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GGO Media Pvt. Ltd.

GGO Media Pvt. Ltd.: Media and Broadcasting Company

GGO Media Pvt Ltd, a media network based in West Bengal, India, is one of the most successful startups of this year. It has made a name and place for itself, and is a popular source of news and entertainment in Bengal.


GGO Media Pvt Ltd is a broadcasting television channel company, incepted on January 25th, 2019. It is based in Kolkata, India. The company has been in the race for less than a year, but it has already established its popularity among its audience. The Chairman of GGO Media, Mr. Soumya Chatterjee, is an avid entrepreneur who has proved his excellence in the industry time and again. He founded this company motivated by his interest in music, having been a popular vocalist in India.

The headquarters of GGO Media are based in Kolkata, although their HOD is in Delhi,& Mumbai attached with the older company, GSS Group of Companies.

GGO Media has three channels on air so far. A Bengali General Entertainment Channel (GEC), EN TV Bangla, a Bengali Music channel called EN TV Music, and a Bengali News channel called EN TV News.

By April next year, GGO Media plans to launch an upcoming Hindi channel in the GEC category, too.

GGO Media has over 186 employees, headed by CEO Dipak Dutta (channel head). Mr. Gayaram Chatterjee, father of Mr. Soumya Chatterjee, holds a (20%) twenty percent share in the company.

GGO Media has another unit, a production house called C-Tune Production. The production house has more than twenty-eight employees.

The offices of GGO Media are present in almost all the major cities of India, including Kolkata, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Delhi. The channel’s reach is not limited to just Indian cities. EN TV has its viewers in the US and Canada, and they telecast their content through Canada Portal.

GGO Media has also launched an Android Mobile App, called the EN TV Bangla App.

GGO Media garners technical support from (Qezy) Ideabites Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad. The coverage it provides in India and Canada is made possible through the technological support from Hyderabad.

To build up and maintain the motivation of the team working for GGO Media, Mr. Chatterjee has made it a practice to hold meetings every weekend between every department. This way, the entire team stays in the loop of the workings of the company. Every three months, they organize a travel tour at the company’s expenses. The employees are also free to travel to destinations of their own choice, if not satisfied with the company’s chosen location, and instead of having to pay for it then and there, the extra costs get adjusted in their salary. The dedication of the team is an important factor in Mr. Chatterjee’s mind, and he keeps employees content and interested throughout.

The distinguishing feature of GGO Media is the types of programs they choose to air. They focus solely on non-fictional shows, like reality shows, dancing shows, singing shows, other performativity shows, cookery shows, etc.

GGO Media aims to constantly provide viewers with newer forms of entertainment. The content they air is creative and different from the other media networks. For instance, a program on EN TV Bangla includes shooting with families at their homes. This provides the viewers with a new sense of realism and connection to the show.

The media network stays unique in thoughts, even though similar in actions, from its various competitors.

The reception and attention gained by GGO Media in such a small timespan has been astonishing. In just eleven months, it has successfully made a place for itself in the Bengali TV industry.


Mr. Chatterjee, the Founder, and Chairman of GGO Media has through his hard work and devotion made this impressive progress possible. He is a successful businessman who owns companies in different sectors like the travel industry, car dealership, water purifier, Construction Company, and production house, apart from GGO Media.

Mr. Chatterjee started working at Wipro, Kolkata in 1999. He spent most of his career as a banker, having left Wipro after six months of joining. After clearing the banking interview, he worked there for nine years and was promoted to Regional Manager there. He finished an MBA degree alongside and joined Hutch (now Vodafone) in Constancia Building, Kolkata, in 2009. At his former colleagues’ suggestion, he then joined Kotak Mahindra Bank as The HR management. He worked at Kotak Mahindra for four years of his life.

He started the banking sector related business in 2003. He established a company for that used cars dealer (nameCAR-X), and then bought more cars and expanded the business, which has grown all across India now.

Mr. Chatterjee’s story of struggle is inspiring. He was not allowed to work by his family, who preferred that he stay on in the village. However, he made a decision to leave home in 1999 for work. He worked at SETC, Swati Electronics Trade Company, for one month. As he ran out of money after fifteen days of leaving home, he had to spend four nights at the railway station, from where he was picked up by a police officer in Barakpur. This police officer became his godfather from then on, and Mr. Chatterjee feels that he owes a lot to his intervention.

Even though Mr. Chatterjee started off with days filled with difficulties and hardships, he reached success in the entrepreneurial world that is unparalleled.


Mr. Chatterjee has a well-thought-out plan for GGO Media Pvt Ltd. He intends to launch a 16-Ported TVMedia network in the coming future, to expand beyond the Bengali audience and reach out to people from other regions of India. GGO Media will have sixteen channels across different regions, like EN TV Hindi, Urdu ,Panjabi, etc, under the channel logo EN TV HD.

The trust they have within their viewer and client network certainly makes it likely for the company to achieve further success. It not only provides a guarantee to the programs to stay on in the competitive entertainment industry, it also promotes programs through their own production house, C-Tune Production. GGO Media has built a favorable image in the television industry.

Their competition is with their own self, they strived to make a place for themselves, and have succeeded in it gracefully.


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