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MoMAGIC Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

MoMAGIC Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Pioneers in Mobile Advertising and IoT Space

MoMAGIC Technologies Pvt. Ltd., is a data science-driven tech venture that empowers businesses to stand out from the crowd and thrive with a comprehensive range of marketing and development solutions.

Headquartered in Delhi NCR, the company rises to prominence by catering to the marketing, analytics, and IoT solution development needs of varied industries, including mobile handset brands, IoT-enabled products, advertising agencies, and new-age tech companies.

The sole vision of MoMAGIC is to revolutionize the digital advertising and IoT industries by leveraging the power of AI to deliver innovative and personalised solutions that transform how businesses interact with their customers.

The 150+ member team at MoMAGIC employs their skills, expertise, and technological prowess to deliver solutions and services to clients and support them succeed in their endeavors.

Here, AI, marketing, and IOT experts are always striving to improve the products and solutions to closely match the evolving needs of end consumers. They help them create, develop, and promote goods and services that can successfully take advantage of AI’s benefits, making them scalable and prepared for the future.

The Man at the Helm

Arun Gupta is a seasoned business and technical leader with a track record of success in the digital sector. He is a proficient business development expert with a strong background in start-ups, mobile applications, and business development. Academically, Arun Gupta is an Engineering post graduate  with an executive management degree  from renowned institutes.

The Key Differentiators

What distinguishes MoMAGIC in a competitive emerging market? MoMAGIC sets itself apart in the industry with its state-of-the-art technologies and unwavering commitment to continuous improvement.

They embrace innovative strategies, such as “thought leadership” involvement in industry conferences and discussion contributions on upcoming business trends, to strengthen their brand. They also collaborate with prominent organizations across diverse sectors, integrating their technologies into their offerings.

Moreover, they create educational content like blog posts, case studies, and use-case examples to showcase their solutions’ value and educate audiences on the technology’s capabilities. Together, these strategies strengthen their position as the industry leader.

Overcoming the Hurdles Along the Way

“There is no such thing as the biggest barrier to success. It’s an ongoing process. Our businesses are the ongoing challenge of improving and evolving the capabilities to meet the diverse needs and expectations of users,” asserted the leading man.

To overcome this situation, he works on continuous research and development efforts, staying abreast of advancements, and leveraging cutting-edge techniques. Furthermore, he endeavors to uphold transparency to cultivate acceptance and trust among users as well as society at large.

Creating a Positive and Productive Work Culture

MoMAGIC is committed to fostering an inclusive workplace where each team member’s efforts are recognized and appreciated. Keeping open communication, mutual respect, and collaboration at the center, the work culture emphasizes empathy and creativity, ensuring every member feels supported, motivated, and appreciated. Further, the regular team-building activities and social events create a sense of belonging.

The MoMAGIC Team

The MoMAGIC executive team is made up of young, energetic, and dedicated professionals who come from mobile, telecom, semiconductor, and embedded domains. Each professional has a track record of achievement in the Internet industry and hold years of experience.

Words of Wisdom

Advising young entrepreneurs, Mr. Arun shares, “Prioritize ethics and responsible innovation from the outset.”

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