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A pioneering brand revolutionizing the Home Appliances domain

The role of essential household items cannot be overstated, as they play integral roles in daily life, contributing to comfort, convenience, and overall well-being. Among these items, Washing machines, Refrigerators, and Dishwashers stand out as essential appliances that help a lot household chores and ensure hygiene and cleanliness.

Washing machines alleviate the burden of manual laundry washing, while refrigerators preserve perishable food items and maintain their freshness for extended periods. Dishwashers simplify kitchen cleanup, saving time and effort.

A lot more can be talked about how home appliances make a difference in our life. Well, in this segment Garuda Mart India Pvt. Ltd. is creating ripples and turning heads at the PAN Indian level. Venkataramana Revuru is the leading force behind the company and is scaling it to greater heights with his inspiring leadership. In an exclusive conversation with our team, we touched upon various aspects of the company’s overall business portfolio and its vision and mission.

The Company profile

Garuda Mart Indian encompasses a wide array of essential household items, ranging from Washing machines, Refrigerators, and Dishwashers to LED TVs, Coolers, Fans, Rice cookers, Mixer grinders, Wet grinders, and Cook tops.

By offering such a comprehensive range of products, the company aims to fulfill the diverse lifestyle needs of its consumers where it is generating value that is unique and worth considering.

Today, the organization is operating with a robust network comprising over 1200 dealers across the Southern region of India, Garuda Mart India Pvt., Ltd. has effectively penetrated the market, establishing a strong presence and gaining the trust of consumers and partners alike.

Over the span of just seven years, the company’s steadfast dedication to delivering high-quality, reliable, and technologically advanced products has garnered widespread acclaim. Notably, these products are not only technologically superior but also environmentally sustainable, reflecting the company’s commitment to corporate responsibility.

The positive response from more than 100,000 satisfied customers and partners underscores the company’s success in meeting and exceeding expectations. This achievement has translated into tangible benefits for the organization, including increased revenue, market share, and enhanced brand recognition.

But what lies behind this resounding success story is the sheer dedication and expertise of Garuda Mart India Pvt Ltd’s workforce which is driven by devoted employees. As per Venkataramana, their hard work and commitment have been instrumental in driving the company’s growth and success. In the span of 6 years of business operations the brand has supplied more than 1200 dealers in the Southern part of India and catered to 200000 satisfied customers so far.

Changing with the evolving market needs

As the founding head of Garuda Mart India Pvt., Ltd., Venkataramana is intensely focused to meeting the evolving home needs of consumers. The products offered by Garuda Mart India Pvt., Ltd. cater to essential household requirements, ensuring that customers can rely on highquality solutions for their daily lives.

Revuru Venkataramana understands the importance of staying abreast of technology. To ensure that Garuda Mart India Pvt Ltd. remains at the forefront of innovation, a dedicated technical team is tasked with researching and studying new technologies that can enhance the company’s product offerings. This team closely monitors emerging trends and advancements in the industry, constantly seeking ways to integrate them into the development process.

The company diligently examines and analyzes the techniques employed by competitors. By studying competitive products and market trends, the company aims to identify areas for improvement and innovation. This approach enables Garuda Mart India Pvt., Ltd. to continuously refine its offerings and provide customers with superior products that exceed expectations.

Quality control

Garuda Mart maintains stringent quality control measures to ensure the excellence of its products. These parameters serve as benchmarks for assessing the quality of goods supplied by the company. Currently, Garuda Mart India Pvt Ltd boasts an impressive complaint ratio of 0.25 percent.

However, the company is not content with resting on its laurels and is actively striving to further improve this figure to an even more impressive 0.1 percent. By continuously refining its quality control processes and addressing any issues that may arise, Garuda Mart India Pvt Ltd. is dedicated to delivering products of the highest caliber to its customers.

When it comes to talking about the competitor edge, the luminary states, “A new entrant in the market, I have diligently evaluated the offerings of competitors and compared them with my own products.

While I believe that my products possess superior qualities, I acknowledge that establishing a brand presence and gaining recognition takes time. Despite this, I remain confident in the value and potential of my products and am committed to continually refining them to eventually emerge as a formidable competitor in the industry.”

Paving the way forward

We know how competitive the business realm is in the present day. The company has achieved significant milestones within a mere six years of operation. Boasting a network of 1200 dealers and a customer base exceeding 200,000 satisfied individuals, their dedication to quality is evident in their remarkably low complaint ratio of 0.25 percent.

With a robust foothold established in India, the company is now setting its sights on global expansion. They are actively pursuing opportunities to enter the export market as part of their strategic growth initiatives. By venturing into international markets, they seek to enhance their brand presence and capitalize on new avenues for sustained growth and success.

Words of wisdom by the luminary

“The economy of the country is in the hands of 2 members.

1. Farmers
2. Entrepreneurs.

The above 2 personalities will be creating the money and wealth. Once the creator invented and produced something the rest of the people may do the business on it. In my perception an Entrepreneur is a creator and he is also pride of India.”

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