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The worldwide digital boom has had a significant impact on organisations and industries. Every firm, from small to large and new to old, requires support in the transition during these times of change. The Business Connect Magazine gained a better understanding of the whole industry by having an open discussion with the Executive Director of Errand Enterprises Private Limited, Ravinder Bhat. Founded in 2006, Errand Enterprises has been a trailblazer for sales, consulting, and marketing support in the oil and gas, petrochemicals, power, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, fertiliser, water & waste water, sugar, dairy, and pulp and paper sectors.

What Makes Errand Enterprises Stands Out?

With the vision to bring out the best values for the company and the global portfolio of diversified brands by exceeding customers’ expectations and achieving market leadership driven by Ethics, Teamwork, and Innovation, Errand delivers customer satisfaction with consistently updated technology, quality, and creative services. The management system is driven by ISO 9001:2015, TUV Nord Certified. The company has been T-Compliance (Trace) accredited for business ethics for many years.

Errand’s portfolio of goods and services includes pumping solutions, pressure-relieving equipments, water and wastewater analyzers, stack monitoring systems, process technology for liquid, gas & caustic treating, combustion technologies, and gas compression. Their knowledge of the oil and gas, petrochemical, water and wastewater, and other process industries has supported the company in turning prospects into successful commercial outcomes in terms of meeting the customers’ business requirements and business development for the principals.

It has created a distinctive presence in the industry and holds a stronghold on its clientele with an extensive range of products and services coupled with a reach throughout the industry covering most aspects. Errand has been working with the most prominent technology companies in the world since its beginning, and it has consistently produced outstanding results and experienced yearly growth. Errand is a debt-free company that runs its operations on its own cash flow.

The company attributes all that it has achieved so far in this burgeoning market to its employees. They give high priority to the well-being of employees and have policies in place that promote respect, trust, empathy, and teamwork. Errand possesses all the qualities a prospective employee looks for in a company. It ensures that employees feel respected, safe, comfortable, have opportunities for advancement, and are passionate about their work by providing a healthy and joyful work environment.

The inspiring leadership that keeps the team members engaged and productive all the time is what makes this place a supernal for its employees. The mission of Errand has been to create a culture that is performance-driven and passionate about providing the finest goods possible. Here, the marketing strategies and capabilities offer clients specialised solutions and position the business as the preferred one.

All of the products that the company sells are technological and are mostly made to meet customer requirements. Participating in seminars and exhibitions is a typical method of marketing and advertising. They currently also use social media on platforms like LinkedIn, Whatsapp and others to improve the image of their product and businesses.

Errand’s trajectory so far has been a combination of challenges and successes, but with the attitude of being passionate about what they do, the team eventually achieved continuous overall success. In the industries it operates in, Errand is well-established and a well-known name. For continuous growth, one needs to analyse the challenges that come their way for smooth business operations, develop alternate solutions, and then put the best one into practice.

Ensuring a Successful Journey

The industry is aiming to reduce the amount of time it spends obtaining products from many sources and would prefer to have a single provider handle all of its material needs. Errand is effectively advancing in this direction and is in a position to provide the industry with a solution with a single point of contact that satisfies all necessary requirements.

They are currently able to provide a wide range of pumps, including centrifugal pumps, gear, screw, and metering pumps for a variety of applications, as well as mechanical seals, O rings, various types of valves, blowers, burners, lubricants, and greases. They also provide online monitoring equipment for water and stock monitoring, as well as various types of analyzers, decanters, diffusers, and breathers. They are moving ahead with adding more products for sale to the product portfolio.

How the Future Seems for Errand?

Established as a proprietorship firm in 2006, Errand has grown substantially with a focused and hard work approach. The CAGR for the last 10 years has been more than 20%. They are planning to flourish about 60% in 2023-24 over the previous year. They have plans to grow big in the coming years by Pan India reach, adding products, adding representation and getting into manufacturing complimenting products to their present product portfolio.

Milestones and Achievements

• Consistent YOY development
• Debt-free management of the business
• Errand has world-leading companies and brands as sales channel partners
• Highly qualified and experienced team of professionals
• They have a lot of channel partner awards to their credit
• There is a healthy and happy workplace culture

Words of Wisdom

Success depends on having solid customer relationships and being open with all parties involved. Be patient and do your best; success will come to you. The moment is right to steer corporate development in a way that promotes India as a hub for the green industry.

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