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Infra Engineers

Infra Engineers

A Multi brand, Used Construction, Mining Equipment & Special Attachments Company

Accomplishing many years of its incredibly transformational journey, Infra Engineers India Pvt. Ltd. (IEPL) is one of the key players in the construction & mining equipment industry. Offering a wide range of multi-brand equipment with capacities ranging from 2T to 200T in their headquarters in Chennai, IEPL’s core competencies are rooted in a rich history of innovation, quality, superior engineering, and several industry firsts.

IEPL specializes in the refurbishment of construction & mining equipment such as excavators, motor graders, bulldozers, compactors, dumpers, rigs, cranes etc. The company also provides special attachments such as i-Prid slope vibratory compactor, high neck, orange peel grab, wood/stone grab, long reach etc. Since IEPL’s journey began in 2016, there has been no turning back, as the company has continued to flourish and establish itself as an established player in the industry.

The company built a strong reputation in exports by carefully acquiring sparsely used equipment, refurbishing it, and exporting it around the globe. In June 2022, it initiated and entered the domestic market, tying up with HDB Financial Services to enable smooth financial aid to its customers. The buyback strategy was pioneered by IEPL and became a success story.

The company today has joint ventures with significant CE OEMs. IEPL expanded its wings in the special attachments sector in addition to sinking its roots deeply into the used equipment market. The corporation made tremendous strides in attachment development as well.

IEIP’s Unique Work Culture: Having Integrity as a Core

The flat organizational structure and having integrity as a core are two of the key distinctive features that make IEPL stand out. With exposure to different cultures around the world, the company is inspired to work with the positive qualities of diverse cultures around the globe.

The company has a very unique workforce of talented and empowered women taking care of business development and having exposure to challenging opportunities. At IEPL, leadership is defined as the capacity to direct, inspire, and motivate people towards a common objective or vision. Every person is empowered, takes responsibility, and collaborates with the team to produce results here.

IEPL believes in discovering the needs of the industry and catering to them through innovation. The company is a pioneer in designing and manufacturing the i-Prid slope vibratory compactor and high-neck special excavator attachments. IEPL constantly adds efforts and has been successful in designing products to quench market demand.

Industry Evolutions Over the Years

India has become a key hub for construction equipment as major global manufacturers have set up plants in the country. Even the reconfiguration of used equipment has been taken up, which to some extent fills the supply shortfall. IEPL expands its reach by exporting refurbished equipment and moving the repurchase process forward. There is an increasing demand for attachments, and IEPL strives to deliver different types of attachments owing to their wide applications.

Significant Milestones and Accomplishments

The journey from the minimal to becoming the pioneer in designing and manufacturing the i-Prid slope vibratory compactor (SVB) and High neck-special excavator attachments was no piece of cake. IEPL is grateful to be able to meet the needs of this quickly expanding business. The SVB achieves soil compaction of greater than 97%. SVB and high neck are both successfully running in a number of places around the world.

Since IEPL’s buyback methodology was successful, the company now has collaborative ventures with important OEMs. Team Infra has added another feather to its cap by designing a customized excavator mounted on a concrete base with a long reach attached to an orange peel grab. This is used in the management of scrap according to particular criteria.

The specialized machinery is used in the steel sector, where a typical day of operation lasts 22 hours. The diesel engine has been changed to an electrical drive in order to save on operating costs. By doing this, IEPL has been able to significantly lower operation costs while also improving productivity and performance.

Future Expansion

Since its establishment, IEIP has grown significantly by demonstrating steady evolution with outstanding growth, development, and revenues!

The company is all set to start building a new workshop and training academy in order to further increase productivity and efficiency. The vision is to have an equipped in-house facility and skilled manpower by 2024, which will be able to handle the refurbishment of 1,000 pieces of equipment that can be sold in the domestic and foreign markets.

Their new premises are located on around 12 acres in Chennai, covering a shed of 150,000 sq ft. and a training academy of 30,000 sq ft. In addition to its hands-on experience with refurbished equipment, IEPL is launching a new vertical that focuses on economically rebuilding parts, including hydraulic pumps, engines, undercarriages, motors etc.

Words of Wisdom

Mr. Avinash’s advice to young entrepreneurs is to “closely study the industry trends and know the voice of customers. This gives opportunities for innovation and to meet the demands of the market. As a whole, it would also increase our knowledge.”

The inspirational leader concludes the discussion by conveying the key message to the readers: “Construction equipment developed in India is well acknowledged worldwide. Another notable and encouraging development is the increase in used construction equipment. Our goal is to take advantage of the future opportunity to purchase used equipment, recon it, and export it all over the world.”

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