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The entrepreneur who has brought a Healthcare Revolution in Kenya

The American writer and author, Josh Billings has well asserted, “Health is like money, we never have a true idea of its value until we lose it.” Health is the ultimate possession one can boast of and gain from and that is one of the prime reasons the healthcare realm is booming every passing day. Especially, after the Covid-19 pandemic, the world has become even more conscious about its overall well-being

The CEO Story is a leading name in bringing best-in-class companies to the table which are dedicated to bringing a revolution in the healthcare arena. We have a fabulous history of featuring numerous unsung Warriors in our exclusive list and here again, we are back with another tale of inspiration and dedication Bliss Healthcare Limited, a company on a mission to transform the healthcare space of Kenya.

Our editorial team had an interesting and joyful virtual meet with the leadership panel of the company. The Chairman and Director, Jayesh Saini shared numerous less-known facts about the company and also spilled the beans on his remarkable entrepreneurial journey. The remarkable leadership style of Jayesh makes him an inspiring persona and his true dedication towards the healthcare industry is the prime reason our jury chose him for our prestigious award series, ‘Lifetime Achievement Award In NRI.’

We truly hope and desire that this fascinating read will provide additional value to our global readers. It will motivate us to an immense level if this fascinating read will encourage young minds to break their barriers and chase their dreams. So, without further ado, let’s dive straight into the read.


Giving a brief introduction of the organization, Jayesh asserts,

Bliss Healthcare is the largest integrated network of outpatient medical centres in Kenya with 65 medical centers spread over 37 counties. The network serves over 80,000 patients each month through its workforce of over 2,000 employees. Some of the services it offers include: Doctor’s consultation, Lab, Pharmacy, Optical, Dental, X-Ray, Ultrasound, CT Scan and Specialty Clinic services such as Physician, Orthopedic, Obstetric/Gynaecology, Dermatology, Physiotherapy, among others.”

The team started their journey 10 years ago with the core objective to establish Bliss Healthcare due to the need to improve access to primary healthcare among millions of Kenyans. To do this, Bliss Healthcare relied on 4 key pillars that set it apart:

• Accessibility

Bliss Healthcare wants to ensure as many Kenyans as possible have a Medical Centre near them. To do this, they began setting up healthcare centers in all parts of the country, including the remote areas such as Garissa, Maralal, and Kakuma in Kenya’s Northern Frontier. By doing so, Bliss Healthcare reduced the distance, time, and transport costs that the local communities needed to cover to access healthcare. To date, it is the largest integrated network of outpatient medical center in East Africa.

• Quality of Service

Bliss Healthcare does not want to compromise on the level of service provided to its patients. It was agreed early on that no matter where in the country a patient was, they would receive the same level of medical care. This means that even if one is in Nairobi while another patient was in Garissa, the equipment available, the competent staffing as well as the medication provided are all of the same standards. Through its unmatched investment in an array of resources including 5 CT scans, 41 X-Rays, 51 Ultrasounds, 51 Dental Units, and 48 Optical Units, the standardized quality availed is the same throughout its footprint.

• Affordability

One of the biggest hindrances to accessing healthcare in Kenya is the huge costs associated with quality healthcare. With the public health system stretched and the private healthcare system deemed out of reach for the common people, Bliss Healthcare sought to bridge the gap. Bliss Healthcare came into the picture to provide satisfactory services at very affordable rates. Even with state-of-the-art equipment, Bliss Healthcare has some of the lowest rates of service for an institution of its caliber. Focusing on serving the community affordably has proven to be commercially viable owing to the expansion of Bliss Healthcare.

• Community Outreach Programs

Bliss Healthcare is well aware that without the communities it serves, it would not exist. The institution has a very robust CSR program that has seen it annually conduct:

• Free medical camps,
• Free tests at its various medical centers including free BP, BMI, Random Blood Sugars, Optical, and Dental checks
• Visits and donations to children’s homes, schools, and farming communities
• Free health talks at various companies to educate staff on health issues


Jayesh Saini, a second-generation Kenyan, is the founder of Bliss Healthcare. He started his career in the medical field with wise guidance from his father medical practitioner who is the founder of Nairobi West Hospital. Jayesh Saini came into the healthcare sector with a vision to provide quality and affordable healthcare to Kenyans through his wide network of hospitals and medical centers. He always asserts, “A country cannot purport to have a good healthcare system without the services being easily accessible, affordable and generally of acceptable quality to majority of the populace.

Bliss Healthcare has developed bespoke models of healthcare that meet health-related needs of the diverse populations we serve. Over time, the immense public approval of services offered by our employees has led to our robust growth.” For almost 20 years, Mr. Jayesh Saini has invested greatly in the healthcare sector. Bliss Healthcare is ranked as the largest network of outpatient medical centers, standing at 65 medical centers spread out in 37 counties.


Before signing off, Jayesh Saini shared some wise words with our readers by quoting, “I believe the government and the private sector have to work together to compliment and supplement each other for the greater success of service delivery and health outcomes. I see a country with all and sundry pooling together to ensure universal healthcare is achieved sustainably, with no person dying of a treatable condition because of lack of money or because services are too far! That is my dream for Kenya.”

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