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Eupraxia Telecom

Eupraxia Telecom: Revolutionizing Telephony Experiences

Company Overview

Eupraxia Telecom, incepted in January 2012, provides Cloud Telephony solutions that enhance the telephony experience of organizations, and enable them to improve efficiency in their area of work. They help derive cost efficiency in telecom expenses for corporations each month.

They offer both private and public cloud solutions that connect multiple offices/locations through a single telephone number, thereby increasing the Top of Mind recall for the Brand. Apart from Office IVR & Call Center Solutions, Eupraxia Telecom also offers Auto Dialer, IVR Blast, Missed Call Auto Call Back, and Audio Conferencing Solutions.

Eupraxia Telecom has helped MRF Vapour Cure Paints, TVS Motors, Redington, Medall, Apollo Hospitals and a number of share and commodity trading companies, SMEs with multiple branches,  connect with single number.

They are reputed for selling not products but solutions that solve the pain points of their customers, resulting in increased efficiency, productivity and profitability of the organization. Each implementation of theirs is different from the other but closely tied to the business process of the organization.

 The core team at Eupraxia Telecom is headed by Dr. K P Ganesraj, Founder and CEO, who is in-charge of Strategic Technology Selection and Sales. He is a Doctorate in Telecommunication with about thirty-two years of experience in the technology industry.

Eupraxia Telecom is a pioneer in Cloud Telephony Application Interface and specializes in low-maintenance rural BPOs and providing cost-effective toll-free solutions. They are also known for developing single-number solutions for organizations which have multiple offices or outlets within the city or across a state or across the country. This is to drive a strong customer memory hook with the organization with a single outfacing number to increase the business and also to reduce marketing and telecom expenses. Eupraxia products are based on GSM SIM Cards, PRI and SIP trunks.

Their cloud telephony solutions are aimed at providing enterprise-grade telecom features to small and medium entrepreneurs connecting their telecom infrastructure. Eupraxia cloud solution, Receptionist In Air (RIA), puts a layer of intelligence over the existing telecom infrastructure. This results in a rich heuristics to analyse the existing telecom patterns and also to “Never to miss a business lead” with the call hopping functionality. The company has been involved in R&D of various TAPI solutions with a number of organizations interfacing their existing ERP and CRM.

The Eupraxia development team specializes in the design, development and implementation of telecom solutions that are based on GSM, PRI and SIP-based technologies. Eupraxia’s solutions are aimed at bringing a convergent communication platform which will enable multimode communications with seamless ease to enhance productivity and efficiency of the organization.

Eupraxia guarantees high ROI for its clients. Companies spend a lot of money on digital marketing and receive only 10 to 20% conversion. Eupraxia Telephony products help increase the ROI by increasing the prospect conversion by a minimum of 60% with their telephony productivity tools.

Eupraxia empowers enterprises to make their phone number as their brand identity.

 Dealing With Covid-19

Eupraxia had ‘work from home-ready’ products from day zero. The company continued with business as usual with an extra focus on product development during the nation-wide lockdown. They always had remote working options available for employees as they have clients who work round the clock and run mission-critical applications.

They helped all on-premise clients to migrate to work from home call centers. In places where there were issues with internet connectivity, they provided dual-leg calling solutions which got them additional business. Keeping with the demands of the pandemic, no one was at the company working from the office.

All were on work from home. Most of their employees were out of town, and those in town were not called to the office. They tied up with partnered IT support firms to give them onsite support in case of physical equipment failures. Occasionally, Mr. Ganesraj had to personally visit some of their clients to provide uninterrupted support. Because of their carefulness and by God’s Grace, no one at Eupraxia tested positive.

Even though it had no effect on their business operations as their products are designed for work from home, it did have a marginal effect on new acquisitions, as a few industries are going through tough times due to Covid. They concentrated on digital marketing and stayed regularly in touch with existing customers.

Most of the business they acquired during this time was repeat orders from existing clients or their referrals. Their business is predominantly based on a pay per use model, which enables them to manage the working capital. Their several friends and partners that are in the IT hardware industry helped them out by supplying the material directly to their client sites, as needed.

As their business operations were continuing more or less normally through work from home, they were able to fulfill all their contractual obligations. They are continuing their service for the clients and accepting deferred and part payments to enable them to continue their business as usual. They distributed face masks to the needy, proving their mettle in these tough times.

“Tough times don’t last, tough people, do.” For Mr. Ganesraj, the day starts and ends with video conference calls with all employees. The task for the day/status updates are shared with all in the morning and reviewed in the evening. Every week one employee is made to present their personal and official talents and accolades which have improved the bonding.

Due to the current pandemic, certain verticals of business have closed down. Having a contingency plan in place, Eupraxia is opening up new verticals like video conferencing to sustain the business revenue.

“This year just surviving is a great profit. We will make millions as soon as the sky becomes clear.”~K P Ganesraj, Founder and CEO, Eupraxia Telecom

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