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GND Solutions

GND Solutions

A Frontrunner in Developing Top-notch IoT Solutions

India has begun the process of establishing itself as an IOT solutions hub. and, numerous IT firms have been at the forefront of this transformation.

GND Solutions, an end-to-end IoT solutions industry, has emergedas a pioneering leader in India’s rapidly flourishing IoT solutions market. Established in 2015, GND Solutions has demonstrated its robust capabilities as one of the few companies in the world that offers an integrated IoT solution for monitoring and analyzing various physical parameters with wireless sensors (Bluetooth Low Energy, Narrow-band IoT, Lora, and Cellular)and an advanced IoT cloud platform called “ThinxView.”

The innovative breakthrough of the founder and Managing Director, Annareddy Venkata Siva Reddy, leverages the power of end to end, node-tocloud analytics & visualizations to offer innovative transformations of concepts to products in the areas of IoT and M2M for industrial, cloud kitchens, cold storage, supply chain, and smart energy segments.


Annareddy Venkata Siva Reddy is an industry leader with around two decades of experience in conceptualization and product/solution deployment. His expertise lies in creating DSP-based products and solutions and microcontrollers. He is well-versed in RF design, tracking and monitoring, GPS, Wi-Fi, LoRa, satellite transceivers, and battery charger applications. He has demonstrated proficiency in manufacturing, worldwide product delivery, product development lifecycle, and product/solution architecture.

He has played a key role in GND’s remarkable strategy for addressing the demands of the worldwide market with unparalleled speed and effectiveness. As the leading man of GND Solutions, he is responsible for devising diversification strategy, product and service expansion strategy, growth strategy, international market strategy, technology strategy, team building, leadership, mentoring, and business development. Under his dynamic leadership, GND Solutions is reaching new heights of success and setting new milestones.


“What makes an organization extraordinary is having clear goals in both your professionaland personal life and working towards your goals with dedication,” the leading man advised all budding entrepreneurs. The following qualities are essential for a leader and their organization: attitude, behavior, commitment, dedication, and transparency.


The company offers an exclusive suite of smart solutions for enterprises across different industries. GND brings together embedded design services, software services, cloud platforms, mobile apps, worldwide product certifications, and custom applications to lead businesses through their digital transformation, harnessing cutting-edge technological practices that ensure superior quality and decreased turnover times.

Product Engineering: The company’s area of expertise entails product conceptualization, feasibility study, prototyping, hardware design, firmware design, system software and application development, system integration, quality assurance, packaging, environment testing, and certifications.

IoT Solutions: GND helped launch its first enterprise IoT solution in 2016 and became one of the most successful IoT start-ups in the nation while working with one of the biggest telecom firms in India as a customer. Its asset tracking solution helped a general insurance company reduce in-transit consignment losses by around 70 percent.

Technologies: GND has equipped itself with the latest technologies, be it the latest wireless technology or a new UI framework for dashboards. The company’s technology expertise includes wireless technologies such as NB IoT, LoRa, Cat-M1, 2G, 3G, 4G, WiFi, BLE, Zigbee, and Sigfox; cloud platform expertise with AWS, Azure, and GCP; web development technologies such as React, Angular, and Node JS; and test automation using Python, Selenium, and DevOps.

IT Services: GND Solutions can help you find the right talent for any of your technological requirements. Because of its distinctive approach to hiring talent, it has emerged as one of the top suppliers for finding talent across all technical domains, including test automation, web and mobile applications, DevOps, and embedded systems.


GND Solutions has always strived to provide the best solutions in the quickest possible timelines by harnessing technological advancements to benefit its client base. GND Solutions cultivates relationships with clients, keeping its sights set on longevity.

Gaining the trust of its clientele and upholding an enviable reputation in the sector, GND has a wealth of expertise working with hundreds of clients across a wide range of industries and sizes. GND stands out for its unwavering commitment to international standards and high-quality customer relationship management.

The implementation of the Internet of Things can significantly improve an organization’s productivity by increasing equipment uptime and reducing maintenance expenses. IoT, according to many industry experts, is the next big thing that will improve corporate efficiency and raise customer satisfaction levels overall.

They know that there is a growing need for a reliable and easy way to gather data from field applications, and the Internet of Things is the perfect instrument for this purpose.


GND Solutions boasts a team of 75 associates with high intellect and creativity who have mastered their professional skills in a strong work environment that values innovation, taking calculated risks, teamwork, client focus, and result orientation.

The company keeps close track of its team’s problems and performance to foster a positive work culture. It strives to provide satisfactory solutions to the problems of each individual and allows them the freedom to make their own choices. At GND, each employee is valued and acknowledged, and they receive rewards and recognition to keep them motivated.


The company, due to its tremendous value creation, got recognition from various well-known organizations. In 2019, it was honored with the “Best Emerging IoT Solutions Provider” by the India Corporate Excellence Awards and has been recognized as the “Best Place to Work” by another organization. The leading man has also been honored with “CEO of the Year 2020” and “Entrepreneur of Year 2022” by the National Feather Awards. Further, he has been featured in numerous other renowned publications.


Being in the rapidly advancing technology sector requires constant flexibility to keep up with the latest advancements in the industry. In the future, GND Solutions aspires to broaden both its global presence and workforce size. With a steady clientele from India, Australia, Singapore, and Dubai, the company has already established a strong foothold in the global marketplace.

It plans to extend its influence throughout Europe and Northern America. The ultimate goal of the company is to establish itself as a renowned household name in the IoT industry and digital solutions for cold chain, asset tracking, and industrial applications across the globe.

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