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Errorkart, owned by OnlineTekSupport IT Solutions [P] Ltd, is a Service, Solutions and Sales center for all IT devices. A brainchild of Mr Shreevardhan, the company is a trusted IT service partner for various organizations across multiple sectors like banking, finance, IT, manufacturing, etc. Based in Bangalore with a pan-India presence, the company specializes in providing complete solutions and repairs from simple to complex technical requirements for all brands of PCs, laptops, printers, and other devices. Additional services offered by Errorkart include Annual Maintenance Contracts, Networking and Firewall Solutions, and Server Hosting IT Procurement. In short, Errorkart is the way to go if you need a one-stop solution for all your IT requirements.

Mr. Shreevardhan ventured into the computer business in 2004. With more than a decade of experience in the industry, he is a visionary leader with unquestionable skills leading the company forward on its path to success. His agile marketing skills have pushed Errorkart way ahead of the competition curve. Calling himself an “enabler rather than a driver”, Shreevardhan dreams of regulating an unregulated sector.

Under his leadership, Errorkart keeps itself updated with all the latest happenings in the field. IT being the crux of its business, technology is in its DNA. The company feeds the technological advancements to its system to improve the process cycle and reduce the time taken to resolve any issues at hand.

Errorkart has come up with an “R4 framework”: Register, Respond, Reach, and Resolve, which helps it prioritize and deliver the customer’s needs effectively. The company has deployed early warning systems that flag issues in case of a trigger to the set condition, and by following the framework the team ensures that all their transactions are mistake-proof. In the rare cases they do find any anomalies, the team checks the entire flow of the transaction to get to the root of the issue and fix it immediately. They also undertake Corrective and Preventive  Action to eliminate any further non-conformities or undesirable situations. Their consistent and continuous rigor ensures that the end customer gains not just a service but an experience.

In today’s world, anything at all can be copied, and Shreevardhan understood this even before the inception of Errorkart. He built up the company on foundational virtues that cannot be replicated: passion, skill set, and strong systems with regular upgrades. Another feather in Errorkart’s hat of uniqueness is the 90 days workmanship warranty it offers owing to its partnership with all major OEMs.

The company being a one-stop shop for all IT needs, anyone who uses a computer is a potential client for Errorkart. Some of the organizations it works with include TATA ,Nordex, Common Bank of Australia, Omega, ShakeDeal, Pratham books, CPF India, JDL, Shahi Exports, etc.

Shreevardhan Chandrashekar (Founder and Managing Director) is a passionate and dynamic entrepreneur with more than two decades of launching and running successful business ventures under his belt. At Errorkart, he is supported by:

Archana Shreevardhan, Director
Mrs. Archana Shreevardhan has worked previously with SAP LABS, Accenture, HCL & FADV, and has led many Technical Writing Strategy and Transformation engagements for clients in the USA, Europe, and Australia..

Manjunath Nanjunada Rao, Director
A Chartered Accountant by qualification, Manjunath Nanjunada Rao oversees the company’s accounts and financial decisions.

Deepthi – Manager Admin
Mrs. Deepthi holds an MBA in HR. She is responsible for managing the service quality of both Retail and Corporate clients.

Harish Gangadharan–Procurement Manager
Purchasing the right product/component is one of the keys to success in the ITES industry. Mr Harish plays this role for Errorkart.

Manjunath Pillai
With over thirteen years of operation experience, Manjunath takes care of the day-to-day operations at Errorkart, which include motivating the team, clearing bottle necks, implementing new strategies, and so on.

Nagaraj Nada
Nagaraj takes care of day-to-day Lead Execution and Allocations to the team.

The team at Errorkart prides itself on its work: there can be no better feeling than the contentment that comes with fixing someone’s problems. The clients rely on Errorkart for their IT needs, and the team transforms their concerns into happiness. It is a practice at Errorkart to discuss how their work satiates the end customers, and it fills them with a sense of passion to go beyond their call of duty when working on the customer’s tickets.

They ensure that all bottlenecks are navigated together as a team instead of by individuals, and this involvement encourages the team spirit at Errorkart. Added to that are the activities designed by the employee engagement team (FubClub), personalized celebrations like birthday parties and anniversaries, and quarterly get togethers that inculcate a sense of belonging in the employees.

When hiring new talent, the management team at Errorkart identifies and retains the right talent, grooming them within the company using the “3M approach”: Motivate, Monitor, Mentor. They help them grow along with the company, showing them a career path and encouraging them to build a successful career. They cultivate passion rather than pressure in the employees, and that helps them do better  than average.

Owing to its carefully curated team, Errorkart has been able to stay afloat even during the pandemic. An unprecedented situation for them as it was for most of us, it took significant dedication to keep it going during the lockdown. It got quite difficult to procure the stocks, quote work estimates, commit a delivery time, and at times to even move within the city. Errorkart not only waded through the storm, but also contributed to the situation by ensuring that the consumers stayed home safe while they attended to their IT necessities. A responsible organization through and through, Errorkart got all its employees vaccinated, trained them on COVID protocols and closely monitored their movements in the city.

Passion is at the heart of Errorkart. The company invests time and resources in ensuring that every customer is delivered not just a service but an experience, and the biggest and best source of its leads is still organic, repeat and referral customers, mainly directed to it through its online reputation.

Through the years, Errorkart has received recognition and has built up a reputation in the industry. Errorkart was appointed by the Bengaluru III Addl. District Consumer Dispute Redressal Commission as a commissioner to examine a hardware component and submit its findings on behalf of the court following a consumer dispute against an e-commerce giant.

Errorkart CarePack: a hassle-free extended warranty plan to protect valuable devices, and Mission K2K (Kanyakumari to Kashmir): more brick-and-mortar stores across India serving customers across the country.

Once you have zeroed in on an idea, develop a vision on what it would look like at the end, and then stick to the plan with a never-give-up attitude. Form a core team, and be a man of possibilities rather than a dream seller.
Shreevardhan Chandrashekar
(Founder and Managing Director)

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