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Gainwell Commosales Private Limited: Powering India’s engine of inclusive growth

Gainwell Commosales Private Limited: Powering India’s engine of inclusive growth

By Sandhya Agrawal

India is quickly moving towards being the infrastructure and construction hub for the globe. It is on the verge of competing with China on this front. Over the next seven years, the country will need around $7 trillion in infrastructure investment.

Gainwell, previously referred to as Tractors India Pvt. Ltd. (TIPL), started its operations in 1944. For over seven decades, the rich heritage of the company has been revolving around building, problem-solving, innovating, testing, servicing and reaching new benchmarks of excellence. The legacy of the company continues to strengthen its commitment to enriching lives in more ways than one. 

Company’s Synopsis
Their long history has revolved around an impressive array of equipment that embody the best of design and technology. The company has built a strong reputation for quality and innovation but has never been satisfied with the status quo. With a focus on establishing itself as a globally recognized, technology driven world-class solutions provider, rebuilder, product support and project executor, the company has graduated from its core business of machine, engine and parts sales and expanded the horizons by enhancing its value addition.

The Company is one of the oldest partners of Caterpillar in the global dealership fraternity. It is active across Eastern and Northern India, Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Bhutan, and Nepal.

With technology as a catalyst, Gainwell has been powering India’s engine of inclusive growth. Signature projects that the Company is proud to have been a part of includes Tata Steel West Bokaro Coal Block, ECL Jhanjra, Essel Mining Bhubaneswari, Rajmahal Coal Block, Holcim Rabriyabas, Ultratech Aditya Cement, HZL Rampura Agucha Mines, Chenani Nashri Tunnel, Z Mohr Tunnel, Yamuna Expressway, Agra Lucknow Expressway, Delhi Meerut Expressway, Eastern and Western Freight Corridors, Subansiri Hydro Project, the iconic Atal Tunnel, and others.

Unveiling the Inception Story
Before making his entrepreneurial debut, Sunil held important positions as an Indian Administrative Service officer and was the Executive Director & Chief Operating Officer of Bharat Forge Limited for almost six years. Around the same time, Caterpillar and TIL were looking for someone who could manage their Caterpillar franchise for Northern and Eastern India followed by the option of buying the management out. Sunil had dismissed the initial offer until he was convinced about the seriousness of the offer. Several factors worked in Sunil’s favour – he being a Chartered Accountant understood numbers and processes, he was relationship-driven and possessed a good understanding of the prevailing regulatory environment. His impression of being an entrepreneurial risk-taker acted as the driving force for his appointment with Caterpillar. Later, he accepted the offer, and as stipulated in the contract, he worked and built the business for four years and after which he exercised his option for a management buy-out and the rest is engraved in the history.

High-Tech Progressions
Gainwell is embracing technology and transforming like never before. The five-star-rated facilities enable the company to be more customer-centric, more flexible and more digitally connected. The company monitors the machines remotely through a central server, taking the lead in preventive maintenance and is also exploring new generation tools, like augmented reality and visual aids, to deliver faster turnaround times and achieve a new milestone in customer service.

The integrated logistics solutions and multiple support touchpoints have established a mutually beneficial relationship with the customers that ensure critical uptime by providing expert maintenance and repair services, and secures interests of its customers, which in turn enables the customers to honour the commitments made to their business partners.

The Visionaries Behind Gainwell
Mr. Sunil Kumar Chaturvedi leads Gainwell as the Chairman and Managing Director. He had a long and fruitful stint of 20 years as an IAS officer in the provincial and federal government. He was associated with Bharat Forge Limited as the Executive Director & Chief Operating Officer for 5 years, prior to Gainwell.

He currently chairs the Capital Goods Skills Development Council of India and is the Co-Chairman of FICCI Capital Goods Committee. Mr. Chaturvedi has also been nominated as the Vice Chairman of the Public Procurement Committee of FICCI.

The Joint Managing Director of Gainwell is Mrs. Meena Chaturvedi. She has led a prolific career in Indian Civil Services, having worked as Director (Commercial) in the office of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India and also served as Director (Budget) in the Ministry of Finance, Government of India. She was the founder Executive Director of “Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority of India” and the Accountant General of the state of Uttarakhand. Prior to Gainwell, her last assignment was in the capacity of CEO-SREI Sahaj e-Village Limited.

“When I Joined TIPL, I noticed an Organisation with a sense of complacency about achievement. To aspire and succeed, the individuals were waiting to be called into question. I wanted to create an emotional bond between the management and the workers. Slowly, the initial passive reaction turned into an exciting engagement, and that’s when the tide started turning. “.

  • Sunil Kumar Chaturvedi

Modest Gain of the Company
The importance of competitive advantage cannot be over-reported and nor under-estimated. Gainwell represents the best in designing, manufacturing, marketing and maintaining equipment, for its diverse customers operating across terrains from the lap of the Himalayas to deep down beneath the earth’s surface.

The company is developing processes and applications to streamline solutions for its customers and is proactively mining the vast pool of data that’s generated in the process, to derive actionable insights for continued improvements. The 360-degree customer relationship management dashboard is the most comprehensive window into customer journeys. Data-driven interfaces for lead generators, digitized documentation and 24×7 online as well as offline support enable the company to deliver uniform quality customer support, pre-and post-onboarding. Customers can also avail of funding for new and used machines, through Cat Financial.

Gainwell provides more than machines; the company extends solutions that help customers grow their business.

Human Resources: A Strength
Human resource at Gainwell is regarded as the most critical asset. In the broader dialogue, they have effectively shaped a transparent, inclusive and inspiring community where workers have a voice. Also, through “Gainwell Circle of Growth,” they promise all employees a unique experience and practices so that workers feel more committed and engaged.

The Value framework of Customer Centricity, Professional & Personal caring of the employees, Collaboration amongst Gainwell citizens, Entrepreneurial orientation and demonstration of Excellence constantly drive Gainwell towards achieving a sustainable competitive advantage and market leadership in this ever dynamic business environment.

Giving back is at the core of Gainwell and encourages workers to be changemakers in the society and to bring about positive improvements. Additionally, the company puts unwavering attention in the capability development of its people. The competency-based learning interventions focus on the strategic imperatives of business to ensure a mutually beneficial developmental journey for both the individual as well as the organization.

Pat on The Back
The achievements that make Gainwell’s competitors re-think their strategies include 2018 Caterpillar Global Dealer Excellence Award at the Global Dealer Awards. Gainwell was adjudged as one of the five best of the best dealers across the world in Services Category for its commitment to continually improve and invest in product support capacity and capability. They even emerged as the best in the Asia Pacific, CIS, Africa, and the Middle East region in terms of Services. Furthermore, the Company is Great Place to Work-Certified™, which is a significant achievement in itself.

Gainwell has been extremely amenable to changes in its external environment and is thus focused on breaking new ground, by building diverse capabilities and deploying solutions for resource-efficient and equitable growth.

The growth-focused innovations aim to provide solutions that address the distinct complexities of urban and rural infrastructure in India. Gainwell aims to further strengthen its contribution to the nation’s core infrastructure needs by creating an ecosphere of connected machines and connected assets. Innovations like autonomous or operator-less machines, remote servicing, preventive maintenance and condition monitoring have emerged askey areas of priority for Gainwell.


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