRASTRUCTURE PROJECTS (Bridge, Airport, CETP, Roads,
etc.) and BUILDING PROJECTS (Commercial, Educational, Residential, Hospital, etc.).

A Values Led Culture

Enkebee is committed to fostering a warm and devoted workplace environment with low staff churn. They think cooperation between the various parties engaged in the process is essential for the building industry’s operation. It is primarily a service industry, and its greatest asset is its workforce.

And for that reason, they are concentrating on building a foundation of devoted, disciplined, skilled, and experienced employees and ensuring they have all the necessities needed to advance in the construction sector. Enkebee also emphasises consistently upholding sound HR principles to provide a positive and productive workplace environment.

Designing for Future Success

Enkebee has an exciting future ahead! They are looking to direct their resources and team towards Sustainable growth and expanding operations geographically. Their plans include expanding their client base, reaching out to all areas of construction, collaborations/ mergers with technology partners, acquisitions, and backward integrations as drivers for growth.

Significance of Outsourcing

Do what you do best and outsource the rest! In order to act as a backup in the event of failure of the outsourcing service provider, it is recommended to use 20–30% of company-owned resources when outsourcing any business activities. While outsourcing, quality, EHS, and deliverables checks should be maintained. The level of risk transfer to the service provider should also be considered while outsourcing. Therefore, a service provider’s risk appetite must be evaluated in order to determine the amount of risk transfer and smooth delivery.

Niladri Basu’s Insights on R&D and Innovation

In current turbulent times, R&D and innovations are just as crucial for the company’s growth and sustainability as implementations. R&D should, however, go beyond purely technical problems and should also include HR, MIS, Finance, Communication, etc. Here is the strategy Enkebee follows to curate innovative solutions – Understand Select Discuss Customize Implement Maintain.

A Glimpse of Enkebee’s Senior Leadership Panel

The Enkebee leadership panel views credible leadership as characterised by acceptance, cooperation, and concern, as well as by the practice of equity, impartiality, and justice. They take pride in their work, their team, organisation, the welcoming atmosphere, etc. According to a recent survey by Greatplacetowork, the trust index was determined to be 82, with the following scores: Credibility of management: 85; Respect for People: 80; Fairness at Work: 78; Pride at Work: 86; and Compatibility among Employees: 84.

Words of Wisdom

Tagline: Follow Triple ‘A’ (AAA) and have a good DP. ‘A’ stands for “Adopt,” “Adapt,” “Act,” D for “Discipline,” and P for “Perseverance.” Adopt new ideas, concepts, and technology into your system. Adapt to circumstances not in your control. Nothing you plan, dream, or adopt without action will come to pass. There is no easy road to success, so you must be disciplined and persistent for all these things to happen.

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