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Success Story of Mahesh Gupta

Mahesh Gupta – The Founder & Chairman of Kent Ro

A successful entrepreneur believes that necessity encourages creative efforts to solve the issues. Today I have brought a story of an Indian entrepreneur who built a big business empire because he was not getting a good water purifier. His name is Dr. Mahesh Gupta who built one of the best water purifiers. People who are wishing to become an entrepreneur, His story may encourage you to discover a unique idea or solve the real-world problems.


Mahesh Gupta is the first generation entrepreneur of India who built Kent Ro System to purify the water quality. This technology purifies the water-based upon the process of reverse osmosis purification. Kent Ro System was found in the late 90s. The company headquarter is located in Noida UP. Over the year, Dr. Mahesh Gupta has diversified into other products like a Vegetable Cleaner, Vacuum Cleaner, water softener, air purifiers and many more. Today Mahesh Gupta is providing services like Bangladesh, Nepal, the middle east, and Kenya.

Early days

Earlier childhood age Dr. Gupta was a very bright student who did mechanical engineering from IIT Kanpur in 1975. Subsequently, he got a master’s degree from the Indian Institute of Petroleum (IIP) Dehradun. his earlier career begins in 1977 with one of the most prestigious Indian oils corporation. Mahesh Gupta said ciao to his illustrious career. He started a risky journey into the business of manufacturing instruments for conservation oil. Dr. Gupta went commercial under the brand name Kent Oil Meter which is still carrying on successfully in the market.

The idea of Kent Ro

He shared a small incident which made him innovate the product. His children had jaundice during the time he realized that drinking polluted water cause many health issues so he went to the market and bought purifier water. The purifier and price both surprised him, it has too much cost with less quality, as a technical person, he saw that the purifier was killing the bacteria in the water, but the machine had not features to refine dissolved bacteria in water.

Hence, he started researching on it to build a new better purifier. He brought some components from out of the country and built a new one for personal use. His hand made purifier was really giving him surprised, at the time he got a new idea to launch the product. However, he had to face numerous problems, starting time he was selling the purifier at price 20000 rupees. He said stating the time he was competing with leading water purifier company that had price around 4000 thousand to 5000.

In 1998, Mr. Gupta entered the water purifier industry and built the first domestic water purifier machine. He stared the business from scratch and competed with other international companies. Today Kent Ro System is one most renovated water purifier brands in India. He owned a 35% market share in the water purifier segment. Dr. Gupta chose Hema Malini to promote Kent, the company also got prompted by sponsoring the Indian cricket team in one day as well as a test match.

His innovative effort and great promotion have made Kent Ro one of the most trustworthy water purifier brands. His great effort named him a pure waterman of India. He was also conferred with a Doctorate degree Sri Sri University Orissa for his contribution in giving healthy drinking water in ruler area and town as well. Nowadays Dr. Gupta is spreading awareness about how people get sick by polluted water. Mr. Gupta is an optimistic person who is still working on the Kent Ro to improve the features.

He was having an interview with News 18, an interviewer asks him that you have satisfaction what you have done, he said not 100%, he still wants to do more work in this area. He said now we have reached only 2 percent of the population. A lot of people are not using good water purifiers because they have less knowledge about it. Also, they cannot afford expensive water purifier. But now you can purchase Kent Ro water purifier from to 2500. Kent Ro manufacture company is located in Roorkee that is spread in 400,000 sq ft.

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